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I thought you were Num-nu-mom! Now I get it!!

Lisa; I typed you out a big pm and it said 'this program is not responding', so I typed it out again grrrrr and it did the same thing. I gave up and went to bed!

I'm on day 14 of my cycle. I fully expected a little egg on my fertility monitor today and didn't get it for the first time!! A late ovulation for me, and I was also mad because it used up my LAST testing stick. I never need more than five and that was all I had. I ordered more but they are not here yet, and they wanted 50.00 for a package at Rite Aid! Yikes! So I just bought a ovulation predictor test and came home and tested. I was really releived to get a good strong line on it today. Hope that doesn't screw up my monitor, since I'm out of test sticks and won't be able to complete the cycle on it. Not for 49.99 anyway, I'll wait for my internet order!

My MDC name is from a beloved cat I had named Velveteen. She was a big, fat and fluffy calico, the most adorable cat I have ever seen with a personality to match. I had her my entire childhood and she died when she was 14 years old. Here's the whole name I named her as a child "Cleopatra,Velveteen ,Misty, Jenny, Rebecca and then my last name"
I loved all those names and couldn't decide on a single one! I won an award at the mutt cat show for the longest name at 8 years old and was extremely proud of the award!
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screen name

I've used cheesedreams for 10 years. My husband and I studied cheesemaking beginning about 11 yrs ago and we actually left the US to go to Europe for a while. At the time I was a chef, but we later started two businesses together. I'm working at home now, he's the only cheesemaker for now, doing some food writing. Really, it's attempting to write since my 20 mo old doesn't let me get much of anything done at home.

On a funny note, my ds was getting in his toy car yesterday and said, "Bye, bye." I asked where he was going and he said, "Make cheese." Then all day he kept repeating, "I cheese." I guess there's no avoiding our influence!
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cd 6

well, I'm 1/2 Polish & 1/2 Slovak.
1-2-3 is the dance step count to a Polka.
get it? :LOL

really tho, isn't Polka music fun & happy & upbeat?
I love my Eastern European roots & the FOOD - NUMMY
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I want to change my screen name!

You guys have used much more imagination than I!

That is so sweet! I love the full name-sort of like royalty.Bummer about the PM, I am so crappy about hitting the wrong button or having my internet connection cut out that I copy long posts & e-mail them to myself before posting in case I mess up. How lame is that!Yay to a + OPK! Good luck.

I figured that it was either Wisconsin or a mysterious love of cheese.What a cool thing that you learned how to make cheese! I have made only whole milk soft cheese- delicious but time consuming and expensive! Can you make hard cheese at home? I have seriously considered training to be a chef.(I have day dreams of going to Italy to apprentice-not likely,eh?!) I honestly think I have a knack but I am seriously squeamish about most meats, I wonder if there are programs for vegetarian-lites like me! I actually do eat fish and chicken/turkey because I am too lazy to make seperate meals at this point. Helena wont eat meat so in a few years maybe she and I will be a faction! I probably will always eat fish.

I actually figured yours out! My husband is Lithuanian/Yugoslavian -1st generation both sides- & he lived in Polish neighborhoods growing up. Our family actually went out to Polka for my birthday at this big hall with a real
Polka band complete with a bubble machine. It was a blast (gee I date myself with my hip lingo!).

Your name puzzled me because I broke it up wrong. Num-nu-mom...I couldn't figure it out...make sense though because I'm sure that's your world! it is weird to realize Helena has been weaned for a year now (at 2 years 9 months). I had nursed through my pregnancy with her so it had been
5 years straight.

Well,I have made it through the weekend without testing.Yay! If I were to make it til day 12 -no WHEN I MAKE IT TO DAY 12!, it will be a first for me!
Lily and I went for a walk and I stopped at a local hippyish store and bought two small scented candles for 8$- about the price of a test! Tomorrow I will do something similar. I guess I cant do it every cycle but just to break the habit. (Great rationalization, isn't it). I have had a great, relaxing weekend-
lot's of walking & family time- no cleaning.

