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going to see midwife/OB?

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When are you setting up your first appointment?

For the past couple of years I planned on going to The Birth Place, a birthing center nearby. I was very excited and felt like it was the perfect fit.

Very unexpectedly, they are closing - today in fact.

My choices, are now:

use those midwives. they will still be attending hospital births. The hospital rules are changing dramatically to accomodate Birth Place mamas. The changes are astounding and wonderful.. Still it is a hospital.

Or, use another birth center a little farther from here. Many of the parts fo that birth center are great (including a free doula), but I have heard that some of the rules regarding transfer to a hospital are unfairly strict. THere are also other concerns.

I can't decide. I certainly don't need to decide now, but I would like to pick a provider now so that I can start going for prenatal care.

So my main question is when is your first appointment?
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I am *hoping* to go with a midwife this time around. There is a hospital an hour from here that has birthing suites with big tubs for water births in them. The hospital that I had my 2 girls at is also wonderful, and I loooove my OB, but really want to try a midwife this time.
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In my area, there is only one legal hb practice, who attended my DS's birth. I called 'em this morning, cause they get booked up FAST and the receptionist (who I think is really new) actually had to check if they still had openings in May. (Come on, at least half the folks who are gonna be due in May don't even know they're pg yet!) Anyway, I've got an appointment for Sept. 13. I don't feel any need to see them this soon except wanting to make sure I'm on their list and to agree on a due date. My DS was 10 days early and since I don't want to go to the hospital if I'm 'too' early or late, I want a due date we can agree on.
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I had amazing, intervention free hospital births with my two kids. I quit the OB practice I was seeing though due to some idealogical differences. I would like to consider going with the fabulous homebirth midwife in my community but when I discussed it with DP about 6 months ago, he was very reluctant. In the meantime I have seen another Ob who has an office very close to my home. I have no expectations from the OB's though other than that they will order the tests I want and that They will leave me alone when I labor. AT this point, I don't know what sort of support I would even seek from an OB you know?

The problem with the very nice woman OB I have started seeing is that she is going on maternity leave soon and I would have to see someone else blah blah blah. I do like to have continuity in care. What I truly wish for is the long intimate appointments and emotional support a MW could give during the pregnancy.

There is a midwife group in my insurance network. They are far out of town, and you see a different MW each time. I think there are about 8 of them. I have heard mixed opinions from friends. Some loved the care they recieved, others have horror stories.

I also will pursue some first trimester testing due to the fact that I have one child born with congenital problems. I don't know how in line that is with the midwives philosophy. That is also part of the reason it stinks that the OB is going on maternity leave during this time period.

We will see. I am lucky though, I have lots of choices. I guess I should get on the phone and call the midwifes huh?

Oh and to answer your question. I do have an appointment with the nurse at the OB for the end of September.
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OK a big thanks to you Mammo 2 Sammo! I just got off the phone with the nurse midwives. What a great vibe I got for them. They want me to come in next week for an appointment and just to talk with them. Yay!

Much better than the nurse I talked to at the OB who muttered that I was difficult due to my age and it complicated things. blah blah blah. I have crossed that "Advanced Maternal Age" threshold with this pregnancy and apparently am now an old gestational hag! A complication! Can you imagine?

Anyway, the midwives were cool. I am much happier. If I like them after my appointment still I will get rid of the OB with a flick of my wrist and an ancient crone-like laugh to boot. I also wasn't looking forward to the hospital birth negotiations that I was worried would have to occur so I am crossing my fingers that the midwives will work out....

I am really happy now, thanks again!
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Still not sure at this point.

I want to go back to my fantastic m/w's and have another homebirth!

But money and maybe a bit of reluctance on dh's part might stand in the way.

As is, I'll start by seeing the midwife (who is in practice with several ob's, one of which "delivered" Maddie) who does my gyn care. I know she teaches a hypnobirthing class so maybe she'll be cool with my varied requests and wishes. They usually want to see you fairly early, so once I get my insurance "stuff" sorted out I'll make an appt with her.

If we talk and she can't do what I need her to, then it's on to my homebirth m/w's no matter what.

I have emailed my hb m/w's anyway just to give them a heads up.

I'm starting to think UC might be easier :LOL
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I'm planning for another homebirth with the same midwife who attended ds' birth. I emailed her this morning and got a response: "YIPPEE!". :LOL

Even the midwife's backup doctor, who is laid back for a doctor, bugs me. I'm just so over doctors. :
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I totally hear you Michelle......
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BIG sigh.

I have NO idea what I am going to do this time around.

I had a "very nice" natural hospital birth with a midwife (more 'medwife' than I wanted but still great) for my dd (labored at home for 7 hours, arrived complete, started pushing, she was born 45 min after we arrived....didn't even have time to unload the car...no pictures...nothing :LOL) but I still intensly crave true midwifery care and a peaceful, natural homebirth. And my midwife joined a BIG OB practice at a different hospital....totally new circumstances.

DH couldn't even talk about HB last time around without getting all tied up in knots.

I haven't brought it up since the but we when started TTC I told him he was going to have to go at least talk to HB midwives with me.

