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Yeah, the LotR names are great, but...I just can't. Not for a baby. Too "out there" for me (of course, if *others* choose to name their kids with LotR names, I'll squeal with glee. )
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Awww, comeon, you know you want to... Didn't ya always want a little Glimli running around underfoot

(I tease, I tease... we're not considering any LotR names, either. I think it'd be too obvious at this point, unless we went with Treebeard or some other character who wasn't in the movies! )
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Well, as much as the Turnip's grandfather identifies with Forlong the Fat (Dad's really not that big, but it's a big joke with him), I don't think I'll be honoring that little snippet of family history with the babe's name.

"C'mon, Aragorn, time to get off the swingset!" "Legolas, quit pinching your sister!" "Frodo, I'm not going to ask you about your homework again!" Yeah, I don't think so...
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Eowyn is nice, tho. And Arwen. "Arwen, time to take the kitty out." Yeah, I could see that

I think the boy names are rather silly in LotR... maybe that's cause boy names are silly in general, tho! :LOL
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we're set on a girl's name (isobel fionnula), but still working on a boy's name.

i'm already feeling girly, though, so hopefully we won't have to work too hard on that boy's name :LOL
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I love the names you all are picking out!

We are either going to do
Evelyn Elizabeth (Evie) or Elizabeth Clairece for a girl. She would be named after her 2 living great grandmothers. (I was and I think it would be a neat tradition to start/carry on).
I also love Ainsley Elizabeth, but Ainsley is becoming popular around here and it uses 1 ggmas name and not the other.

I have no idea for boys names. I really liked Blake, but now that I'm pregnant and it really could be IT, I'm not so sure. lol

Merrick: I love Anne Rice's books too. Your name reminded me of them when I saw it.
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My dh vetoed several names on my list already... and really wants me to consider he sister's name (first or middle) if we have a girl. Her name was Sherry Lynn. His cousin's name is Lynnette, her hubby's name is Lynn and their kids are Lynessa and Lynnae.... not to mention several of my cousins have Lynn as a mn. I don't really like Sherry very well. We'll keep working on it I guess.

Chances are we'll have a boy anyway!
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Dh and I have been plotting our baby names for about a year! We have several girls' names we like, but we're really struggling with boys' names.

For girls:
Lyra Harper or Lyra Jade is our first choice.
We also really like Natalia Jade or Natalia Rose (nickname is Tasha).
Other names:
Sasha (as a nickname for Alexandra or on its own)
Olivia/Liv (though we won't use this one, b/c it's too popular right now)
Lucy (although dh is lukewarm on this one b/c he thinks he'll feel compelled to do his Ricky Ricardo impression non-stop!).
I also LOVE the name Amara, but it's too close to my name (Amanda).

For boys: I think we'll probably go with Asher Hart. We also like Aiden, Aleksander (Sascha would be the nickname), and Ilan.

We're obviously attracted to names with "ash" sounds in them!
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busybusymomma - I'm considering Carolyn, and would probably call her Lyni or Lynni, not sure how we would spell it yet. I think Lyni is so great for a little one but Carolyn would be a great adult/professional name, should she want to use it.
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My husband likes simple names. I like unusual names. My position is that if I have to carry this child, I'm going to name it!
The middle name will be my maiden name, boy or girl, since my (female) cousin and I are the last of this particular line of the family, so whatever the name is has to fit with an Irish middle name and German last name.
For some reason, I keep coming back to "Fiona" for a girl. Now to sell my husband on it....
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Originally Posted by quirkylayne
busybusymomma - I'm considering Carolyn, and would probably call her Lyni or Lynni, not sure how we would spell it yet. I think Lyni is so great for a little one but Carolyn would be a great adult/professional name, should she want to use it.
Good thought- I agree! I'm not really set on a particular name just yet though... plenty of time I guess! :LOL
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Thinking about names, yes...with a sense of foreboding. :LOL

I'm super picky about names. I do not like anything with the letters O, U, H, F, G, W, X and usually dislike names with J, P, R in them. Plus, the name has to look good in cursive. It has to be easily spelled, and conventionally spelled. And any names that are left, DH doesn't like.
Last time, Blake Stanley was the only name that we both didn't hate for boys. Avery Celeste for a girl, but we've since decided that Avery is too popular.
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Oh fun, I want to join in.

If we are having a boy, we are going to name him:
Charles Leonard (called Charlie)
after my husband's father and grandfather

If we are having a girl we have 3 top choices:
Eleanor Briden (called Ellie)
Isabel Briden (called Izzy)
Naomi Briden (called Naomi :-)
Briden is my middle name, my mother's middle name, grandmothers, etc... it goes back quite a few generations.
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This one came to me in a dream during my last pregnancy, and we are considering it if a boy:

Gabriel Paul



If a girl:





No ideas on middle names yet for girls...
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What great names you guys have picked out! We have the hardest time picking names- my dh is so stupid when it comes to naming children! For Zachary- I compromised with him and let him pick the first name so that we didn't *have* to name him Justin Richard W., Jr. (not a big fan of Jr. names here) so I picked his middle name Caleb. With Alden, I read it on another board and liked it- it just felt right as soon as I read it and his middle name, Charles, is after my dad who is deceased.

