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No poop for days -- problem or acceptable?

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Our wonderful daughter, born 1:40 am last Thursday 8/25, pooped meconium like a champ on Thursday and Friday. She has not pooped since -- nothing. She is breastfed only and seems to be getting more than enough -- her birth weight was 7-5, she dropped in 48 hours to 6-12, but by her fifth day, Monday, she was back to 7-1.

Two midwives have told us, well, don't worry; there's very little waste in breast milk; babies sometimes don't need to poop for a while after the meconium is spent; what's more, baby passes gas frequently.

On the other hand, everything we read and our own nervousness tell us that baby should be pooping at least a couple of times a day by now if not more.

Since we stayed in the hospital for 60 hours after birth and saw midwives on Monday, we have not visited another pediatrician yet. But we're increasingly concerned about the wait and we're thinking about setting up an emergency Thursday or Friday appointment.

Has anybody else experienced this? Any counsel? We've read that giving baby some water might ease constipation, but we've also read that water can upset their sodium balance.

We wish she'd poop!
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delurking from the august baby watching...

how many wet diapers is she having per day? are they a little wet or quite wet or dripping wet?

how is her latch? can you see a lactation consultant for a latch assessment and for some before and after weighs? colostrum has a bowel movement stimulating element to it and new mama breastmilk retains some of that property, so the no pooping would concern me.

i'm not a lactation consultant but i am a postpartum doula and have worked through our own breastfeeding & not gaining weight issues with our own son.

see here for more info: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing.html

sending you poop vibes...

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I think it would concern me as well... chiropractic might be of help! If the parasympathetic portion of the nervous system (the "rest and digest" system) isn't functioning properly, this can definitely cause her constipation.
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I am going to say this is a variation of normal..some of my kids have done this some have not.. it totally depends on the baby.. if she is hydrated.. producing wet diapers and eating well and gaining.. does not seem listless ect. Just relax and wait it out.. she WILL go..

My youngest dd did this.. rarely pooped the first 3-4 mos.. then all of a sudden at 4 mos she was poopy at EVERY change! :LOL

In a totally breastfed baby try not to worry.. if you have concerns you can always e-mail Jack Newman.. or get his book.

Its become a well loved bible in our home.
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My baby is doing this, too. My first DS pooped with every nursing session, so I was quite alarmed. Josh has a LOT of wet diapers, gaining very well, and is satisfied and comfortable. MW said not to worry. LC said to call Pediatrician. Ped said he is fine.

Ped and MW suggested I stimulate a BM with glycerin suppositories. Did that twice and both times it worked. Josh has pooped twice on his own since then.

I'm thinking that if things don't improve within the next couple of weeks, I'm going to remove dairy from my diet. He doesn't have any of the typical dairy sensitivity symptoms, but it couldn't hurt. Heck, I will probably feel healthier without dairy anyway.
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I agree that baby's do vary in their pooping habits. I also agree that seeing a chiro might help. My son hasn't had pooping problems, but he sure let it out after his first adjustment!
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As usual, lots of great information from you lovely women.

I took Olive to the doc today. DH was really concerened, and I knew he'd have a better long weekend if we got this question answered by a ped.

We read about the suppositories. If Dh wants, maybe he can go out and get those tonight.

The ped suggested placing a thermometer up her butt 2 x per day. She also said this wasn't anything to be too concerned about and that to come back into the office if she hasn't pooped by next Tuesday. And then she said if anything seemed weird -- fever, etc -- to schedule an appt over the weekend, because their office is open. I love this doc!!

The baby wets many dipes per day. She's gained all but 2 oz of her birth weight back, so that's good news. =)
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I had pizza for supper last night and it was obvious that it caused discomfort for baby. So starting today, I'm dairy free. Will keep you updated on whether it helps or not. :
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you can try to drink pear juice, eat prunes and/or take a tsp of flax or olive oil 2-3 times a day.
hope your babe starts poopin soon
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have her checked for pyloric stenosis. Or read up on it and see if you think its possible based on other symptoms

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She just pooped -- three times in a row!!!!
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yay! She worked it out!
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I came back to say that she ended up pooping 8 times in one day. Now she's back to being constipated again. I think I'll try the flax and olive oil -- and prune juice. Couldn't hurt, I guess.
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