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Dominic's birth story! *ADDED Picture link*

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Labor started on Monday Aug. 29th. The contractions were far apart, not really a pattern and would kind of stop and start. I was 9 days over my date, so I figured it was probably going to turn into the real thing soon. Tuesday the 30th, Dh stayed and worked from home to be with me and help with Gioia. I called my mom to tell her to go to her meetings and get them done, so she would be available. I had an appointment to go in at 4pm for my checkup and I was going to tell her I wasn't going home. :LOL

10am or so I was seeing lots of bloody show. So I knew the contractions were doing their thing. They were still 10 mins or so apart and not very strong, maybe lasting 30 seconds. Called my mom and sister to tell them to come down after they got out of work and class at noon. They arrived about 2:30pm. Contractions were about 5 mins apart. I could talk through them and I still didn't think they were lasting long enough. My mom was kind of freaked so she told us to go on to the hospital. So my sister, massimo and I headed off. I called my midwife and she said to come to the office to get checked.

3pm - Get to the midwives office. I am 5cm and 70% effaced. But since I was doing so well, laughing and talking, she suggested we go to the mall and walk around. Get to the mall and they are about 3-4 minutes apart and I have to stop walking when I get one. Otherwise we are still talking and drinking orange julius and ice cream. After about an hour we decided to head back as they are closer and longer.

4:30 - Call and check in with Julie (midwife), she says we can walk more or go check in at the hospital. She called the hospital and told them I would be checking in within the next hour or two.

5:30 - Check in at the hospital. I am doing good still. Julie will be there at 6:30, so they were gonna just let her check me. They let me wear my own t-shirt for laboring in.

6:30 - Julie arrives checks me. I am 6-7 cm and 95% effaced, she suggests we break the water. We break the water and it was nice and clear. Babies heart looks good, contractions were still 3 mins apart, but some lasting 1-2 minutes. Although they only were uncomfortable for about 30-40 seconds of that. I was still getting a nice break in between contractions. I got on the birthing ball and that felt good. Not sure what time but must have been about 8 or so, the contractions got really strong and intense. I had to rock on the ball and really breathe and concentrate. The nurse came in and was holding the heart monitor on my belly. Baby had a couple dips, so they got me back in the bed and on the monitor. I guess he didn't like it that I was leaning forward on him. SO then he was doing ok.

As soon as I got in the bed, all HELL broke loose. It was about 8:15 or so, I had 3 really bad contractions and then I HAD to push. Massimo and Melanie (sister) had one leg and the nurse Connie had the other. I pushed and yelled/screamed for 10 minutes and he was OUT! Praise the lord! If you heard someone yelling from 8:18-8:28.....yeah that was me! :LOL

I had a small 1st degree tear, mostly superfical, but got a few stitches. She said my tailbone made a pop, but it really feels fine. All I have needed for pain meds is Tylenol a couple times. I got to see my placenta, which was pretty cool.

He was 8 lb. 3 oz. and 18 1/2 inches long. Has kind of a conehead, but fat cheeks and short legs (like his dad!).

This birth and this hospital rocks! I was able to do my own thing, they didn't care that I wasn't doing vaxs or not doing circumcision. No one offered me pain meds. They actually READ my birth plan and said it looked good. They have only checked my tummy about 2-3 times. They haven't tried to take the baby from the room, and they could care less that I sleep in the bed with him. It is great!

I also feel so much better physically than I did with my first birth, with epidural. With my first I said to have pain meds sent home with me, an episotomy, bruised tailbone, barfed and generally felt like I was hit by a truck. This time I have had 2 doses of tylenol, one of aleve and walked to my clean room. Didn't even need the cold pack or the creams for my cha-cha. My back hurts from the crappy bed, more than my vagina! Dominic came into the world to the sound of him mom screaming and yelling, but that is ok. He is a mellow little guy. Just taking his sweet time to nurse. Laying around looking at everything. Kind of like the time he took to get here (41 wks 3 days).

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CONGRATS MAMA!!! I'm happy you had such a nice labor!!! Enjoy your sweet new baby boy!!
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What a nice labor/birthing! Congratulations!

Welcome to the world Dominic!
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Yahoo. What a great story- and being vocal during pushing is good. I made some interesting noises myself!!
- Kerri
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How wonderful! Congratulations again!
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That's great about your hospital being so easy to work with!

I agree about the vocals... my neighbors heard me... I just know that I pushed better when I made those noises, and my little guy knows just how hard I was working for him!

Congratulations, Jamie!
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glad you had a great birth!
welcome dominic!
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Oh, look at him!!! He is so cute!!!!
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Congrats, What a great story~

Welcome Dominic!
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What a beauty he is! many congratulations on your new wee one.
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He's beautiful! Congrats again!
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Cute babe! Congratulations! Glad it all went well.
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