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Ahhh acne. Just enough to be continuously irritating, not so much that I declare myself an ostrich.
Girlfriend, I so hear you on this one. Oy! I will be glad when this phase passes

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My boobs feel like someone is playing darts in there. I'm already pretty big-- D cup, but I refuse.... do you hear me refuse... to go up another cup size. So, my breasts better just stop all the hullabaloo.

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no nausea here yet...my boobs blew up even more over the past two nights (I wake up every morning in awe of my new endowment) and sore nipples started yesterday. I've been convinced a few times now that my belly is bulging until I start farting and deflate! Bellyaches!
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:LOL Nausea letting up my hiney. I've been tricked, bamboozled, swindled.
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Ugh... This has been a Princess Constant Nausea update. you may now continue your previous reading/posting.
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Barf, barf, barfing... I'll have to write a song about it. This sucks I feel like a bulimic. I actually prefer the barfing to the nasty terrible nausea.
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I threw up my Melaleuca vitamin Sat morning so I am only using the Rainbow Light now. I can take them anytime of the day, even right before bed on an empty stomach and they don't bother me, thankfully. The Rx made me sooo nauseous when I used them!

to all you mamas tossing your cookies No fun!
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My face is covered in zits! ACK!! I'm hoping it'll get better and then I can go out in public again. I feel like Quasi Modo walking into class with my dark roots showing in my hair, my face full of zits, and the Oh so lovely morning sickness green "glow". So embarassing. Second trimester can't come soon enough. Only 3 weeks to go.
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Fell Down the Stairs... Could my day get any better?

Today has been the worst day ever. My m/s let up when I resorted to the "oh-so-fashionable" sea-bands. I look very 1985 with my wrist bands on both wrists... especially in business attire. But, I've been having strange equilibrium problems. Today I fell up the stairs because I just completely missed a step. I chipped a tooth on the stair, dropped my lunch and bit my lip. I was in a crowded library with people everywhere. Nobody even LOOKED at me. I hate living in Atlanta. I grew up in a town where if you saw somebody bust their butt on the stairs you went over to help them gather their belongings and to ask it they are ok. Anyway, now I have to find a dentist and get the "why haven't you been to the dentist" lecture. I may as well get my teeth cleaned, but I can't have X-rays or medication, so I hope the repair to my tooth isn't too invasive. Enough of my whining.
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But, I've been having strange equilibrium problems.
I wonder if the seabands be causing your equilibrium problems???

Oh and how I feel today...

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fatigue set in for me sometime over the weekend. too tired to remember exactly when. i'm ravenous all the time and thisclose to eating us out of house and home.

my mom informed me that she never had m/s w/me or my bro, so i've got my : that i won't, either. i can't afford to waste that much food. :LOL
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Hi, ladies! Back after a weekend away (we told our parents ).

Is any one else COLD all the time? I've always been a fairly cold person (I wear sweaters when it's 70 degrees out), but these days it seems far worse than usual.

I'm also having some strange equilibrium issues, although not all the time--just for a few hours here and there--it feels like my head is a little wooly and I'm not moving through the world with quite the precision I normally do.

No m/s (yet!), so I guess I should count my blessings!

Hope everyone's doing well!
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Is any one else COLD all the time? I've always been a fairly cold person (I wear sweaters when it's 70 degrees out), but these days it seems far worse than usual.
yup...it's crazy. i am constantly freezing!!
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I was really wishing for a sweater at church sunday morning and at the bowling alley (a smoke-free bowling alley?! ) sunday night. Yesterday I just put on a sweater before we went outside. :LOL

I need to eat breakfast, but we're almost out of milk. We normally buy Organic, but not homogenized milk and I can't get it here in town. It's hard for me to use the other stuff when I'm used to the more natural kind.
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Wanted to join you ladies - I'm still feeling pretty good, but am wondering how long it will last. . . My youngest is still nursing and I had m/s in my last two pregnancies. So we will see.

I have been strangely hot and cold. My face is really flushed and warm if I wear a sweater, but I'm cold without one.
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I'm starting to get kinda sick-feeling, but the real problem has been stomach cramps and digestive issues. Looks like I've become lactose-intolerant! Surprise!
Yesterday, I very nearly leaped upon a project manager and bit him during a staff meeting. I was so angry that I ended up going home. Looks like one of the symptoms of pregnancy hormones for me is...barely-controllable RAGE. Hee. Look out, world!
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Hi Danesmama- I'm Michelle due with #3 too! :LOL Also nursing my youngest.

bkwyrm- aw, sorry about the rage. Yikes! heehee. I was kinda like that my first pg. It's weird and scary! :LOL
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Just wanted to join the thread and say

Not too many symtoms yet. Just really sore boobs and acne :LOL Just waiting for the "all day" sickness to start. With dd I felt like I had a hangover from weeks 6 to 16. I am 5 weeks now so just waiting.....
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Well, let's see, I'm bitchy, nauseated, bitchy, nauseated, and bitchy. I think that about takes care of it. :LOL THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled to have a new babe growing in there, but this bites. :LOL I have 7 children, 4 and under, that I'm supposed to be happy and jolly with, make delicious, nutritious meals for, and happily explain to them for the 1000th time that lunch is almost ready. I'm burnt out man! Plus, we're building a house that will be done in November, which I'm ECSTATIC about, but we haven't sold this house yet, and I'm just totally STRESSED!!!!! :LOL Sheesh, feels better to type that out...
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Hi everyone, thought I'd join in on the

nausea gassy acne sore boob hot/cold flash woozy sleepfest !
(is it just me, or do we really need more pg symptom smilies around here?)

I'm 5 weeks and my body just decided today to make sure I know what's going on by bringing on the queasy stomach in full force. You know, I've never thrown up with any my pg's, but I really, REALLY wish I could sometimes! :

Hmmm, hangover IS a good description of early pg! I definitely feel like I'm being poisoned!

Most of you lucky mamas are almost out of first trimester hell, aren't you? Hooray! Anyone else due towards the end of the month that's still with me in the early throes of pg yuck?

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