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Anyone else already thinking about names?

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The pink lines were barely dry on my test when DH and I pulled out our name book and started tossing names back and forth! :LOL

We're set on a boy's name (carry over from DD).....Quinn Joseph

But a girl's name is anyone's guess. (DD is Lilia Hope...Lily/Lil.) Some that are on our list are...Phoebe, Chloe, Sophie, Sally, Violet, Julia, Audra, Caroline, Greta....I think there's more but that's all I can think of right now.

Anyone else???


PS ~ I bought the Baby Name Wizard book.....It is SOOOOO cool!!
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No name ideas yet...

It's a good idea though! It would keep my mind off worrying so much lol
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We've had the same boy name since being pregnant with our first, Benjamin Bradley. Girls name, NO idea as of yet! The funny thing is that if we have a boy, our kids will be Rachel, Emma, and Ben!!! "Friends" anyone???!!!!!! We get grief already when I tell people what our girls' names are!! :LOL And yes, we do love "Friends", but that's not why we named our children those names!! :LOL
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Oohh. I had a semi-dream, semi-waking name pop into my head in the wee hours of the morning, made up, as far as I know. I forgot to tell DH. I'm so glad you posted this thread & reminded me! Madrelyn. Probably as a second name for a daughter - Madre meaning mother and Lyn(n) being my mom's and best friend's middle names (2 spellings).

I have more names picked out already (and have for months) than I intend to ever have children :LOL

Here are some of them. DH isn't on board with some of them, but then I didn't think he liked the boy name I had my heart set on for DS either until after he was born. So maybe . . .

Wylde Robert or Wylde Archer - our DS's name is an unusual W name, so this would match, and the two possible middles are after our two grandfathers we didn't name DS after.

Eostara Nell (or Eostara Madrelyn?) - Star is a family name for girls and I like unusual and this one is a germanic name for the spring goddess. Nell is DH's grandma.

I had these two dreams last spring that if I got pregnant on either of DH's brother's birthdays, I would have twins. One night, DH told me this, and one night MIL told me this. Though I know I did NOT get pg on day 14 of my cycle, LMP started on one of my BIL's birthdays!!! While I will be (temporarily) FREAKED out if I turn out to have twins - I used to think they sounded like fun, until I had one baby & realized how much work it is - I have really cool twin names picked out!

For girl/boy: Eostara & West (okay, it's a little over the edge, but c'mon, it's COOL)
For girl/girl: Dortha & Danika (DH's other grandma, and Danika means star, and me, my mom, and my maternal grandma all have D names. They would be Dori and Dani. So cute.)
For boy/boy: maybe Wylde & West?
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Those are all great names guys!

Are you kidding? I've been thinking up baby names since I was 12. Kept a running list in my journal! Mostly boy names though. I never could find any good girl names.

I had a girl name all picked out last pregnancy, b/c I just knew D was a girl. Then of course, was the ultrasound with the big ole penis. :LOL

Erin, you stole my boy name! Actually, I want to name him Tarquin and call him Quinn. That's the name of a character in an Anne Rice novel and I love her books. ANd I don't really want to name my kid Lestat, Louis, or Armand!

As for a girls name, I"m not sure. I'll probably go with the name I had picked out from before, Alora or Elora. Not sure though. I also haven't really picked out middle names yet.
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I Love Quinn,we were thinking about it if DS was a girl,i think it's pretty usable on both sides.such a lovely name
With Griffin we also liked Finlay or Jude,but griffin and finn(what i would call him)would be a bit much i think
So maybe Max for a boy or Harry or Henry even William,all the traditional ol' English Names.I'm being Boring here you guys have some great names,I do like Felix or Casper but Dh would laugh me out of the Birthing room!!! :LOL Thomas for a middle name after my late Grandfather .
For a girl I love Olivia,very popular but still I love it.I also like Lila alot.Alice is another,
I obviously need to get my book out and do my homework
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GREAT names you guys!!

