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Cardinal Resigns--What do you think?

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For those of us in the Boston area, the news of the Cardinal's resignation is dominating the media. What do you all think about this and the future of the American Roman Catholic Church?
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I'm from Mass too. The resignation was just announced at 6AM. It has continuous coverage here.

Personally, I have been following this issue closely since it really got going almost a year ago. I feel deeply saddened, heartbroken and nauseated by the whole thing.

Law(less, or as one protestor's sign said, Bernie the pimp) tried to resign in April, to give him that much credit, but the feeble and kinda clueless Pope wouldn't accept it. Thank G-d (or someone) he did this time!

Last night one the news, I heard one little old lady parishioner say she thought he should resign and get out of the public eye, before "someone took a shot at him."

This is a good step, but the damage and creepiness, sickness and horror is so widespread, it is like an accepted shadow side of the church that must have been going on for centuries!

The suffering of those children, now mostly grown men (altho it is still even now probably going on) just doesn't bear thinking about for too long. And the guilt the parents of these victims must feel, who trusted those priests and their bosses.
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I'm a Catholic... but not in the Northeast. It's not big media coverage here, yet, but I saw the announcement on Yahoo.com. I am profoundly saddened by all of this and angry, too. I'm glad that Cardinal Law resigned and I simply can't fathom why he did what he did. I just can't understand why an otherwise good and faithful man could do something so very, very wrong.

There's a lot to this situation that I don't understand. I know why the archdiocese would try to silence and cover up the accusations... a few high placed individuals who thought that reputations were more important than justice... but I can't understand why the parents accepted hush money.

~steps onto her soap box~

If that was my child who had been assaulted there is not enough money in the world to shut me up. 'Cause here's the thing... those priests commited a freaking CRIME!. They should be sent to PRISON! This is not just about me and my child... it's about protecting other children from becoming victims and it's about justice. To be honest, I probably would have killed who ever assaulted my child. At the very least I'd be at the police station filing charges and then outside this criminal's parish with a big sign saying, "WARNING: CHILD MOLESTER INSIDE!"

~steps off~

Although, let's make one thing clear... priests are no more likely to molest children than anyone else. The Baptist church has this problem... the Unitarian Universalist church has this problem... Big Brothers and Big Sisters has this problems... families across the world have this problem. And all of them try to hide it.

I am so disgusted by the crimes of these priests, the cover-up by those in authority and the silence of the parents. My heart just breaks for those who have been assaulted. They've had their bodies harmed, their spirits crushed and their faith destroyed. May God have mercy on those responsible... because they're going to need it.
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The local archbishop worked under Law for a time before coming to WI to head the Green Bay diocese. He, too has been a part of the stuff that's been coming out over the past year. I have to wonder whether he plans to stay on.

I have to say, seeing the once-children, the victims of molestation, standing with their signs...it is heartbreaking. It is disturbing. Can there not be a strong, bottom-up revolution of support for these people?

Not Catholic, BTW, but raised in an active Catholic household.
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There is talk of bringing criminal charges against the cardinal as an accessory after the fact. It is all sad and disgusting.
It is one of the main reasons I left the church back in the early 90's..yes it has been in the news here in MA at least that long.

Very sad..
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I am not a catholic, but i am very saddened by everything that has been going on... I think what tears at my soul most about this is that these priest are supposed to be messengers of God... They represent for millions of people the love and peace and guidance of God, and the betrayal that occurs isn't simply of mind or body or spirit, but of faith and God...

There are thousands of loving caring priests who are truly trying to do God's work as they have been called, and child abuse and molestations is no more prevalent in the catholic church than anywhere else... The problem has come in the desire or the hierarchy to cover the problem instead of fixing it...Covering a deep wound with a cotton ball with always seep through, and people will find out about it... That is what i think is happening with the catholic church... They have been trying to cover a wound instead of debreading it and helping it heal....

