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Birth Balls....

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Thought I'd share what I found on the web.... I'm still not sure my big ole self should sit on it alone. I'm so afraid it will pop and a) scare the crap : out of the babies : and b) break my tailbone....

But, I'm gonna brave it if you all think it'll help keep my tailbone from hurting so bad. I thought last night I'd never get comfy because my back hurt so bad

So here you go:




There's plenty more too...

: I could keep writing and writing and writing....
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i assure you it wont pop.. :LOL ive been using one for a long time.,. even before i got pregnant with #1 because it feels so good to stretch out on... thanks for the links and info and good luck.. it does take some time to get used to balancing on one, but its well worth it. your tail bone and whole body will thank you
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Most will hold between 400-600 lbs, so I think you are safe! :LOL And make sure you get "burst resistant" so that if it does get a hole in it, you wont be thrown to the floor in an instant, it will slowly deflate.

Mine is a lifesaver if I plan to spend more than 5-10 mins on the computer, otherwise my lower back and pelvic bone hurt so bad. You wont regret the purchase. My DS loves playing on it, you will most likely love it during labor....great investment.
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For anyone that is looking for one of these I have found yoga balls at Target. I saw them online at Walmart also, but I didn't look there. The ones I saw at Target where from $12 up to $50. The also came in a variety of colors. My dd thinks that she needs to have her own ball to sit on now. I actually did see some child size ones at Target so we might pick one up for her.
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Just wanna say that I used this in the last weeks of my PG, sitting on it and doing a pelvic roll - it SO helped with the joint wobbliness and back pain and I know that it strengthens muscles if you use it instead of a chair. I brought it to labour with but never used it.
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i did use mine in labour.. and it was great!
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I use one instead of a computer chair, so I spend a couple hours a day on it. It helps with backache, helps keep stomach and back muscles toned, and can help prevent a posterior positioned baby, too! I also used one in labor for a little while, but the one at the hospital was smaller than my one at home and I couldn't get used to it (they were smart, though,and put a big chux pad on it to keep it from getting slippery as I was still having a lot of bloody show - just something to think about for those of you doing homebirth).

Don't hesitate to buy one - its so worth it! I got an exercise ball at Walmart for about $13 - just be sure to follow the directions about how full to pump it up - its sooooo much more inflated than you would think! We thought it was totally inflated, measured it with the measuring tape and weren't even 2/3 of the way there!
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