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How are you feeling today?

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I thought this would be a good thread to start where everybody can check in and chat about how things are going, what they are up to, etc.

I'm feeling ok. Slightly queasy, but no real m/s yet. Thankfully ds is really taking to my sleeping schedule so that is helping tons! ohh, and I have a new symptom. Forgot what it's called, but it's where you have excess saliva. YUCK! I've got to find some sour altoids!

I started school back today. Looks like my classes are going to be interesting, but a lot of work. I hope I can make it through without being too sick and tired! My MIL is really helping me a lot. She made D and I lunch today because I didn't feel like cooking anything. I don't really feel like cooking now, but I need to. We've been eating out too much lately. I'll definitely be enlisted help in the kitchen from now on though!

I'm so excited I get my financial aid money tomorrow. I can start working on my dipe stash!!

I'm going to try and break out my prenatal yoga video tonight. We'll see how that goes! D and I took a long nap (about 4 hours : ) so we'll probably be up a little later than usual.

Ugh, today is bathroom cleaning day. I hate cleaning the bathroom. Yuck.

So, what's going on with all of you guys today?
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I hate bathroom cleaning day too!!!
I am just tired and hot,no real queasyness today but I ate a banana as soon as I got up
I had a serious run in with the receptionist at my docs today which made me feel miserable but I called the office manager so hopefully she got an asswhoopin' :LOL it's another story for when I haven't got a babe pulling on my legs and a three year old sticking a banana in my ear telling me to talk to grandma
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I'm feeling pretty cruddy today and depressed. I am starting to remember that grumpiness and withdrawal was a symptom of mine for DS. It's hard to indulge these symptoms with a 2 year old.
I have a head ache, and occasional m/s. I am also really hot - like menapausal hotflashes. It makes sense, since it is all hormone based.
I am hoping the blues will go away soon.

It is not just blues though. I just want to be left alone, be quiet and plan. I noticed I snapped and withdrew a lot with ds today, which caused him to be more frantic and needed more face to face interaction than normal. blah
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[HTML]I am also really hot - like menapausal hotflashes.[/HTML]

oh mammo2sammo...I'm so sorry to hear that you had such a crap day! I'm so glad that you shared it though because I've felt like I was losing my mind (or really ill) for the past few days. I haven't tested yet but have had some symptoms that I recognized from my m/c, but never the heat! My god! I've felt like I was on fire! I didn't want to ask here because I'd never heard of it as a symptom, I thought I was crazy, I was enflamed!
Also wanted to tell you that I'm from your neck of the woods too. I grew up in Needham (my husband did too) and I always thought that I'd have my babies at the Birthing Center. We live in Amherst now so I'll be here anyway.

I hope tomorrow is better for you, you made my night!
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I'm feeling pretty good still, just sooo exhausted! And I am with ya on those hot flashes!! When I go to bed, I'm FREEZING, but during the night and the next morning, I am on FIRE!!!!! Sooo hot, and throughout the day too. I am noticing that smells are much more distinct, like I opened a can of pears today, and the smell of the tin made me salivate soo bad, even though I didn't like the smell!!! My boobs hurt a little bit, but no m/s yet.

Mammo2sammo- Hope your days get better girl! There's nothing worse than feeling like that. Hugs to you!!!
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Originally Posted by Mammo2Sammo
It is not just blues though. I just want to be left alone, be quiet and plan. I noticed I snapped and withdrew a lot with ds today, which caused him to be more frantic and needed more face to face interaction than normal. blah
This is how I felt yesterday. I usually get a bit of alone time during the day and yesterday I didn't get any! And I really needed it. I managed not to snap at ds, but I was pretty short with everyone else. Especially my MIL who tells long and pointless stories. I just didn't have the patience for it yesterday!
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got up at 5 AM and started doing some cleanning. Feeling QUEEEZZZYYYY and my sciatica is already giving me trouble. Although, I hate being sick, for me is good news. Last pregnancy I threw up once and after that I was not feeling pregnant-and it was bad news.
When I go to bed, I'm FREEZING, but during the night and the next morning, I am on FIRE!!!!!
Man, I am the same way.... :LOL :LOL :LOL Glad to know I am not the only one!
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Hey everyone,
I can relate to the hot flashes during the day, "need-a-blanket" cold nights. Just a little light-headed today. Woke up early this morning--5:00am, but at least I was in a better mood than yesterday morning. Occassionally, I wake up grumpy in out of character M & H moods ( mean and hateful), but luckily they haven't lasted long. My four year old son is not used to an overly quiet mommy.

