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Janulicious September #1

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Janulicious is mamas who were due in Jan 2005, our babies were born from October through February.

Chat with us!

We've also started a private forum at http://forum.deadfrog.net because we realized that we have been spewing all kinds of personal information in a very public place. Anyone is welcome to join us there as well as here. Just register there, and then PM me with your username so I can activate it.
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Sheri, yup, I ok'd you, you should be able to login as azreial
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Jessi, I changed all the permissions, everyone can read them now... but I still can't get them to work!!
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I posted this on the other thread, but just in case:

Andy - I need you to pm who my b-day exchange is. I am making something and need to know who it is.

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Ack! Mamas! There's too many threads in the other forum! Which one am I supposed to post to? I posted one, and then when I saw it was just one thread of MANY . . .

It's been a whirly swirly kind of hurry hurry morning. Almost time for baby nap; hope it happens, I need a RECOVERY.
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blah blah good morning. rush rush
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Posted over at the new haunt.... love it there. Love it.

Come play!
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made my apple thing but the caramel sauce was not rich enough... will have to try again.
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Oooh Pam, another opportunity to bake a cake! Must have richer sauce!!

Food bummer: chickpeas are apparently very close to soy in protein shape. Lauren reacts to that. No more hummus for me.
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Lisa - bummer....and good to know. I cut out 99% of soy 'cause Izzy seems to have a really hard time with it ( the only time she will cry and cry and cry).

Just subscribing...heading over to the other board.
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Man I'm glad Evelyn can eat whatever she wants. Lucky me. This morning she said "mamama" to me, and after Eric came in, she said "dada." She has a Spaniard's d sound, almost a th sound. She gets lots of kisses when she says stuff like that. I think she is trying to talk. When she has a book or a ball, she says "ba. ba. ba." 'Course, she also says that for flowers and any number of other things. My mom says Evelyn should be speaking in complete sentences by ten months. She has high expectations.
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hey has anyone gotten postcards from boulder yet? I sent them out last week (sorry so late!)
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Jess, I got mine!

Jessi, I can't blame her! I'm always astounded by Evelyn's progress. What are you feeding her? :LOL
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Yeah, we got one, thanks. Sorry, forgot to mention it.
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Jess, we got one too. I have 6 more here to get out! :

Should do that now!

Annie, I have something to send you too, but I have to get dh to finish a copy of a cd first.
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Sheri, I still have your post card here to send... is it ok to send to the old address (I already addressed it!)? Will it forward ok?
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What am I feeding her? This morning Evelyn ate applesauce. She decided to feed herself. It was everywhere. She also had a hard boiled egg, and she did eat some of it before dropping it splat onto the floor. But of course she gets her real nourishment from the breast still. :
She woke up only once last night, but I'm so used to twice that I woke at her usual time anyway.

Jess, your postcard came last week too. I still haven't sent mine! :

But I did mail a package to Az today, and a small one to Andy.
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Originally Posted by Joyce
Ack! Mamas! There's too many threads in the other forum! Which one am I supposed to post to? I posted one, and then when I saw it was just one thread of MANY . . .
Joyce, that's an advantage of the new place. You can read the main chat thread, and then if you have extra time, you can branch out and respond to the others, too. I like being able to prioritize what I'm going to read (juicy secrets first, of course! ). Then there are handy reference sections, like Contact Info and FSOT.
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So HERE y'all are! geez, I can't keep up with both, people!

Sorry about the chickpeas, Lisa. Keeping her risk for allergies as low as possible - you are doing great things for Lauren. As a kiddo with quite a few food allergies growing up, I think it's awesome that you're being so careful.

Fun, addictive word game alert!! If ya like Boggle, you'll love it.


I am a Master! mwwwaaa haa haaaa!
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no more hummus!!! oh no Lisa

got mine too Jess
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