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So NOW I can admit I'm pregnant!

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Hi, everyone -

I've been lurking for a few days. My DH was teasing me that I took an HPT every time we had sex, which I thought was unfair, but in fact last Friday it had been 2 weeks and I had a cheap test, and I needed to pee, so I thought, "what the heck - I'll test!" And boy, was I shocked when I looked at it!

Not that I should be surprised - it's not like we were TTA, and I had finally gotten my cycle back when DS was 15 months. So I had 2 cycles and each time I thought, "dang, I gotta get pg - I hate bleeding!" So now I am. I would have waited about three more months if I were trying to control things, though.

DH has responded to the news pretty well, though neither of us are feeling as excited as we did at first with DS. It's different, second time around. I'm happy, and feeling love towards my belly baby, and looking forward to everything, but not bouncing off the walls. Also, I know I am just feeling overwhelmed with OTHER stuff, and I suspect DH is, too.

We went to settlement on our first house YESTERDAY, and I am in the middle of hiring an assistant at work so that I can work fewer hours. So I really didn't feel able to focus on being pregnant at all until last night, and today I called my midwives and put a call in to my birth assistant. And this weekend, we'll start telling family and friends. Then I'm sure it's going to feel much more 'real' . . . and even more overwhelming.

So far I am not feeling too bad, actually. With DS I had spotting through my first trimester and felt horrible mentally, emotionally, and physically every time it happened and inbetween. No spotting yet this time, and I'm hopeful that that's a good sign for the rest of how I'll feel. Though I'm likely only 4+ weeks, so it's still early days! I'm probably due early May - based on date of intercourse.

Glad to be joining you, and looking forward to chatting over the next months. Oh, planning a homebirth (see DS's homebirth story in my siggy) in our new house!
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Congrats mama!!!

I know what you mean about it being different the second time. We are SOOOO happy to be expecting again but it's not the same as with DD who we anticipated for almost 5 years and TTC'd for a year for. She's the first in my family since my cousin who is now 16 so it was a BIIIIIG deal when I told everyone I was pregnant. The whole family went

I know everyone is going to be excited this time around too....but definitely not the same as with DD.

Anyway....BIG congrats to you!

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CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you're right, it is different. This is my 3rd, and a TOTAL shock, so it was very mixed emotions at first, but now I'm really excited. I looove how my body looks when I'm pregnant, so I'm excited to go trhough that again!!! :LOL
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Congratulations. You have a lot going on Mama! Wow. It all sounds good though. I am thrilled for you. ISn't it interesting how different you feel the second time? For me, the concept that I would have to spread my attention between more than one babe really threw me for a loop for a while.

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congrats mama,
yes each time has been different here too
but i know for a fact with the second it went much faster
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Congratulations! It is different for me too this time. Better in some ways, but not all. A lot different since this one was planned.
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Congratulations Mama! Positive vibes to you for smooth sailing!
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