I SO this part!!!
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hmm you bet, I did, well we did...
For a girl I like Abigail Faith or Abigail Grace... Actually I even like Faith as a first name or Grace... we'll see...
For boy... We had chose Ezekiel for the baby we lost, but I really like it, so I am trying to convince my DH to use it as a memory of our little baby. He would go by Zeke... Still have 9 months to hink about it... hehehehe
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For a boy we are thinking Branson Sage. I haven't sold my husband on Sage yet but we both really like branson. We were very close to naming our first daughter Isabella but I don't think we will use that now. OUr daughter is Alivia Rose. I like Violet, Grace, we are just begining who knows what we will eventually come up with.
We also like Marlin
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I had originally gotten this baby name book to look up family names and such, so I told myself , then quickly got wrapped up in names for our own then as yet to be babes. Some I picked out: Girls- Hasia, Vashti, Sakuna, Shakima, Sumalee, Mayra, Zemirah, Adanna and a host of others. Boys- Avi, Azuriah and Elijah. Haven't gotten as many boy names as you all can see. : I'm just having such a hard time picking out boys names, I don't know why! And a girl's middle name would definitely be my mama's first and middle names, hyphenated probably, Cathy-Ann. I don't think DH has given it much thought.

kisha-mae, supafly
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Ah the name game...it took us 9 months last time to agree on a name, so we are already at it this time.

Girls name I already know but boys names - no clue. I really liked Preece but DH ruined it by calling him "priss" - oh the things to consider when choosing a name...
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We have a Raymond Joseph and an Arianna Renee so I want a girls name the sounds good with Arianna and a boys name that sounds good with Raymond.. SOO... right now its, Alana Rae and no clue for the boys name.. but so far my favorites of Clayton or Chayton, dh doesnt really like those names so I dunno what we will do LOL.. but name choosing, I believe, is THE hardest part of being pregnant LOL
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For a girl we've considered Carolyn Esther, Carolyn Eleanor, or my current fave Carolyn Sky. She'd go by her middle name, so that's the one I have to decide on. Carolyn is my late MILs name. Plus my mom is Carol Anne and my grandma is Caroline, so it seems fitting. But, I'm not sure. I really like Sky, but our last name is only one syllable, so I'm not sure it sounds right if you don't say the Carolyn part.

If we have another boy, who knows ? I really like Solomon, but dh prefers Benjamin, which I like but not as much. Besides, I think it's too common.
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You guys are coming up with awesome names!
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Well, not so much thinking of names, but thinking of ways to convince DP that the fabulous names that I really, really, really think we should pick are good ones. He is quite the stick in the mud when it comes to names. We have 2 girls so still have yet to use the boy names we chose. And I am still attached to the fabulous girl name (Rowan) that I really really wanted for my last one. The middle names are set (will be family names) so I don't have to worry about that, just that the first name flows with the middle.

Does anyone else have DP's who have completely different ideas about what names to pick? Oy we go on and on over this and I make him read the book of 20,000 names each time :LOL

OK, just freaked him out by saying "We need to think about names!" in an urgent tone. Oh Mama is so evil..........muhwahwahwa
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Fun thread! Cool names too. Ds got his name 24 hours after his arrival, even though it had been on the top of our list from day 1, ehrr, day -1000 or so The girl name that was high up there during ds pregnancy was Annika. We still like it, but wonder if it's not too close to Yanek in sound. Other girl's names we like are Sophie/Sofia, Maia, Lara. Kinda stumped on the boys names now, guess 'cause dh is hoping so hard for a girl
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MAMA2EMMESON Carolyn sky is beautiful,I do love Ben but if Benjamin is to common what about Bennit or Benidict?just a thought

So I think it probably going to be Olivia for a girl,livvie for short

I like Oliver for a boy now,Olly for short
I change my mind like the wind though so I will probably keep adding to this post :LOL
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Names are fun. I've had mine picked out since 2003. My son has a very solid name: Joshua David. If we have another boy, I like Xavier Douglas ( middle names are maternal and paternal fathers' first names). But I like exotic names for girls like: Mhina ("meena"), and Angelie. I had a great friend in college named Anjali which means sanskrit in Hindu. Since, I love the name and we aren't hindu, I decided to spell it different.
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Man y'all have some cool names! I think I need to go check a naming book out of the library!
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How to follow up the name Wolfgang?! I prefer names that are easy to say, easy to spell (can you guess why???), 2 syllables, and compatible with our heritage. Many german girl names are brutal though, to the English ear. I can't say that I recommend difficult-to-pronounce exotic names. My experience has been that it can be a social barrier when you have to have a 5 minute conversation about your name each time you introduce yourself...
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