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Organizing the Pantry

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Anyone have any tips on organizing your staples/the pantry and freezer?

I keep all my grains, flours, spices in the freezer thanks to a moth attack a few months ago. Because they are all stuffed in there, I lose track of what I have and what I need. Not only with that, but with the canned goods in my pantry as well! There have been a few times in the last couple of months that I've bought an item only to discover I still had a big bag of it in the back of the freezer. Oops.

I've been thinking about making up a list (or a spreadsheet?) of the items I have and marking them off as I use them. It seems like alot of work to start, but it could help. Does anyone else do anything like this? Or do you have any other tips for organizing and keeping the pantry well stocked?
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One thing that helped me was "eating from the pantry". I joined a thread on here where you try to eat with only stuff in your pantry/freezer/etc. for 30 days. You only buy dairy, meat, and produce. It helped me "thin the stash" so I would know what was in there. I no longer keep more than one can of anything in my pantry, so it isn't so full anymore. This way, I'm able to keep track of what I have and use it while it's fresh.
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Post the lists

Post your freezer list on the freezer, fridge list on the fridge, etc.

I did do a Master List, but I don't use it. . . .I'm working on this, too.
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I've tried the lists many times and it just does not work for us, I too find it easier to live out of the pantry- like the challenge, come visit us! It cuts the clutter down and saves some money.
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I actually took the time and did it the other day, and then posted it on my LJ! http://www.livejournal.com/users/attilathehoney

I do want to cut down on my pantry items, but I was having trouble using them because I was so overwhelmed. The list helps alot, esp. when looking for recipes. I think this is going to help me use up we have alot easier. (I had tried the pantry challenge and failed miserably, now I am armed with my inventory and ready to give it another try.)
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