I'm drawn to a waterbirth. Wasn't an option at the hospital where dd was born but there is another hospital further away where I could WB with a midwife (who is also very medical...interviewed her when ttc dd).

I don't know.

I haven't thought about calling anyone yet...because I don't know who I want to call. Plus last time they didn't want to see me until 10-12 weeks so I figure I've got some time to figure out what I want to do.


That's where I'm at.

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i had great deliveries with both in a small hospital in New york and have a very laid back doc who didn't stick me with any needles ,let me labour on the floor,talked to me like a m/w / doula(i.e kept me calm grounded,respected my no drugs and didn't try to push anything.got me focused when I WAS losing it!! :LOL )the only thing I didn't like was I had to deliver on the bed
I am too far away know,only 50 minutes but with a history of speedy labors they told me I would probably deliver on the parkway if i attempted to get there after my water broke!!!
I would like to go for a h/b this time but I have to approach dh with all the info,armed and ready first!! :LOL
I have my first appointment on oct 18th.It was supposed to be my yearly until we had the suprise so i'm just keeping it.i'll be ten weeks,
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Well, I will be having a plain ole hospital birth with an ob. I really admire you moms who do the homebirth thing though. THere aren't any midwives in this area, or I might consider using one.

I called the first business day after I got my BFP. The receptionist said they like to wait 2 weeks, so my appt. is for next Wednesday. I'm excited about it, but I'm not sure they'll do much of anything since it's so early.
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Erin- if you could search the archives you'd find that two years ago I was having the same discussion. It took a bit but I brought dh around and switched from the OB practice to my midwife. It was SUCH a relief. A big resource for me was The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer because it includes information regarding infection, c/s, episiotomy, etc etc rates in the hospitals, birthing centers and homebirth. It really just lays out the facts so you can make your own decision!
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OP - looks like we are deciding between the same 2 places!!!!

Did you know that the Cambridge Birth Center has an open house Monday evening? You just need to call them and let them know you are showing up.

Do you know if the Newton-Wellsely hospital will allow water births now?

I live in Braintree, so both places are far, but i am determined to have the birth I have always wanted.

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That is the million dollar question.

It's been four years since my last delivery, and although I've been doing a lot of research I still don't know what to do. When I had my son, I was a second year medical student firmly rooted in the miracles of modern medicine. But after being induced, laboring without medication for 12 hours and after dilating fully and still having to undergo an "emergency" C-section (due to baby's heart decelaration) that was later labled in my chart as failure to progress, I am less than confident in the capabilities of modern medicine. My sister who is an OB/gyn resident would call my words blasphemous. What I want is to experience birth in as natural a setting possible (at home attended by a midwife I trust). But since I would be a VBAC, I'm not sure that's an option. Oh, the pain of compromise : I currently have an OB who does my annual gynecological exams. I would appreciate and insights or suggestions.
Wishing youll pleasant birthing experiences!!!!!
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Eves- I think there's a VBAC forum here and I'm sure there'd be some Ohio moms there. And check the homebirth board too, cause Ohio moms could give you some tips. I hope you get the birth you want!
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Originally Posted by alleybcat
OP -
Do you know if the Newton-Wellsely hospital will allow water births now?

They are currently considering it. My guess is that they will allow it in time. They have been making major changes since the closure of the Birth Place.

I have been throwing around the idea of a homebirth, just today realizing that it might not be an impossible dream.

I have a lot to think about.
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Hi Eves, I hope you get the birth experience that you seek. Are you an MD now? Did you stay with medicine? It must be kind of strange to have a sister who is an OB/Gyn, I bet you get to hear a lot of stuff and opinions us "Regular folk " don't.

Alleycat and Mammo2Sammo, That is cool about NWH and waterbirths. I used to see an OB/Gyn there when I lived in Boston......

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Hi Everyone,
Thanks for the tips and warm wishes. In answer to your question, naughty dingo, No I did not finish medical school. I'm currently teaching biology courses at a two year college. I'm actually considering midwifery for the future. Cool -- having insight into some of the medical buracracy, but it doesn't shield one from the nonsense.

Wishing everyone a morning sickness-free day!
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A big resource for me was The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer because it includes information regarding infection, c/s, episiotomy, etc etc rates in the hospitals, birthing centers and homebirth. It really just lays out the facts so you can make your own decision!
I second the book, LOVED IT!

I have a GREAT family doctor and a doula, so I will call them both maybe today and since I had an ectopic in MArch, I will need an US at 6 weeks... kinda excited and scared in the same time.
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I'm hoping for a MW attended homebirth but also am going to check out the birth center at the hospital I was born at. The hospital is HUGE and a teaching facility to boot. I'm not sure if the center will have the same doctrine as the bigger hospital part. We'll see. I was with my sister twice when she was giving birth at the hospital and I just didn't like what I saw. I'll have to see what kinds of policies and stuff the center has in place. We'll see. I figure we have time to get everything sorted out. We hope to make our first appointment next week so the first prenatal will probably be in a coupla weeks. I'm pretty excited I must say!
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