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Jumping in!

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Hi Everyone and Congratulations to you all!! I read all the posts and couldn't decide where to introduce myself. So here it goes!

I just got a real BFP this morning. : I'm sooo excited to be joining the May club! This is my 2nd preg. and we planned it so Peyton would be 2 1/2 when her new sib comes.

I already feel funky and my pants have been bugging my tummy. Whose already pulling out the maternity clothes? I'd love the extra comfort, but it's insanely early

I can't wait to get to know all of you better! Cheers!
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BIG congrats mama!!!

My dd will be just under two (22 1/2 mos) when this baby is born, which is the same spacing as my sister and I...we really excited about becoming a family of FOUR!!!

Looking foward to getting to know you in the coming months!!!

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Congratulations..... MY son was 2 4 monthswhen his little sister came... GRAEAT age!!
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Congrats mama,
MY dd was 2years 1 months when griff appeared on the scene :LOL she loved him then realised he wasn't going anywhere,ignored him for a few days and now is so protective of him it makes me want to cry(darn hormones :LOL )
Griff and the new babe will be 20 months apart so this wil be new for me
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i just got my BFP this morning too! yeah! haven't even told dh yet...he'll be home late tonight (work late tonight to get monday off). dd will be about 32 months when this one arrives.

i still almost feel like it can't be true! this was our first try, and not even really trying. But still very excited!
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Congrats!! I think that'll be great spacing...
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Thanks so much everyone !

And a big C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S to StrawberryPrincess!!!

babies, babies, babies... so exciting!
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Congratulations Julie!! We got pg our first try too, and not really trying! I decided to start charting a month before officially TTC so I could get the hang of it. Then one day I thought I might be fertile so DH and I decided to give it a go just once and see what would happen. And here we are!
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Congrats Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rachel was 2 years and one month when Emma was born, and she didn't much care if she was around, or not! She adjusted quite well. This time around, Rachel will be 5, and Emma will be 3, so perfect ages!!
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Yay! How fabulous for you Mama! Welcome and have fun! :
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