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crocheting & knitting machines?

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Does anyone here use them? And are they easier? Or faster? Or what's the deal?

Thanks ...

(and btw I'm a beginner at needlework ...)

- Amy
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Never have but

I am curious too )
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Well, mommytomy4kids, looks like we've brought up a useless subject.

So, is that because only real handcrafters use their real hands, or is that because the machines are a lot of money and only slightly useful?

Will that inflammatory question get us an answer?

(Who ever thought we could get controversial on the Crafts board? :LOL :LOL)

- Amy
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LOL Maybe so

I have a knitting kit here I want to learn but it confuses me so bad. HSN just had a knitting machine too under $50 and included some yarn.
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I've only used a knitting machine for knitting thin metal wire while working as a grad assistant to my metals prof. She wrote a book called "Textile Techniques in Metal" and I was using the machine to knit her samples for her.

I think they are faster if you know how to use them. I could definitely crank out a nice knitted piece in a short time. I'd be wary of the cheaper ones, just because of stability issues. If something gets stuck, cheap plastic hooks will break or the legs will wobble.
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I got a knitting machine this year. I thought I'd really use it for large knitting projects, and then do lots of felting. I had grand visions of making wool blankets, etc.

But the reality is, I love the versatility/portability and the look of hand knitting. I also find it much more relaxing and fun than working with the dang machine that ALWAYS seems to frustrate me somehow!

I'm sure someone here must have good things to say about them, though!!
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My nana uses one. She does professional knitting and pops out quite a few things in 1 week. She did 3 or more jumpers within a week.
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EmeraldStar8, does your nana also do regular hand-needle work?

I guess what I'm looking for here is, is it possible to become proficient at/ good at the machine needle work without mastering regular hand needle stuff?

- Amy
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She does do ordinary knitting aswell.
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Thanks for the info.

I think I may stick with hand knitting for now. BUT I think they would be really cool and nice to have to make some blankets for my family and gifts....
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