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Any other Raw Food eaters??

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My family has been all raw since my oldest was born. We were going to just go vegitarian, but a friend introduced us to raw. Is anyone else a raw food eater?
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We were looking into raw food diets, but just decided on vegitarian because I love bread!!!!!!!!!
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Hi there,
We had some lengthy discussions this summer about it...although there is considerably less traffic on the threads now. You can check it out here and here.

I tried raw for most of the summer...but got off track while doing some traveling. It's been hard to go back! We are mostly vegan and some raw now. For budgeting purposes, it's been really tough to do all raw and organic. We're trying to pay off a bunch of debt right now, so it's gotta be cheap cheap cheap to make it onto my menu! I would love to go raw again later though. I felt soooo great while I did it.
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I eat mostly a raw diet. I like to eat simple meals. I eats lots of nuts/seeds, dried fruit, fruit and vegetables.
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You got me so interested. So I read some pf the links in the threads, and decided to give it a try. Yesterday I did eat a bagel, everything else raw. Today though we went to the restaurant, where I had a nice big salad, but it had toasted nuts, and who knows if their dressing oil is cold pressed.
Now e just came back from Trader Joes, where I got bunch of good stuff(100$) like vegies and fruits, nuts and seeds and Larabars, but they are not organic. To my husband I say, that I need to do it because of my friends wedding in 3 weeks(and that is true, that the bridesmaid dress I got is too tight). He can understand it better, than healthwise. Plus I won some time without cookies, icecream and raisins at home. He can't do it the whole time, but for 3 weeks he told he could. I know raisins are good, but raisins and filbert nuts make me binge, so I do not keep them at home.
My questions:
Do you soake nuts and dried fruit before you eat them?
Do you mix fruits with nuts(it is not okey in combining theory which I believe at least in part)?
If you eat tons of fruit, doesn't it give you cravings, since it has a lot of simple sugars?
Does anyone of you also fast?
I am fasting 24 hours a week(from dinner to dinner) with just water for around 4 months now. So I am wodering, if I should continue. I like it, but it is so hard not to overeat aftre the fast.
I got some fresh dates from Trader Joes, do you know how to eat them - do I ned to peel them and maybe you have some recipes.
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Just the update

So today is my 4th raw day, and besides little weight loss, which I don't mind, nothing very good happened - yesterday I got awful headache, that would not go away even with 2 advils. Today I got severalweird feeling pimples(not the sores, but like regular pimples)inside of my mouth. Is that a body cleaning effect? Not to mention, I am cold, especially at night and in the morning - and it is summer in California. I did have that being cold first several times i was fasting too. Before I ate mostly healthy(whole foods, meat couple times a week, no dairy)
Did you had similar experiences?
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Rawfooders where are you?

Nobody else is rawfooding right now?
I hope I did not scare anyone with my experience, because now on the 6th day I feel very good, and I even stopped craving cooked foods. The one I missed at first the most is the bread with the salad.
My fourth day was so hard, I think, because a week ago I had my root canal done, and I guess all the heavy stuff they use(anesthesia and bleaches to desinfect) needed to come out. The interesting thing that later that day I could not feel my throat, just like with anestetics.
Lara bars taste very good, but I consider them raw fooders junk food. They are very concentrated.
I love vegies and fruits, and nuts. The only problem - I need to cook for my husband. My son is eating whaterver I or my husband eats.
Any other rawfooders?
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Hey there...
You're doing great! Sorry no one is responding...I think we all quit! However, I am starting to feel horrible and I just wish I was back on raw. I mostly quit because of cost, but also because I was making all kinds of gourmet stuff. I need to just keep it simple. I'm an all or nothing kind of gal...but I need to get back into 50% raw or something.

If I did go back to eating more raw, I would need to cook for my hubby too. He was not happy on raw. I enjoy reading your experiences...thanks for sharing! I'm glad you made it through detox. That's the hardest part!
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Does that mean that you also had some detox experiences? Can you tell me about them? I heard, that there might be several of them(just like when you fast).
I don't know how long I will do raw, since I need to research more about long term effects. Shazzies website and stories really inspired me, but the other woman's site actually scared me - she doesn't look healthy to me at all. The Nature's First Law book is on hold by 23 people in Los Angeles public library! They have 8 copies, so My guess is I will wait for three months. I will be patient, but I also got some others, although right now I am a lot inyo researching fasting, so I keep stealing hours from my sleep, and this is not good...
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Since there are no raw mamas at this time here I am going to raw foods forums for this topic!
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My husband and I have experiemened with a raw vegan diet occasionally. We are vegan. There is definitely a detox. Everything you describe and mood swings too. After a few days that works itself out and we both feel wonderful. Keep at it!
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My goal is raw eating..

