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Is this a wicking problem?

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We use only FBs and Wonderoos. Lately, I'll find little puddles on the floor where dd leaked through her diaper. Once she peed while I was changing her and the pee just ran right off the fleece on the inside. It didn't absorb it at all. I'm wondering why this is happening and what I can do about it.

TIA for any and all help!
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Hmmm, got any gaping at the legs? Stuffing w/too much or not enough? Changed detergents or used fabric softener lately?

You could have a fit problem, a stuffing problem, or repelling fleece.
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sounds to me like the lining of the diapers have some kind of coating on them that is causing them to repel moisture. what brand of detergent are you using? some brands are specifically bad about this, usually the ones labeled "free and clear", and anything containing soap. are you using fabric softener? that will coat them too.

try washing them several times with just plain water, until the water runs clear with on suds.
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Sounds like the fleece may be repelling. Do a search on repelling fleece and you will find some posts about that.
I think to fix it try a really hot wash with a good detegent.

What kind of soap do you use?
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I agree with the others. It seems like the fleece is repelling. Have you used fabric softener or a detergent with one in it? You may need to strip them.
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Thanks ladies! I use Baking powder, water softener, and Arm and Hammer detergent. I've used this for a whole year now and no problems. I wonder if it was from the diaper rash cream I was using for a whilel! I'll have to try and look up repelling. Thanks!
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diaper rash creams can definitely be the problem! try treating your diapers to get the cream residue out, that should make a big difference.
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they need to be stripped of residues.
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Are they snug enough ? The fleece won't allow moisture to wick through to the absorbant layers if there is no compression.
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