Now with #3- who knows if this kid will EVER have a name. Dh was stuck on Isabelle for a week or so but I have finally talked him out of it, I think. So the girl name of the week is Sarah Evelyn nn Evie. Sarah is one of DH's maternal great-grandmothers and Evelyn is for his paternal great-grandmother who is still alive (at 98 years) and such a sweet perosn, I would love to be able to honor her. Not that it matters though because I have a feeling it's going to be a boy anyway.

For a boy, I have my heart set on Henry- no reason, I just like it. DH hates it with a passion but can't tell me why he doesn't like it- so it will remain at the top of the list until he can come up with a valid reason for not using it. :LOL
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Dh woke me up last night just as I was zonking out and said, "for a girl, how about Ashley Lynn?" He wants Lynn after his sister who died when I was pg with ds. Ashley Lynn is my cousin's name though so I think we'll keep looking for another first name. :LOL Dh and I like different sorts of names so it's hard.
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I love this thread, such creativity! I'm another of those with a weakness for LOTR names, but who can't actually bring themselves to use any in real life! :LOL Although Pippin and Merry would make such FUN boys' names, wouldn't they?

Anyway, I love the whole baby name concept, such fun! I can amuse myself for hours thinking up baby name combos; what great, free entertainment! DH and I always go round and round, starting about now, 'cause it'll take about that long to come to an agreement :LOL....

(Oh, not to mention the various other suggestions of "Harry Potter! Poo-poo Head! Briar Rose!" -- gee, 100 pts. if you can guess which dear child suggested which -- from the family peanut gallery. So helpful. So productive. Of course, Charlie did end up with Fiona in her name thanks in small part to the movie Shrek (and b/c of a distant cousin), so maybe we do pay more attention to their input than I'm letting on... )

If this one's a boy (and I'm hoping it is), my current favorite is Ian Edmund. Ian is negotiable, but Edmund is pretty firm -- we started a family tradition of using our fathers' names as boy middle names, and my dad and DH's dad got the first two, so now it's my stepfather's turn!

I also like Devon, Gavin, and Duncan (and they go well with our other boys' names, something I always give weight to.) Because I like them, typically, DH hates these names. He likes Alec, which isn't bad, but I prefer Alex, which he hates. He also likes Graham; eh, I'm lukewarm. Ah, but it's all good, it's all part of the negotiation process :LOL ...

I'm having a FAR harder time with girls' names this time around (probably b/c I'm so set on this baby being a boy; hmmm, I'd better watch out with that attitude! ) But...whine...we've already used up our favorite ones, lol -- Charlotte's full name is Charlotte Fiona Marie (loooong story on why the wee lassie was saddled with TWO middle names; alas, she's a victim of internal family politics), and that impressive configuration of letters pretty much used up all the girl names we had liked.

Hmmm, let's see.... I like Maeve, I like Moira. I like Juliette (but that would be overkill with Charlotte.) I like Keeley. Dh likes Niamh... Darn those Celts, mucking up perfectly good names with random and unnecessary letters!

Obviously, we have a ways to go yet!

To the poster looking for good German girl names, some of my favs when I lived there (that aren't hard on the ears -- and I know what a challenge this is, being a former German interpreter myself!) were Julia, Mia, Ava, Sabine, Klara, Corinne, Emilie, Karina, and Lotte. But yep, I'd probably steer away from Gudrun, Helga, Ulrike, and the like!

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wow... you mamas are waaay ahead of us!

count me in as one who has an uncooperative dh. in fact, this time around he wants to know the sex so we don't have to go through the trouble of finding one name. what a wet blanket, huh?

last time it was more or less all me and him rolling his eyes or just flat out saying no. we had our boy name set- Liam, and he refused to consider any others, even though I claimed that we needed an alternative in case he came out not looking like a Liam. no budging.

of course, we had a girl, and our names were either raelin or maisie (pronounced like macy) and chose Raelin. We both loved that name when we heard it but man, did i give up some names i loved to get there!!

regardless of whether we find out the sex this time (which we didn't last time) we are not telling names to anyone (tho maybe just here on the boards... ) because we got so irritated with how free people were with their opinions last time. i figure if you show them an adorable baby attached to a name they don't like, they'll suck it up because there's an actual baby attached to it.

anyway... no contributions yet from me...i'm kinda floating along in this pregnancy, waiting to see what comes. though, i might check out the baby wizard....

eda: one of my best friend's middle name is Arwen, for LotR... i love it... it flows great with her name: Madhavi Arwen. Of course, since she's 30 almost no one except die hard fans recognized it until the movies came out.
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dh has a second cousin named Galadriel (born in the mid 70s) :LOL

I think we're pretty firmed up on Carolyn Sky for a girl and Solomon David for a boy.

The David may be negotiable still though. I had 2 moderately serious boyfriends with that name. Oddly enough it's not dh who has the problem with it, it's me.
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Where in New Mexico are you? I grew up in Farmington and went to college at NMSU. I miss green chile!!
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