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starlein- anyone ??

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any news???? :
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Hope she gets a soon!
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hi guys!
i took a break for a few days...so tired! i'm testing tomorrow! i want to make sure i get that bfp this time!!
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Ok, we'll be checking tomorrow! Don't keep us waiting!!! : :
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oops...i meant saturday...i'm buying it tomorrow and taking it with fmu on sat.
that better do it!
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well still no AF starlein so that lookin' good mama
: : : :
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starlein! Good luck! :
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: I know you're testing to today so good luck
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bfp! bfp! bfp!

it's good to know i'm not crazy!! it hasn't completely hit me yet...i'm happy, nervous and *so* tired!
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Yay! Congratulations!!!!! I just knew you were !
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Hurray, congratulations!!
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