We are just about 50%, from like 95% this summer. We've been spending too much $ at McDonalds, because they have an awesome playground and the kids have made so many friends there. Sounds crazy, but it is the nicest Mcd's playground ever. We do buy the apple salad, and parfait, though. Not so bad for McD's.

I loved losing weight so much that I want to lose more! :LOL My energy does go through the roof and the kids' digestive systems work so smoothly. (no constipation or overly swollen bellies) It would really help me out if someone could share what their kids raw diets consist of. We eat as many different fresh foods we have everyday, and I cook beans/grains 5 out of 7 days. I feel like I need to slow down the food for the kids. Is that necessary? What do you think? Cooked (junk) foods do mess up everything. We all get so thirsty, kids take like 4 days to bm, cranky and complaining of hunger often.....

I have also discovered that vinegar is WAY bad for me. I get very painful breakouts on my face/neck. Since, I've discovered that, thanks to eating raw....I am on the lookout for nonvinegar foods.....hard to find! So, right now I am suffering from a breakout. Even with raw eating, a lot of recipes want vinegar. Know of any dressing blends without vinegar? It would have been so helpful to have known about vinegar in my teens.

And for goodness sakes! Tell me WHAT ABOUT THE WINTER? What is on the menu?

I don't spend that much money on raw eating. We eat simply, because that is what I can handle. Recipes and following directions with getting all the ingredients just right, well....that turns me off! Throwing things on the plate and making some dip, that's what I like. But, really, I am afraid I'll get bored and the family too. Anyway, I spend $50 at Farmers Market (being sure to go late so that everything is cheaper, helps to come home loaded.) And then I spend about $50 (somehow?) at Trader Joes, depends on what nuts I need and I like the exotic fruits the fm doesn't have: kiwis, mangos, etc....We also get canned beans, the box milks, and the kids beloved Puffins. I KNOW, not at all raw. I throw a handful on top of a bowl of fruit. That's way better than flooding them out with cows milk. Oh, and my family size is 5.

Alright then, lets get this party started!

Crispy mom to 3!
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I have been fascinated by the raw foods diet lately and have been trying to learn more about it in my spare time.

I lack a LOT of knowledge about grains. We recently attended the birth of a woman who ate raw foods throughout the majority of her pregnancy. While I was cleaning up I noticed that she has some jars on the counter that looked like she was soaking grains in them (may have spotted some wild rice in some of them) and was just wondering if anyone knows anything about that? I know that she would eat zucchini shreds as "noodles" with spaghetti . It's so interesting!
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I hope no one minds if I bump up this thread. I have been experimenting with raw food for awhile, and for the past 6 weeks I have been eating almost entirely raw (maybe 1-2 cooked meals per week). My inspiration for going entirely raw was reading The Garden Diet by Storm and Jinjee Talifero (www.thegardendiet.com) and another of their e-books on raw pregnancy. For $20 you can get all 10 or 11 of their e-books. It was the best gamble I've ever taken! All the food is SO simple to make and contains so few ingredients.

Aside from one or two horrible cravings (one involved turning on the evil television...knew I was better off without it) I haven't wanted to look back! I feel wonderful, my belly seems to be growing at an exponential weight, I haven't had ANY negative pregnancy symptoms since I stopped (for the most part) eating cooked food, the baby is really, really active, and I know intuitively that I'm doing what's best for myself and the little one inside. I've really tuned into what my body is craving and eating when I'm hungry. I didn't have any detox symptoms when I stopped eating cooked food, because my diet was already raw in large part and completely vegan and natural.

Anyhoo, this is my experience so far. If there are any other raw fooders still lurking around here come back out and play!
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I do not follow a raw food diet, but have been learning about it over the last few months. Is it ok to recommend a web site that contains some interesting info? www.rawganique.com has recipes and also sell some zucchini shredders and stuff like that.

All the best to you on your quest - I hope that it yeilds increased energy and health!
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I began adding raw food to our diet more than a decade ago. I didn't ask my husband (a carnivore) to change his diet. I simply asked him to add a salad to it, daily. He said he would. So we began. I was eager, assisting a daughter with some health issues. He was timid, because he'll never be anything but a carnivore (he said). Well, a couple of years later, he was trucking for awhile. He called me, and told me laughingly that I had ruined his life. He was going to starve to death in the midst of plenty. He was at a truck stop, and he couldn't find anything to eat! He wanted a SALAD. Nothing else even looked appealing. We have many stories that go with raw food, healing, and just the love of the crunchy stuff. I look forward to learning from all of you too.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's a great help! :-)

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