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newborn maryjane type shoe pattern

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i know I saw a free pattern online once for little baby shoes. I believe the top was one piece . it fastened with a little strap across the top of the foot, made of satin, and had beautiful embroidery on the toe. Does anyone have this pattern or know where i can find one?
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Here is one. I belive you could make it out of satin if you sew two pieces right sides together an turned it.

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Those are adorable!
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those are the one I was going to post
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Yup, I made a bunch of pairs of those for my little girl. Just a few suggestions, however. I tried making it with the ankle strap and, while I didn't think her ankle was all that chubby, the straps wouldn't fit around them. I ended up just cutting off the straps and using elastic across her instep, ballet style, or just sewing a ribbon on each side to tie around her ankle. They were so cheap and easy that I could make her a bunch of pairs.... They work best in smaller sizes, though. Once she got to size 2 shoes I didn't find they worked as well for her. Hope that helps some!
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i made a few for my DD size 8 & 9they turned out fine. I did use double layers of felt. and now i think i might try making a pair with a piece of foamy or dollar store place mate between the soles for extra thickness at an older age. and next time i go to the fabric store i will also look for some of the gripping type fabric that is used on the soles of commercial sleepers, to just sew a little on the bottom sole for extra control and support.
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Hmmm, maybe I'll have to try again using the double layers of felt. That is a really good idea. They were always really cute and we got lots of compliments on them...
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Thanks for that site. Those are adorable. I will get some felt soon and try them out. Lots of ideas in the post below too. Thanks for the help.
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Came across another mary jane pattern and I thought of this thread...

Here it is: Slipper Pattern
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I made a pair of the Martha Stewart ones today...SO cute. (I did purple with white polka dots for the soles, and white with purple polka dots for the tops). This is the first sewing I've done since I was a kid...so I'm shamlessly proud of myself!

I'd like to make a pair of these in blue (with embroidered ducks on the front) for my soon-to-be-born nephew. Anyone have suggestions for how to make the strap less girly? I was thinking of skipping the ankle strap and just doing elastic (those ankle straps look teeny, anyway)...or maybe light blue ribbons that tie? Too ballet slipper like?
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