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I have not had any overwhelming cravings with this pregnacy. With my first, I had all kinds of cravings..in my last trimester I needed to make a daily run the the grocery store for the gourmet olive bar. I drove to the shore off season just to find candied apples, I woke at 3 am to go to the diner for mozzerella sticks and vanilla milkshakes! Hmm.. maybe this baby won't be as much of a voracious eater as my first..

So how about it? anyone with wierd cravings..anyone with no cravings?
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Lets see, lately I haven't been able to get enough of toast with loads of butter. Yummy yummy.

Oddly, I have started craving coffee. But I just do the decaf if I do give into the craving. I've never really been an everyday coffee drinker. Two weeks ago I went ahead and had real coffee...two cups...and it actually made me tired. But decaf doesn't go figure. Usually I've been going to Starbucks....oh, the Chai Tea latte is awesome too.
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Wow, someone else who craves coffee taste during pregnancy! During my third pregnancy I started craving the taste of coffee, and no one in the family drinks any coffee (even de-caf). So I would get a de-caf cappuccino once in a while, bliss, and this time it's the same thing. Yummm.

The rest of the pregnancy I've craved PLUMS PLUMS PLUMS, like four or more a day, and then I was eating as many cherries as DH would buy when they were in season. I basically eat a plum before and after every meal...the baby is gonna be born purple/red!!

Otherwise, total aversion to most food (especially meat) has been the rule this entire pregnancy. I get by easily on one good size meal a day. I just hate having protein and veggies and everything else, but I still eat well because I know I "have to." Now I have developed a big old miserable hernia again, across the top of my abdomen, and if I eat more than a tablespoon of food at one time, the hernia sticks out all over and burns and feels SO AWFUL. Sometimes I worry it'll burst, but I doubt it will. So needless to say, eating is NOT my favorite activity. Normally I thrive on organic, gourmet cooking every day....but not now!
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Eek! A hernia sounds awful.

I have also been craving coffee..I usually drink alot, but hardly drink any now that I'm preggie(The baby is quite active enough..) I make due by smelling the coffee brewing that my husband makes.

And I had been craving red meat..though that was probably due to the iron deficiency...Usually I hate the stuff.
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I went through a period where I craved organic milk...it's passed but it was really wierd...I do not drink cows milk normally.
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That is so weird because I want coffee too. And I am not even a coffee drinker.

With DS, I really had no cravings at all. And then at week 40, I craved pancakes morning, noon, and night. I think my body was trying to store up some energy or something for the delivery LOL.
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Pancakes, good idea!! At our house they are vegan and made with oat flour---and god bless maple syrup! I think now that you mentioned pancakes, I'll make some tomorrow morning. My kids thank you!!
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I'm not craving anything in particular.
Although, sometimes when I'm in a snacky mood, I only want fruit. :P But that's really about it!
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