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Originally Posted by AugustineM
I haven't tried the dvd thing yet for sleep. Thor's only seen Baby Beethoven so far, which he LOVES and stands right in front of the tv. Sheeeesh.
i wish we didn't rely on it so much, but there you go. my three year old nightweaned herself between, oh, i think about 15 and 18 months by needing to fall asleep on the floor in front of the TV almost every night. it was like she just couldn't sleep in a bed. it really stank.

(for her the problem turned out to be that she was outgrowing naps. sheesh. i hope this baby needs naps till 2, at least!)

we particularly like kipper DVDs. very sweet, cute animation, and they all seem to automatically loop. at least, all the ones from our local public library do.
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Yay, Happy Birthday, Tristan!!! -- I finally finished your Tristan doll tonight, actually. I think he's so cute. Just like you. Now about mailing it....

Yay to Raney for letting Mama sleep! That's wonderful. Maybe it's in the air... Both mine had fantastic nights last night also, FINALLY. Good heavens they were wearing me out there for awhile. I think last night they both slept 5-6 hour stretches. Aaaaaahhh.

YBecca, so glad to hear there's more movement under all that swelling. I've been keeping Robin in my prayers.

Buona Notte!
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Happy Belated Birthday Tristan. I hope it was a good one! Savannah can I just say that Nicolo is cute! Does he have the phone ringing off of the hook yet?
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Yo Becca - oh my!! How terrible - I hope Robin is recovering and you and MIL are feeling better! Dog bites are so scary! My brother was bitten by an Irish Setter at age 18 months and one whole side of his face fell off. He had to have several plastic surgeries, and has a fairly unnoticable scar today. Then when he was 13, he and my Mom were attacked and badly injured by a Chow that we were dog-sitting at our house for a friend. I was 15 at the time, and I drove them to the hospital. When my grandpa heard what happened he went home and shot the dog.

We have the inlaws here visiting from CA. We had 2 other friends over and had a little Birthday party for Alex on Saturday. He was so cute with the cake! I'll try to get pictures back soon and post a few.

I woke up today and thought about where I was one year ago - in excruciating pain going through transition stage of labor right about now!!
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Hi there everyone!

Happy birthday Tristan! Jen, I was just thinking on my way into town today that his birthday had to be soon. I was remembering how long you waited and how we all kept checking day after day to see if you had gone into labor yet! And then you dissapeared for awhile.... busy becoming a mama.

Thanks to everyone for the support about this whole "pregnancy suspicions" thing. I'm just feeling really weird and emotional about the whole thing now! Like I can't trust my own instincts.... I'm still working under the suspicion that I am, even though the symptoms seem to have petered off. I'd rather assume that I am, than regret not assuming so later.

So, tomorrow I am taking a day trip with a friend of mine and we are going to Madison, (the last town I lived in) and we are doing some site seeing with his in laws (from Russia) I will be their travel guide. I'm intending to visit my midwife, just to say hello and we are gonna go see the Capitol and some really cool botanical gardens. I'm looking forward to the trip.

Well, I got a bunch of stuff to do, so I'd best get off the computer!

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Happy Birthday Tristan!!

I finished Mielle's doll, and I really like it - hope she does too. My neice helped me fill it with "cloud" as she called it. All this doll making has inspired me...My neice has started requiring my SIL to lay down with her to go to sleep at night. She's 3 and has been sleeping well and on her own for at least a year. Of course, this is natural and not a major problem, except that my SIl thinks it is a problem - it means that the only adult time my SIL and BIl could have together, my SIl spends lying in bed with her DD. She and BIL have no child-free time - she leaves neice's bed and crawls into her own. SO, partly in hopes of helping them and partly for fun, I conned, i mean talked my MIL into helping me make a Jessie doll (my SIL) for my neice. It's going to be life-sized and "look like" my SIL - with a furry applique heart, satin lips, a little tattoo, etc. We cut out the fabric today and I sewed on the heart and we began crocheting the hair. It'll be able to wear SIL's clothes and sleep with my neice. Her birthday party is this weekend, and it'll be such a surprise. She was so excited about Mielle's doll, I think she'll think hers is neat.

Robin went back to school today, although i didn't work so I could drop her off and pick her up. Her teacher said she was communicating a lot - showing her things, leading her around the room, etc. I'm so glad she had a good day.

Anna - PM me your addy and i'll send the doll. I totally understand the distrusting your body/instincts feeling. I have taken several pg tests in the past 3 months - sometimes just on a wild hunch, but at least 2ce I KNEW i was pg - like ready to shop for maternity clothes. I was so sad when I saw the neg. test. But I know I WILL get pg again, so I try to stay positive. Definitely keep acting pg - better to be safe than sorry.