Wishing everyone a great day!!
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I don't feel too badly, actually, but as I recall, I really didn't feel too badly at 5 weeks (which is what I think I am today) last time, either. I mean, I did feel terrible, but at that point it was mainly just that I was bleeding so I was freaked out, emotionally haywire (I am not listening to the news about Katrina right now because I start crying, but there's nothing in my OWN life making me feel emotionally terrible), and having bad cramps. No bleeding this time = no freaking out and no cramps = me feeling much better than I was maybe expecting. But I am extra tired, queasy if I don't eat often enough (gotta go eat lunch NOW), and extra-emotional without much sense of proportion.
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Grouchy,hungry and tired,enough said
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and love to all you Mamas! I think The Hormones have crept up on me. I wasnt really expecting how I've been feeling but I wasn't sure what to expect. I keep trying to convince DH that I am not really all that hormonal but it's kind of difficult to do in the middle of jags! :LOL At about 5 weeks I didn't think I'd be experiencing this this early. Oh those hot flashes, they slay me. No, seriously. I keep waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. And this peeing in the night, waking up every hour on the hour, what's that all about? I really didn't think that I could possibly pee more than I already do. I mean, even before PG I went quite frequently, that's just how I'm built. And I always got hot but man! My sinuses are acting up. I just noticed this today. Almost feels like allergies are afoot. And I think some of the smells are just a bit much for me. Oh, and I can't think about certain foods w/o being completely disgusted but no , : just a little nausea, especially when I don't eat, but once again I was always like that. Oh, and the name of the excess saliva condition is called ptyalism. My sissy was definitely not crazy about that! All in all things really aren't that bad, just a little annoying sometimes, I'm quite glad to be in this state, I know things are choo-chooing along. Ahhh, but what new symptom does tomorrow bring? Stay tuned for The Bold and the Preggies...
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I'm feeling kind of queasy today. Not too bad though. I really hope this is the worst it gets. I'm also really tired and gassy. :
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I've been tired, hot & grouchy.

I'm not surprised on the hot... last time I was a sweaty monkey the whole preg. And she was born in Nov. I couldn't wear any of the cute sweaters I bought. Speaking of my sweaters, I'm on the opposite 1/2 of the year with this preg and I was working. I better go through the tub and see what I have, as I recall it's mostly dressy work clothes.
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I am feeling less grouchy this afternoon although I woke up in a foul mood as I was so tired.No queasyness yet,just downed a yummy chocolate klondike bar :LOL MMmmm I wonder how long that will last??
still hot but no so hungry
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Hi Mama,

I have been having hot flashes, and that woozy hot feeling I get before getting really nauseated. I also have been having pretty intense cramping.

The worst thing is that I have had some bleeding. It is scant, and brown, but still, I am hoping for some intense nausea to come on to reassure me that all is going well in there.

I am RH neg so the bleeding has been a concern. The MW sent me over for some bloodwork and a BetaHCG which came back a "Normal" number. I will go tomorrow to see if it has increased. What a stress. I hope all is well. I did have brown bleeding before I tested positive with DD1 so I am hoping this is all it is. I am having intense cramping and each time it happens I freak out a little. I need to chill and just sit on this a while, I am hoping all will be well.

I just took a nap, I am so exhaused.

Hopefully I will hurl when I wake up tomorrow :LOL

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My thoughts are with you ND. Feel better!
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wait! strike that...get sick!
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Well the morning sickness has begun! I have been feeling queasy on and off all day. No puking yet though.
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I was completely exhausted last week. That is better now, but this week the m/s is kicking in. :Puke Lost last nights dinner and my morning tea... yuk.
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Sorry about the puking Nydia. I got some Sea Bands today. I'm not puking yet, but I've been pretty nauseated. I keep telling myself it could be and has been worse and to be thankful.

ND, I hope everything is ok with you and the babe.
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