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BTW, thanks Erin for pming the mod!
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I think my EDD is May 5th. Another Cinco de Mayo baby... and another taurus (my B-day is the 4th)
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I'm guessing May 10th for my EDD. and it'll be at the hospital (insurance )
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the due date calendar thing on babycenter says may 10th! i'm planning a homebirth, my first one. i gave birth at a free standing birth center with ds and it will be wonderful to be home this time.
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May 17th is what I got on the americanpregnancy calculator. Seems so late, but I am only 10 dpo! We'll use our local birthing center and a midwife.
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Originally Posted by nydiagonz
I think my EDD is May 5th. Another Cinco de Mayo baby... and another taurus (my B-day is the 4th)
I'm a Taurus too (April 29th)....I know VERY little about astrology but enough that I'm a little about a Taurus mama-Taurus baby.
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checking in with my may 14th EDD here
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Hello everyone and many hugs to all you expecting mamas. I just found out we are expecting baby # 4 May 13th. I am still in shocked awe. DH is thrilled. (What a guy! ) I'd love to join you for preggo talks & support.
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Duh... where have I been?

Planning another homebirth, most likely another waterbirth... due May 10. We're not finding out the gender.
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Hey there. I'm due on May 12th going by one of those date due calendars. We're planning a homebirth VBAC.

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Hey, Merrick, thanks for doing this.
Gabry, due May 12th, hospital birth (no midwives to be found in the Delta, even less a birthing center )
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Hi! Due May 8 with our first!

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May 13 for me, wow.
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my name is katherine and my EDD is May 2nd (husbands birthday and my bday is may 5!) this is my first time! so excited and crazed with too much reading and research for my own good! using a midwife in a birthing center inside a hospital...chickened out on the home birth plans.
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I think I am due around May 14th. I am planning hospital birth.
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Joining you all!

due may 8 according to one online calendar... but i suspect it will be later as the conception date was later than it figured.

this will be our second and we'll have another homebirth... preferably in the water this time!!

so excited to finally be joining a due date club
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I'm due May 12, I think. I'm excited to be a part of this list!

Ellen, SAHM to Will (4/2/03)
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Hi - I am Cheryl and we are due around the 10th. I am glad it will be Taurus and not Gemini like me. Stubborn is better than confused! LOL
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Thank you Candance for keeping the thread updated!
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Hi! Im Tiffany and we are expecting a May 10, 2006 baby! Who will be a water birth but Im still debating with hubby about whether at home or at a birthing center. We shall see. lol

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