Rub in in why don'tcha almamiel!!! RObin tossed and fussed all night - then woke up at 6 and crapped all over the floor - literally big puddles leaked fromher stupid FB. Then DH said she went through 3 more dipes ( I slept) b/f falling asleep in his arms by 7:15. She did the same thing the night before - tossed all night and fussed, then had a leaky poop all over the living and dining rroms - and they have rugs! I didn't put the fussy night and diarreah together until today, b/c she obviously slept better after the poop. But tonight was her last dose of the evil augmentin!
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Mamas, what news on this board! I am so sorry YoBecca for what Robin and you all have gone through. That is truly my worst nightmare. I have such a fear of dogs (because I have been bitten twice) and I am so afraid that my children will be bitten. I try not to pass my fear along to them, but it is hard, because I actually shake when I am near some dogs. I am so glad that she is feeling better. So scary for all of you.

Savannah -- How frustating! I don't know that I could handle it as well as you seem to be. I am a social worker, and have had to make those hotline calls, but my personal policy was always to talk to the families first (unless it was severe neglect, physical or sexual abuse). I would make the calls with the family there so they would know exactly what was said. I never had a family fire me for making a call because I always stated this policy upfront, and they knew I was trying to be honest. I know this must be so hard and such a challenge to your feeling of safety in the world. It sounds like you are handling it well. Let me know if i can help in any way.

I have been too stressed out with our move and our new house. I guess I do not deal well with change, and I have been so on edge. My patience with the kids is non-exiistent and I am feeling bad all the time. Owen and I have this bizarre relationship, where when I am stressed, he feels unsafe and pushes my buttons, I suppose to test me. I fail every time. I need to be better at keeping my cool, but I find it so difficult when life is so chaotic. I have seriously considered calling Jan Hunt for counselling, but the problem is I have no time to actually talk on the phone with someone!

Which leads me into my feminist issue. I completely agree with you Harmony that feminism is about choices. I have been regretting my decision to stay home and not work out of the home. I know that it is all about societal messages that I have somehow latched onto. I feel like I am not contributing. I see all this money flowing out of our house and I could be making a lot come in. I feel disconnected from financial decisions, not because my husband is a jerk, but because our schedules are crazy and we just don't get to communicate . . . and the paychecks are his. I love Zeke, and he is such a sweet baby, and I know it is right for me to be home with him, but I miss feeling like I am helping people and making a contribution. I don't feel like I am doing that with my own children.

Onto other news . . . . Zeke is walking a bit now, and being totally cute all the time. Here is a picture of his birthday cake http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/celia7...78.jpg&.src=ph

It was pretty cute, but he was a crab at his party!!!! I had to hold him the whole time!

Hopefully I can keep connected better now that we are settling in.
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Man, I was off the board for a few days and I am sooo behind...and completely lost with what's going on.

Kate turned one on Saturday. But she was and is teething with a vengence...that top front tooth will NOT break through. :

Happy birthday to the ones I missed.
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Thank you so much everyone for the support about Maya's sleepless night the other night. It WAS teething. Three months and eight days after her first bottom two errupted, she *finally* has her right top barely poking through as of this morning. After so many weeks/months of thinking it was close, I didn't want to believe it. Will it really be this tough EVERY time she gets a new one?

YoBecca, so glad to hear that Robin is starting to get back to normal, and I love the mental image of her dragging her teacher all over her class!

Jilly, I really enjoyed reading your post about feminism, and meant to reply sooner -- but now, my comments have pretty much been said already! The main thing I kept thinking as I read it was CHOICE. Yes, I'm doing the WAHM thing, and making a considerable amount less than I could doing another job...but it's my choice to do so. If it were a financial option, I'd CHOOSE to be a SAHM solely in a heartbeat, but since I'm single...and haven't won the lottery... Anyhoo, keep writing!

I'm still pondering my CD options while I work my way through the last of my current box of Huggies Supreme diapers. : At this point, I'd like to give prefolds and covers a shot. While I've heard good things about Bummis SWW, does anyone have comments on how well/not they fit slim babies? Also, any ideas on where would be a best bet to pick up my stash? I think I'm nearing (finally) my 50 posts to brows the TP, but not quite.

Happy birthday to all of the little ones celebrating this week. Still vaguely in denial here, but that didn't stop me from spending a nice chunk at Target in anticipation of Friday. So far, no electronics, and I'd like to keep it that way. My daughter really liked a Parents Magazine activity cube (here , she pushed it over...oops) that my friend in Seattle had, so I got the current version. Also picked up some wooden musical instruments that are oddly marked age 3+ -- even though I can't for the life of me imagine why, other than the company covering its backside. She's also getting the "Baby Wordsworth" video by Baby Einstein, just because several other moms I know have reported that their kiddos *loved* it -- besides, I like Marlee Matlin. :grin

What sorts of goodies are you all giving your little ones for their birthdays?

