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early symptoms?

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So how is everyone feeling?

I had strong symptoms around the time of implantation. They were intense. I knew I was pregnant when I could smell the milk in the fridge, through the plastic bottle and through the fridge door! THey went away, and have slowly been coming back. Mild nausea here and there, tiredness that hits me once and a while and then I feel normal again, achy uterus - and nipple pain.

I am also feeling slightly out of sorts. I remember feeling this way with DS. It wasn't a big deal. I just became a little more quiet, hoping that by withdrawing a bit I could shield DH from my continuous crankiness. THis is, of course, not going to work while staying home with a toddler! I am finding my fuse to be a little bit shorter than usual. I also just want to "stay within myself" and think about the baby. Those feelings are getting better now that I have been positive about being pregnant for almost a week.

so how are you feeling? grumpy?
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Well, let's see, I am sooooooooooooo tired!!! Just wiped out exhausted. Of course I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that I have 7 kids here 5 and under!! My boobs hurt a little bit, I do get some nausea throughout the day, but nothing bad, and of course peeing every 5 minutes!!!! I'm actually not too cranky, yet!!
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Well, I'm glad cranky is normal. I don't remember feeling cranky at all w/DS, but I am really cranky now. I think I just feel overwhelmed (with some reason). I'm having trouble adjusting my expectations of myself - you mean I can't run around like a chicken with my head cut off all day and then stay up late with a toddler who took a late nap and stay cheerful and serene and not resent my sleeping husband? :LOL

Okay. Time to come back down to planet earth!
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I am having a lot of symptoms and it is throwing me for a loop. I just got a +HPT two days ago at an extremely early date (8DPO). That only puts me at 10dpo right now, it seems way too early for symptoms. I think my ovulation date is pretty accurate as well.

Today I woke up nauseated, and with hot flashes. I had smell aversions. I have had frequent urination and cramps for four days now. Those symptoms are all unusual for me in my usual cycle.

I wonder if the symptoms become more intense with each successive pregnancy? Does anyone have a feeling on this issue? I do remember having symptoms earlier with #2 than with #1, and now with #3 it is way earlier than with #2.

But anyway in this situation, it just seems way to early to be feeling anything, and having a positive test as well. Don't know what is going on.......
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I dunno ND twins maybe? I have heard that an early pos and more intense symptoms early on can mean multiples.

Sorry, not trying to scare ya! Could just be a very early implantation, thus an earlier bfp and earlier symtoms...

I'm not having *a lot* of symptoms. I guess I *am* pretty tired; I keep falling asleep in the afternoons getting my little one to sleep, then I doze on the couch before bed :LOL

Occasional nausea, but mainly just nothing sounds good to eat. I'm normally a huge chocoholic and chocolate just sounds...gross! I think I'm peeing more than normal, but not loads or anything. Heartburn too.

So that's about it...not a huge amount, but enough to ease my mind when I start wondering if something's wrong
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Oh man Maybebaby (Putting hands over ears and saying "Lalalalalalala") :LOL
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I'm feeling a few symptoms here... mostly I can just feel that there's activity in my uterus, it's tender. Also, I can already feel my ligaments stretching... maybe because I exercise regularly? I did all my usual reps this morning but I might have to quit the machines that do my abs until after baby. Last pg I kept doing them until 12 weeks.

I got nauseous pumping gas today. :Puke But thankfully it passed quickly. Mostly I'm hungry!
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Not too much yet.

I remember being ravishingly hungry by now with DD. Not so much this time. Although I did eat red meat for the first time in almost 20 years tonight! My mom made a potroast while DD and I were visiting. The smell of it cooking was SO good...next thing I knew I was gobbling some up (and going back for more ).

What else?

I have my usual early pregnancy diarrhea (how's that for TMI ) so I know my hormones are kicking in.

Slight nipple tenderness during nursing but not too bad.

Other than that....just

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seriuosly grumpy from about two days after conception until positive test,much less now.just tired and bloody hungry all the time!!!!!!
oh yes and that heavy feeling in my uterus,lovely!! :LOL
I am hoping the nausea isn't too bad this time,with my first it was awful and with my 2nd i was only sick three times
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I have my usual early pregnancy diarrhea (how's that for TMI ) so I know my hormones are kicking in.

Weird, usually I'm so constipated, but this time I have been having more diarrhea. I didn't know that could be a symptom!!

It does make me feel weird that I'm not feeling more yet, I hope that's not a bad sign...
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oh I didn't realize that diarrhea was a symptom! Add me to the loose stool list!
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Yeah, add me too :

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Horrible nausea, sore boobs, heartburn, diarhea, tired... I hope it's a good sign! I am SO EXCITED!!!!
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I have heard that an early pos and more intense symptoms early on can mean multiples.
is that a fact? WOW, I feel like I am sick since the day of implantation....
I would love to have twins, my husband has been praying for that...
I dunno, though, I have been sick a lot with 2 of my other pregnancies. When I lost the baby in March, I puked 1 time and that was it. This time, I am SO much sicker, so I am hoping that it's a good sign.
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Sore boobs, backache, grumpy, and the symptom that finally made me test-- Acne. I haven't had acne like this since I was 12 ( you-know-the kind dermatologists like to prescribe antibiotics for), Luckily it seems to be passing. Talk about embarrassing. Oh, and interestingly enough I got what I would have sworn to be ovulation pain on right side ( 3 days before (+) hpt). Anyone ever hear of lunaception - or the concept of a women possibly ovulating twice in a month in response to the position of the moon on the day of her birth?

Wishing everyone a great day!!
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I was just talking about this on another thread :LOL but some things I left out: Sleeeeepy :yawning: , sore boobies, you wanna talk about cranky? I'm gearin up for the ring :LOL. I'm still doing pretty good though.
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oh, yeah, sleepy... I go to bed WAY earler than I used to , last night I fell asleep at 8... before my kids did.... :LOL
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I just found out today - but I had my suspicions early. I am: HUNGRY!, boobs starting to get sore, light headed, tired, and bouts of extreme crankiness. Oh, and both excited and nervous at the same time. (This is our fourth baby. Our kids are 5 1/2, 4, 21 months, and we are raising my 17 year old dn.)
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Whew Max! Congrats! I think so far you're the most advanced multipara pg mama on the May birth club so far. I'm preggers with #3 myself.
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Originally Posted by busybusymomma
Whew Max! Congrats! I think so far you're the most advanced multipara pg mama on the May birth club so far. I'm preggers with #3 myself.
Thank you. I am in awe myself!
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