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Where's Ryleeee?

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Hoping she's okay! Does anyone know?
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I don't really know...
But, last time she said she didn't have internet connection in her new apartment... (and it was MONTHS ago!)
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I would have thought she had access by now....

I hope she's ok!
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Yeah, I was going to post something like that this morning, I've been wondering too. Hope everything's alright.
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hi friends =)

sorry for making you worry so much, we are alive and well and counting the days...yikes, only 30 left!

we still don't have internet and right now it's just not a priority for us...there are other things we need to spend money on...like our baby. i'm stressing out that we don't have a co-sleeper yet...i'm going to check superstore but i don't know if they have any. do you guys know of any good in-bed sleepers? maybe i'll cruise around this site more.

oh my gosh have you seen babylegs.net yet?
i just ordered my boy some olive/khaki legwarmers. they are ADORABLE.
check them out. you can buy from the EC store.

anyways. i am ALIVE!
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Hi Ryleeee, good to see you around again!
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