Take care,
Lisa(mamaov4-no brainstorming required to figure that out!)
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double post - woops.
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My screen name is pretty unoriginal as well. Hopeful (meaning of course that I'm hopeful of getting pregnant) 130 is my personal computer number at work to log on.
Velvet - I got Femara too. I am on cd1 - bummer but I knew it was coming. I start Femara on day 4. Guess I'll be starting it a bit before you. I had a dog years ago that was my best bud for 10 years. He was a beagle. I called him - Toby Tyler Beagle Whealy Bum Blue. LOL.
Polka - how did the testing go?????
Just had a full weekend with the inlaws. We were all squished in here like sardines. There were 12 of us. No sleep really. The air mattress had a leak in it and dh and I slept pretty bad. Still not feeling back to normal but gotta go to work anyway. Yuck.
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: : :
Big temp dive today (10dpo) as my usual luteal phase is about 10-12 I'm expecting to be on cycle day 1 myself anytime. I don't hold out hope for the
implantation dip...bought some Cheetos..baked but STILL! that's only likely to happen for one reason. Just would like to get it going....and done with before Lily's party Saturday. Sometimes I just drag on with spotting for days before things really start....Well, June is a great time to have a child.My first,Nick, was born June 8th so maybe we will get lucky this next month,
PMSly yours,
Lisa (mamaov4)
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Anyone else having trouble posting? I don't know if it's my personal computer, or if MDC is having server problems....
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I was having trouble this morning.
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I love everyone's names!
Velvet- your kitty must have been very special to have so many names. Oh, to be eight years old..... I was thinking it had something to do with a velveteen rabbit! Happy bd with your + opk. I always use the opk- I find I do much less testing that way. I have a clear blue monitor and I always felt like I was always testing....it would drag on...and on...and on.... maybe I wasnt doing it correctly??? Now, that said- I have such little ewcm and its weird looking (I wont give you all tmi, here....). The opk has a slightly darker line, but not matching to the control line and so Im not considering it a pos. UGH! I just keep testing and testing and testing. This is going on waaaaay too long. Maybe tonight it will turn pos- this is SO not easy holding my pee for 2 hours

Cheesedreams- I love it! I had no idea. What a great name for a cheesemaker! I aslo have chef dreams and I love to bake. Maybe ds is following in those cheesy footsteps???? Does dh write for a foodie magazine???

Polka- I thought maybe you were Polish : ) I am, too. Were you born here or in Poland??? I was born here- some of my family is from Lvov (and then they say they were sometimes Polish, sometimes Russians) and some from Sosov. I have been to Poland once and stayed with friends so I really got to see the country. Have you been????

Hopeful- good name- we all should be so full of hope!!!! I'll tell ya- I have pretty much no hope for this screwed up cycle. Pretty dern hopeless.....

Momaov4- I go through the same stuff. Just itching to poas- but ususally af shows before I end up testing.

I didnt realize you could break up num-num-mom that way! Num-NU-mom. Hmmmmm.....
One of my children's teachers (from last year) had a baby the same month I had my last dd- so our babies are the same age. I saw her today and she is nice and pregnant. I felt so.......UNpregnant...........
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blah blah Double blah

See spot. See Mamaov4. See Mamaov4 spot.

O.k, What counts as day 1? I really do want to get this charting right. I don't want to do it for long-no patience but I figure 3 cycles should let me know something.I am barely spotting,although it is red. Is this day 1? I'd like it to be, so I can get on with the show! And if today or tomorrow is day one I should be fertile some part of next weekend.

I am going to take the kids to watch the sun rise tomorrow at the lake. We will all paint then go get muffins. I always feel less bummed out if I drink in the kids and how remember how lucky I really am.

But before I go get that glass of wine I have one word (I know it's me but this time I mean it!) CRAP!

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Mamaov4According to my fertility doctor's office - cd1 is when you would fill a panty liner by midnight of that day.
sorry she showed up the old hag. I'm on cd2. yuck.
Numnumum: Your posts are always so well organized and very thoughtful to everyone. you're very sweet. I know how you feel about the teacher being pregnant. Although, I feel that way right now everytime I see someone pregnant at all. Especially my neighbour who I see everyday outside smoking a cigarette. That is hard to look at anytime but even worse after having a miscarriage. It just stings even more that I lost one and she gets to keep one. Just not fair is it.
Well, I start my Femara tomorrow. Here's hoping I'll get lucky this cycle.
talk later
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Hopeful, let me know how your Femera goes! I start mine next cycle if this cycle is a bust. I'm just 1 or 2 dpo, so I have the wait in front of me. Somehow I think I should have bd'd one more day, hope we got it anyway though.

