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Peenut Pants

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You know how sometimes you get a piece of fluff in the mail that literally makes your heart stop beating? Well... that feeling sums up Peenut Pants for me!

I ordered a custom with Lia and she was just amazing. Her communication was always fast and friendly. She took her time asking me questions and explaining her process. It was just great working with her.

The end result was truly a work of art! I mean jaw dropping work of ART! Gorgeous!

The wool cover was stretchy and the needle felting on it was out of this world!

The wool pants were like they were made for my daughter. Perfect! And, again, flawless needle felting.

The dress and matching diaper were too cute for words and again, showed her quality consciousness and attention to detail.

Thank you, Lia!
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Oh, I can't say enough great things about Peenut Pants. Lia is a doll to work with. She just has impeccable customer service and does everything to make sure that you are 100% happy.

Her clothing and diapering items are to die for. Everything is fabulously made. I must have taken about 20 pictures of my daughter in her Peenut Pants outfit as it was UNBELIEVABLE.

I can't see how anyone would be disappointed in purchasing anything from Lia. She is one of the good ones.
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I love our Peenut set! It fits great...it looks great...it was sewn flawlessly! We also have a Peenut fluff diaper and it's amazing! T&T'd! OV'd! It fits great! Lia does amazing work
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