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Unassisted VBAC?

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I am leaning more and more towards this choice for my second child (I am not yet pregnant). Is there anyone else who has done this or will be doing this? Anyone I've mentioned it to thinks I'm nuts!
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I only have a moment, forgive me, but if you have not visited Leilah McCracken's Birthlove site, it's a great resource for VBAC, HBAC, and UC VBAC information. Leilah herself has done UC VBAC.

Go to www.birthlove.com

and do a search!
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Heavenly, you are not alone. If I ever decide to have another child, it will be a "freebirth" (just learned that term ). A freebirth after caesarian. Guess I'll call it a F-BAC.
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I would like to have a free birth one day. I've had two cesareans and have absolutely no fear about doing it unattended. I'm more afraid of having another posterior baby!!

I am lucky to have an exceptional vbac midwife nearby who I may contact for prenatal care and then decide in labour if I want anyone around for the birth.

So, no, you are not alone or crazy for thinking about it. I love the idea of unassisted birth and hope that I may experience the freedom of it one day.
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KPduty, I know what you mean about that posterior baby! That was my only fear. Apparently the universe decided I needed to work through that fear because I've had back labor all three times! lol!
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book related

just thought you might like to read too.....Hygieia Halfmoon's "Primal motheringin a modern world"if you haven't. She had 3 babies--one csection, and 2 freebirths. Very inspiring book in all respects....I also highly recommend "I can do this!" by the same author which details her journal through her last pregnancy.

I had 2 homebirths, the last a freebirth/lotus birth. I highly recommend the path!
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