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The scariest thing ever happened today (happy ending though)

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5 hours after it happened and I am still tearing up when I think about it.

My darling, beautiful son who will be 2 a week from today was having a snack and we were getting ready to head out to pick my DP up from work. He wasn't eating anything unusual, just some little gummy fruit snacks he's eaten a million times before without incident.

I will never, EVER let him eat them again. He put one in his mouth and I started to put my shoes on and then I heard him make a weird gagging noise. When I looked up at him he was gagging and sticking his finger in his mouth. He coughed, gagged and then when he tried to breathe back in it was the most awful sound I'd ever heard. I can't even describe it, but I knew he wasn't getting enough air. I turned him upside down along my arm and gave him some back blows like they show you on all those CPR videos and everything. I tried to sweep the back of his throat with my finger but it must have been sucked down into his windpipe because I didn't feel anything in his mouth at all. At any rate, even after trying to heimlich him the coughing and gagging didn't change and I started to panic so I picked up the phone and tried to dial 911. I ended up dialing 944 three times before I could get my fingers to cooperate. As soon as they picked up the phone I started crying "Help me, my son is choking." I had to struggle to remember my address and phone number, and in the meantime the dispatcher could hear the awful noise he was making. She assured me he was moving air but I told her that his lips were blue. She advised me not to do anything else and that the paramedics were 45 seconds away. There was so much drool coming out of him and he was gagging so hard and trying so hard to cough and there was absolutely nothing I could do to help him. This is the stuff my nightmares are made of.
Finally, he coughed really hard and this red fruit snack comes flying out of his mouth and he takes a big breath and starts crying and I'm so relieved I start crying hysterically. The paramedics show up not 10 seconds later so I hang up with the dispatcher and they check him out and listen to his lungs and everything. He's okay and they tell me he doesn't need to go to the hospital or anything.

All in all it was about 3 minutes but it was the scariest effing thing I've ever been through. Ever. I have never had to call 911 for my children and I have never been in so much fear for one of their lives ever. I must have hugged him and kissed him a million times since it happened because his beautiful little life was flashing before my eyes and I couldn't help him breathe. It was the scariest thing that's ever happened to me and it made me realize that my bullshit little tizzy fit over one thread where a couple of people I don't know were rude is not worth being able to come here and tell all of you about this happening to us today. I am still so shaken, and this happened almost 6 hours ago now. Anyway, thanks for listening everyone. I hope you and your little ones are safe tonight.
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Oh wow, mama, I'm glad your little guy is OK!
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i've been through something very similar w/ dd before and i know how you felt. i'm so happy everything turned out okay!
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That's terrifying! I'm so glad that he's OK.
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I'm so sorry that happened - so scary!! same thing happened to my 3.5 yr old when i was 8 months pregnant with twins. afterwards, i cried so much i started having contractions!! glad your boy is okay.

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How scary!! I'm glad he's ok.
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That makes me think I really need to do a CPR class! How scared you must have been. I was scared reading your post!

I'm going to find an infant/child first aid/cpr class TOMORROW to sign up for!

Thanks for sharing and reminding us mommas about things like this!

Glad your son is ok. WOW!
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Thanks, mamas. Whew! That was really scary and now the poor thing has broken blood vessels around his eyes and mouth. My mom (who is an RN) tells me it's because for all intents and purposes he was suffocating.
I, too, BodoGirl, am signing up for CPR classes right away. I never want to panic when I'm needed like this ever again. Thank god all it took was an incident with a happy ending and not something horrific. I hope all of you and your little ones stay safe tonight.
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im so glad to hear that he is okay.. how terrifiying. elwynn hasn't choked before but my brother used to all the time when i was a kid (he has downs syndrome and didnt chew his food properly and has a really small throat ect ect..) and i remember everytime i'd stand by the phone waiting for my mom to tell me to call 911 while my heart was beating so hard and i was so scared..i dont think that we ever did have to have paramedics come, but still its the most terrible feeling..
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Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital
I never want to panic when I'm needed like this ever again.
Actually, it doesn't sound from your original post like you panicked--it sounds like you did exactly the right thing!! You were able to take action and try to resolve the circumstance in basically the correct way they tell you in CPR classes and keep trying while awaiting paramedics, and that's all anybody could have done. Anybody would have FELT the same way (scared and panicky) because that's such a scary situation! So kudos for you for keeping your cool and doing the right things even though you were freaking out inside! Hugs to you and I'm glad you and your little guy are okay!
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I'm glad you both are ok; hugs to you, mama, and your little one.
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That is scary! DS has choked a few times, not ever as bad as that sounded. The hardest thing is to stay calm, because like the 911 person said, if any air is getting through, their body should take care of it. But there is nothing worse than seeing your dear child struggle like that and feeling so helpless.
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It hasn't been very long since we went through the same thing with Kenna. Daddy gave her a piece of candy she shouldn't have had, she put it in her mouth, headed back to where I was and was choking before she got here. The panic you feel is unreal and I've urged every person I know to think about what you would do in an emergency situation...we couldn't figure out whether to jump in the car, call 911, or what, and I was doing the right things (sweeping her mouth and back blows) but sobbing hysterically the entire time.

Oh, btw, the ped's office reassured me that the broken blood vessels around Kenna's eyes were due to the coughing and gagging and not oxygen deprivation...my dh had a coughing fit that made him pass out not too long ago and ended up with similar "bruising" around his eyes.

I'm so glad your little one is okay. Kenna fell asleep for almost 3 hours after choking and I held her the entire time. I still tear up when I think about how very tenacious life can be and how something so stupid as a piece of candy can come that close to taking your child from you. Be gentle with yourself.

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Wow, that must have been scary.. I'm glad he's alright!
Off topic, Ashe (DreamsInDigital, I hope I got your name right).. Glad to see you back!
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Oh sweetie, I got tears in my eyes just reading your post!! I can't imagine how scary that must have been for you and for your babe! Thank God everything is OK now.

I am really glad you decided to come back!
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Reading your post gave me butterflies - because I've had to call 911 before for my toddler when he had a fever seizure and I remember how terrifying it was. I'm so glad your son is okay. And on the note of broken blood vessels - my daughter used to get those on her face whenever she threw a major tantrum! xo
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Oh mama, that's so scary! I'm so glad you're both okay.
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I'm glad he's OK (and glad you're back.) Did he mind that he didn't get to take a ride in the ambulance?
I know it's really scary, but better safe than sorry. You got help and let his body get it out himself.
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We went to a MDC potluck picnic today in our area and he had a great time. He didn't even seem to remember it at all. The broken blood vessels around his eyes and mouth look really nasty but he doesn't seem bothered by them. My mom got some info for a CPR class for me and my DP so I'll definitely feel better once we do that.
Today I'm just so, so thankful that he's okay and so thankful that we live 2 minutes from the fire station where they have paramedics staffed as well as firefighters.
Hugs and belly rubs to everyone!
Oh! And Helen, I got your package yesterday! THANK YOU!!!
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Im am so sorry that happen to you guys & so happy that everything turned out ok! We really need to sign up for those CPR classes now!!

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