I always heard that CD 1 is the first day of flow, not spotting. although that can be very confusing if it is not one or the other....
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Velvet - I'll definitely keep you posted. I'm hoping to get lucky this month
Have fun with your 2ww, I hope you have tons of symptoms to obsess over. Sadly I couldn't even find any symptoms last month. I just knew it was a bust. Other than the heartburn I couldn't find anything to obsess about. I just hope your obsessions turn out to be a bfp!!!!!!!!!
It is tricky trying to decide when spotting turns to full flow. When does spotting end and full flow start. Makes a girl kind of crazy. I just go with the panty liner idea. If it would fill a panty liner in a 12 hour period, then that's day 1.
Oh the conversations we have, LOL
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Out damn spot!Blech!

I started a new cycle on fertlity friend because my temp went down and now I realize according to your helpful definition I am not even CLOSE to day 1. Teeny tiny spotting followed by hours of nothing, the a bit of brown due to age of blood. I have cramped on and off. I am sure it's not pregnancy because my temp has been down 2 days now. I've tried excessive walking to get things going but nada. I feel in limbo! AND I have to undo my new chart!

Oh well,enough whining from me!

I am crossing my fingers hard for you Velveteen! I love that hopeful time in your cycle.

Hopeful,your beagle name is still cracking me up. You must have been a fun child. I love the silliness in my kids. So much so that it sometimes gets in the way of discipline!

I hope you got that OPK + and are on your way...well, you know.

I have a strong feeling that for at least one of us Sept is our month! Good luck to all!
Lisa (mamaov4)
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Hi all-
Hopeful- that is such a nice compliment. And youre sweet, too!
I also am bothered by pregnant women and little babies- they just seem to be all over the place while Im ttc! I TRY to tell myself that I was once their age and had my babies- I was blessed enough to have the babies I did have- and it may or may not be my turn again- but everyone deserves their turn. I really dont want to resent pregnant younger women. It makes me feel better and not so resentful. On the other hand- that smoking thing! Id have to staple my lips shut when I ran into her! YIPES!
When I was ttc after my last m/c it was so painful for me to see preg women. I hope you do get your bfp!
OK- dumb question- what is femara???

Momaov4- Dont you find that you just adore your kids when af shows? I feel so grateful that at least af didnt show those couple of times! I dont homeschool now (we used to) but I miss them so much now that the school year has started.
Can I come for that sunrise on the lake??? Sounds so peaceful.....
I also had that spotting thing at one point. I would spot 3 days before af. Very weird.

opk neg tonight. Very neg. There was at one point a darker line earlier in the week and now almost no line. I think we might have missed it. Very strange cycle. My temps never went up- meaning, I suppose, no ovulation. Isnt that wat it would mean??? Maybe it was the herbs. Or maybe not.....
Oh, well, there is always October...........
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It's the real thing

Yikes! I almost had to ask DH to stay home cramps were so bad..and I've had unmedicated births so have good tolerence. Sometimes I think that happens when AF has a hard time getting going. Luckily my sweet Helena stayed asleep this morning and I climbed back in bed with her after seeing the kids off.We got up at 11:20! & I felt much better.

I hope you didn't miss O..I've had those months. Did you read my OPK thread?I came across info on the web (from Consumer Reports) about OPK's.Basically it said that many are unreliable. Many don't measure the amounts they are supposed to so can miss surges completely. The recommended brand was Clearplan Easy. It was ranked the most sensitive. (It has worked well for me).I used Answer for awhile & it seemed to almost always show positive or nearly so..& one brand I'm not sure what it was didn't seem to ever get dark & often sticks were completely bad. My post about OPK's is in this area TTC somewhere. And if you are ever in Wisconsin
you certainly may join us by the lake, river or for tea!

Velveteen & Hopeful..yes let us in on what Femera is..I hate not knowing things!

Cheesedreams,Jempd,Polka,Fortunategrrl,mom4tot,kok omomnn,nanmama02,GeemiesMommie
Hi! Don't make us all by ourselves!Updates please!

