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baby Robert born today!

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Robert Every Alexander was born at home today (Aug 30) at 1pm. I felt the 1st contrax at 3:30am. I will post the story as soon as I can! Ihave a couple pp questions though. The placenta wouldn't come out for awhile (not that long actually, but i lost a lot of blood and fainted before i could breastfeed). anyway, it came out looking like a small football!. it was hard to examine it and i've never seen a womans stomach right after delivery, so i'm wondering if mine is normal or if there's still placenta/clots in there. is there away to tell without seeing a doctor? i wish i had a digital, i would post what it looks like. it's not just a "pouch", but more like a squishy ball. is that just the uterus? i really dont want any infections.
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Congratulations! : Robert Every!

I'm sorry I don't have answers to your placenta questions. I just wanted to congratulate you!
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My belly looked like that: just a squishy ball. Almost perfectly round just sitting above my pubic bone. Very strange! It went down within a day or so, and my bleeding after the placenta came out was pretty normal.
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Congradulations on baby Robert!!!!!

My belly felt and looked really weird too after Ian's birth. Did you try eating the placenta like you were thinking about? Anyways, I look foreward to reading your birth story!!!!! Take care of yourselves, and enjoy your babymoon!!!!
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congrats mama! My placenta looked like small football too. If there are any bits retained, they generally work themselves out over the next week or so. As long as you feel good, then all is probably well.
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I just wanted to congratulate you
But I suggest to visit your doctor.
Take care
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Another little virgo boy! way to go, shell024~!!

I don't know exactly how to answer your other question. Placentas can be many various sizes. I'd suggest eating a bit of the placenta to get some blood back in you.
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Congratulations Michelle! So happy for you.

Everything sounds normal to me, as long as you feel fine. My placenta looked a bit like a football too.

Enjoy your babymoon!
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wishing you and your new one the absolute best!

Watch the bleeding. Unl;ess the placenta wasn't whole, I personally wouldn't worry.
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Thanks for the reassurance everyone. I feel fine, ate a small chunk of placenta (well...more like just threw it down my throat followed by lots of grapes and water). Belly goes down more each day, and I've felt lots of contracting with breastfeeding. (TMI WARNING:: I had a bm today and it wasn't as scary as I thought. Luckily, I somehow remembered to eat lots of fiber after the birth along with protein, and had to completely relax myself all over again on the toilet. All is well! :LOL
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Oh happiness! Congrats on your baby and a wonderful babymoon!!
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