It's so weird knowing that this may be the only baby I ever have...and that she's almost not a baby anymore! Ack!!!
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Originally Posted by allibabble
I think I'm nearing (finally) my 50 posts to brows the TP, but not quite.
Okay, pardon the spam, but I realized that as of that last post, I had 49. Here goes the magic number! :LOL
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Happy birthday to Alex and Kate!!! Woo hoo!!

Allison, the twins' favorites gifts were a giant ball and their little ride-on vehicles. McKenna actually scooted forward and backward on it today!

Heather, yes, he is cute. No girls are catching his eye yet, but I do notice him hanging out with more and cuter kids each week. (First week, dark brooding vampire looking gothic kids with piercings befriended him. Then butchy softball girls (is that OK to say here?). Now he is "in" with a more athletic crowd, like some of the younger football players and cheerleaders, and he even met a couple of jr. college volleyball players who graduated last year. OOOOH, this sexy young kid came to pick Nicolo' up to play night beach volleyball this weekend, all tanned and shirtless with his muscles gleaming in the moonlight... But I digress.) LOL

Wow, a lifesize doll! SOMEONE is feeling pretty ambitious... I'm amazed that you'll have a project that huge done by this weekend. You are my new idol.

The CPS guy comes tomorrow (Tuesday) night to do our interview and close the case. It will be nice when it's over, but I may never be the same. After dh talked to the man this morning, there were yet even more and different things surfacing. Now from what he said, only someone in my family would have known to say certain things... Like that my Dad "has schizophrenia" (which he doesn't, but only a few in my family think he does), and other things privy to my family. What an awful, sickening, disheartening feeling to suddenly not know if you can be yourself and trusting around your own mother, brother and sisters!!! I bawled in the shower about that. That I might have to worry at every family gathering who might be scrutinizing me and taking mental notes. I hate thinking after every action or thought or thing I say, "oooh, might someone construe that as something worthy of reporting to CPS???" But I'm just not going to let myself worry about all that right now. It's too painful. I appreciate the well wishes and prayers and thoughts from you all. It's just so frustrating; and even more so knowing that most of it stems from someone not agreeing with AP parenting styles.

Baby calls...
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Savannah, I know things will go well for you tonight and hopefully you can put this all behind you. That would just crush me, too, to think my own family would think I was a bad parent. I have a few choice words for that family member of yours, but I will keep the board clean.
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Originally Posted by Yo Becca
Rub in in why don'tcha almamiel!!! RObin tossed and fussed all night - then woke up at 6 and crapped all over the floor !
:LOL I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't laugh...but been there done that so many times! The only thing I use at night is an sos dipe stuffed with two or three doublers with an aristocrat cover. Impenatrable!

The doll sounds awesome.

Any one else have a baby that ? Raney just looks at us and carries on extensive conversations in this matter of fact tone of voice. Too bad we have no idea what she's saying!

Hugs to all struggling with the SAHM/WOHM thing. It sure is tough. Especially since the SAHM thing (or SAHD thing in my family's case) means a parent marooned at home with a child/children. Pretty isolating. When we go to family event's on my dp's side (HUGE family) and there are tons of kids running around and lots of adults playing with them I always have the AHA! moment where I realize that the socially isolated family of our culture is so unnatural...

Enough of that.
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Sarah, dd does the same thing..she talks constantly like I should know what she's saying...but I have no clue! :LOL

Ok...this is why I've really been absent from the boards...been dealing with IL drama and have been really down and too sad to even get on the computer (whoa! :LOL )...anyone that has experience with strained IL relationships, I'd really appreciate your advice...

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Hi there,

My son will be one on the 29th and I thought I would introduce myself. I can't believe he is going to be 1...where did this last year go? I am Julie, 26 and we live in Lexington, KY. I am a WAHM. Which gets harder and harder as my son gets older.

More and more he is "talking" but I don't understand much of it. Just this morning he pointed to my ear and said a word and I so wish I knew what he said. I know he was saying something
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Savannah - my prayers are with you! How stressful to be dealing with this CPS mess. Hopefully it will be all over soon and they won't bother you again. You know, here in Amerika, if you're a patriot, or a Christian, or a homeschooler, you are a target!

I haven't caught up on the thread yet, but I must look for Jilly's post that everyone keeps referring to...

Speaking of pregnancy... I was due to start my period on Thursday, but I woke up feeling a little "funny" this morning, so I took a pregnancy test...

... and it was


I am still in a state of shock!
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Savannah, how heartbreaking! I truly hope you are able to find peace with this whole thing. I hate hate hate that you are going through this. On another note, I loved the pictures. The twins (and Nicholas) are so cute!! And Nicolo- well I agree with Heather about him!