I am trying the power of positive thinking this month. I tend to get Eyeore-ish each cycle by the end...this time I am going to actively try to remain positive. I am also going to get tasks done now that would be too overwhelming while pregnant- just in case!

Questions of the day:
Do you garden? If so, do you have a particular spot that is your favorite? I have a corner with Nasturtiums (sp??!!) mixed with a similiar sized purple flower,Morning Glorys & a perennial bush (blanking on the name-not a butterfly bush but about the same size & attacts tons of butterflies) which is lavender & pink Snapdragons. While a lot of my garden is fizzling out this spot looks like a Monet painting.

Since we have some foodies here- anyone have an easy recipe to share?
O.k I know this is TTC not Martha.com but cut me a break I am on day one & need distraction..feel free to ignore me!

Here is mine for Sun-0 dried tomatoes (O.K, you use an oven,lol.)
Oven-dried tomatoes:

Slice tomatoes into 1/4 inch rounds.

Place on well-oiled cookie sheet ( If you wish,Cover with foil to eliminate mess.)

Cook at 200 degrees for several hours. Check as you go along as everyone has thier own prefence as to how much juiciness they want to have left- you can leave parts slightly plump or completely dry them.

You can also up the heat,(250) a bit & cook for a shorter time if you are using them the same day.

As far as preserving them- I have never got that far-we always eat them as we go! If you had them in a sterile jar with some vinegar as well as oil they should be fine for up to a couple weeks, refrigerated. That's usually the rule of thumb for freshness.

Take care & luck to all,
Lisa (mamaov4)
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Nothing much new to report, except that I don't think Sept is the month for me. I thought that I might be getting AF back, felt that I was O'ing and now I don't feel any different. I'm waiting to see if AF does return, at least that would be a blessing.

I'm taking my temp, but since my ds is teething with his 2yr molars, we've had some up and down nights. I'm trying to take it at the same time each night but when I can sleep, I do!

I'm still taking Vitex, but I'm concerned that I'm not taking enough so I may consult an herbalist. I was going to go to a Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist but now realize that most won't treat me for fertility while nursing. :

I garden a lot, but since we've just returned to CO after gardening back east I've had trouble getting used to the dryness. I don't think I watered enough this season, or fertilized enough, so our veg garden has been pretty sad. We have a plot in the community garden, which is great, but the yield hasn't been good. It was a horrible year for tomatoes here!

No quick recipes coming to mind, I'll think on that one.
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To be honest - I don't garden at all. I live in a condo and our backyard is very small. Right now it's just full of dirt, dog poop and after the inlaws were here - beer bottles. I pray for the days of a home with a garden. Just isn't to be yet.
Femara is a fertility drug. Actually - it was initially and still is prescribed to "post menopausal" women in the treatment of breast cancer. It is similar to clomid. Does the same things. It's just that it seems to be far less symptomatic. No sweats, no moodiness. Alot of doctors are prescribing it now. First time I did it, I conceived. Hoping it will happen again.
Velvet - if I missed anything please continue.
momaov4 - ouch. Sorry af is so bad. Glad she finally showed up though. Well, as happy as one can be about the onset of large amounts of blood.
I'm just watching CNN - did you hear about the foster parents who were keeping 9 of their foster kids in cages??????? Those poor children. Are they o.k.?????
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I think that about covers it with Femera. My research tells me it will not thin the uterine lining like Clomid does. Also does not cause cysts in the same way that Clomid does in some women. I hope it works!!

I have a lovely little garden with 'Drop Dead Red' Sunflowers still in bloom. My ds planted them and he is very proud. I have tomatoes that didn't do that well, a gourd plant and some acorn squash also. Plus, I have echinacea flowers, and black eyed Susan's still blooming. My mint has gone out of control and I've spent too much time digging it up! I did not know it was so invasive :

Cheesedreams, I hope this is the month for you even though you don't think so.
Mamaov4, sorry the cramps were so bad, as if getting AF isn't bad enough.

Here's my super simple yummy recipe.
For one person:
One organic pear
a tablespoon of sugar or splenda if you prefer
a shaking of cinnamon.

Put this is a little dish and pop it in the microwave for a minute or two. Wait till it gets nice and syrupy and you can smell the cinnamon. It's delicious!! Tastes like pie without the crust!
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