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Is anyone else nauseous?

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I was nauseous in the beginning and knew that was normal, but now I'm at 32 weeks and the last three I have had major nausea problems. Yuk - I thought I was over this! Anyone else? I tried B-Natal Preggie Pops and they work most of the time, but I can't be downing them...... blech! :
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Yes! For the past two weeks, every now and then I feel very yukky. I think it's a blood sugar thing. I've noticed that if I eat too much, too (which isn't much, these days), I feel queasy.
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i get queezy if my blood sugar gets too low.. i try to eat nuts of fruit durring the day to keep it at a good level and i feel fine..
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I don't feel so hot right now, but it's probably because I just ate a chocolate-covered peanut butter ball and a bite-sized nanaimo bar. It doesn't take too much refined sugar to make me feel gross. (I actually have a post-it on the side of my computer screen that says "Smarties will make you feel icky. Don't." for those times when I am frustrated and cranky and just want chocolate. I have a coworker who has a stash...)

Anyway, I agree - it is a blood sugar thing. I think a massive swing either way can make you feel nauseous.
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I find that the big meals on the compressed-by-baby-stomach can also cause me some nausea these days. And my digestive system feels kind of sluggish...it feels like food stays in my stomach for a looong time before in moves down.

I should put a post-it in my kitchen that says "massive dinners will make you feel icky" :LOL
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i find the digestive enzymes really help for that sluggish disgestion as well as heartburn! ive been taking them with every meal and i havnt been getting that yucky feeling i was having before after i ate..
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I think some of it is related to hormone surges
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I cannot drink anything, especially water, on an empty stomach or I feel absolutely green. I agree that it must be some low blood sugar thing.

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I agree with cjbeach... HORMONES!!! that and baby growth spurts. Plus, when you are pregnant your insulin sensitivity changes so it's common to feel weird after a meal. That's why they say to snack throughout the day instead of waiting to eat meals. Now... if only I could follow my own advice...

Don't forget your baby is going to really grow from here on out... Your body is putting a lot of energy on all levels to do that.

But yeah, to answer your question, I've been feeling nauseous everyday this week in the morning (not like morning sickness where I HAD to throw up) and queasy not only in my stomach but if I stand up for too long I actually start seeing stars and feel like I'm going to pass out. SO I lay on the couch watching ds play until 11am, get up, put him down for a nap, feel okay for a couple of hours then about 3 or 4pm it starts all over again. I remember feeling like this pg with ds so I'm not alarmed.
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Thanks, guys!

Feel much better knowing that it's pretty normal to feel "icky" at this point.....I love spicy food but apparently the baby doesn't. Carribean food made me feel YUK last week and Indian food gave me 24 hours of YUK this week, so I guess my post-it note will say "Spicy food makes you feel icky - don't!"
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Wierd...I was just wondering why I started getting nauseous again..I forgot all the joys of 3rd tri pregnancy! :LOL
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