Stacy, Congratulations!!!! How exciting!!! What does "Amerika" with the k mean?

Stacey, I don't have much advice about jerky IL's, just commiseration. My MIL totally sucks. She has no respect for me. She is so totally selfish. In fact I think she has a personality disorder. Yick! I'm sorry yours made Kate's day rough.

Welcome DWmama!!

re "talking": Lilah does it too. Pretty much everything is "Ba!" She is always pointing to something and saying very meaningfully "Ba!" So cute!

see yall later,
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nak so this will be short!

Congratulations Stacy!!!! :

Hi DWmama! I can relate on the WAHM part of things! What kind of work do you do?

Jackson's birthday was yesterday! He loved the chocolate cupcake! Too cute! I'll post pictures sometime in the near future. He seems to be talking more these days, Da-dee, Ahhh-Eeeee (Alex), kitty, dog, hot, nananana (nurse or mama, not sure which). Oh and he LOVES to bark and thinks sneezing is the funniest thing ever!

little fingers and toes trying to type, must get off computer now and pack, pack, pack! Moving day is less than a week away now.

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Originally Posted by StacyL
You know, here in Amerika, if you're a patriot, or a Christian, or a homeschooler, you are a target!
well... and don't forget single moms and gay and lesbian families, especially the gay men, as many (especially the Catholic church) seems to think that gay men tend toward pedophilia. (WRONG!) The pendulum swings both ways... you are suspect if you are at either end.

Congrats on your pregnancy, Stacy :

Savannah - oh, the butch softball playing girls - you mean the baby dykes? HEY I CAN SAY THAT! I'M MARRIED TO ONE! Glad Nicolo' is making friends! He is a cutie for sure.

Stacey - I have a rough time with my MIL... she does not acknowledge my existence to her friends and family (her mom and brother). I think Jo's uncle still thinks I'm Jo's "roommate" when he calls - I always seem to answer the telephone. And as for Tristan - well, Jo adopted a son. The crazy thing is that she has told me to my face that she likes me and enjoys spending time with me. She's so afraid. As for your ILs - I have to agree with the posters on that other thread. Very passive-aggressive and immature. Good luck

T talks all the time. a duh-duh-duh-duh. ba-ba-ba. a coya-coya-coya (that one cracks us up) and other random babbling. He's trying really hard to say "goose" (we have a flying wooden goose with a gnome on its back mobile in the living room), and he does say mama and keee-eee for kitty. Lately he's been saying "mei-mei" and I've been joking that he is trying to tell us that he wants a little sister.

For his 1st we got T a wooden boat for the bath and a sweatshirt at the Hanna outlet. grandmas got him toys and clothes - my mom got him some really nice clothing from LLBean! And we got money for use on/for him - my mom said it was either for the next insurance payment or a college fund, and my mom's friend bob gave us $20 and instructed us to buy him toys with it. Dunno if we'll do that or put it toward the sandbox we want to get him next spring. Hopefully by then he'll be over eating sand.

Enough for now, I guess j
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Originally Posted by leomom
...anyone that has experience with strained IL relationships, I'd really appreciate your advice...

Leomom, I don't have ILs to have strainged relationships with (ah, one of the benefits of being a completely single mom), but some of the posters who responded to you were right on target with two things: 1) boundaries and 2) childlike behavior.

First, pat yourself on the back, because you did a great job of sticking to your plans, even though it was difficult. I'm sorry that things got so emotional -- in time, you'll learn to not let them manipulate you so much. As one gal said, keep it to the facts and keep the emotion out of it, and that will help a great deal.

The book Parenting with Love and Logic is one that I've been meaning to get, because it primarily deals with setting healthy boundaries for your children -- and discovering how to set/enforce my own limits has been tranformative in my own life. ITA with the posters who said that your ILs' behavior is very childlike, and really, you could probably pick up a few ideas from this book.

Example: MIL says time and again that she isn't coming until pm. Day of, she says she's coming am and expects to see dd. (gee, sound familiar? :LOL)

You respond: Oh, MIL, I'm so sorry that you chose to make plans at the last minute without consulting us first; that's too bad that you assumed dd would be available; dd will be elsewhere. Pretty similar to what you did, really...the change is just the delivery. Empathize, but put the responsibility in her court (I'm sorry you chose to...too bad YOU assumed...). Then, most important of all, let the discussion drop. No arguing or debating over what's what.

I know, I know...it's much easier said than done! But, in time, it becomes more natural. At first, I know I was always realizing AFTER the fact how I should have handled boundary violations. As time's gone on, my *lightbulb* has gone on sooner and sooner -- so that now, I actually have the right words at the right time. Well, sometimes.

Hang in there; it's frustrating when adults refuse to act like adults. You're doing great.
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