I am glad that Laws recognation has been accepted... I do believe the Pope is the holiest man in any Christian faith.. And there is no way anyone else can understand his motives... Perhaps he tries to believe the best in everyone, and is blinded by his own faith in people..

Sorry this is fairly rambling... I guess it doesn't really address the original issue...

I think tha tprobably a whole lot of the catholic hierarchy should resign as many of them were probably witness to the payoffs and cover up which makes me feel as if the were enabling the behaviour.... I also feel however that the catholic religion is a good one that shouldn't be shunned for the few bad men that have infiltrated it...

Warm Squishy Feelings...

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Dyan, thank you for your reply. I truly appreciate you recognizing that a series of heinous crimes have occured, not the least of which are the cover-ups, yet it doesn't mean that the institution itself is evil.

I'm equally saddened by all of the abuse that occurs in private homes, by the very family members that a child should be able to trust. Yet I haven't given up on the idea of the family.

(of course, this is me speaking as a non-victim... I can well understand how a victim of abuse would give up on the church, group or family who betrayed him)
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To be clear...I did not say the chuech was evil. I said this cover up was one of the reasons I left. My faith in God has not changed..my faith in the Catholic Church has. These are my personal feelings not an indictment of Catholics.
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Oh, Peggy, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make it sound like I was replying to your post... but I can see where it seems that way. I just meant in a general sense there are those who would paint the entire church with the same brush that I reserve for those individuals who actually commited the crimes.

I respect your feelings and can understand them very much. For me, though, my faith in the church remains strong even while I abhor the actions of some of it's members.
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It's about time!!! I hope he is brought up on criminal charges
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My heart goes out to everyone affected, directly and indirectly.

I think the timing of it is fascinating, as part of humankind's inventory-taking since 9/11.

I can just imagine how painful it is for some people, but I remain hopeful for the positive change that will come about.

It is just so hopeful to me that certain things will NO LONGER be tolerated.
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No worries merebear, I wasn't sure if I had made myself clear..
Most of my family remains Catholic and I understand their feelings on why they do..as they understand mine.
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the betrayal that occurs isn't simply of mind or body or spirit, but of faith and God...
This very eloquently expresses my view. Statistically, stepfathers and mom's boyfriends are far more likely to buse than the famly priest. But your uncle doesn't represent faith and God, yk? So I think it's so much worse. Being from an Italian family, most of my family is Catholic...and one is a priest! I am not a Catholic, and never will be...and I think there has to be criminal consequences for priests that commit crimes. It's unfortunate that they were engaging in a more methodical coverup...when our society as a whole tended to do the same thing in a informal way. Many other children have been ignored and brushed off over the years...even by their own families! At the same time, I don't think a mere accusation should remove a priest...not every accusation is true, unfortunately. If it's substantiated, they should go to jail. If it's proven untrue, then they continue. If it's unknown, they should be assigned duties that limits their contact with children.

I don't think the Pope realized, at the time, the mood among the laity. He is, of course, worried about the Church's comittment to people who have dedicted their lives to its service as priests. I am guessing the Vatican now understands the strength of the anger among the laity, and Law was a symbol of that anger - although I feel he was probably very far from unique. He had a deeper responsibility for those souls however. Continuing as a church leader is inappropriate. As far as the Amercian Church? Some people with leave, but I think it will, and has, spurred some reform. That's always happened, and is necessary.
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Thank God he's gone.

This whole scandle has made us question bringing our daughter up as a catholic. Not to mention the fact that dh as a young alter boy in Ireland was almost abused by a preist. He kicked him in the right place and ran. His mother didn't believe him, yet his father did and beat the priest. Fair enough to me.

Keep the victims in your thoughts. Hope they find peace.
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I am glad!!!

He is a criminal!

The Church is undergoing moderate change....many crisis are blessings in disguise. I have faith that this is meant to be.

I pray for the victims...they are true heroes.

I also pray for Law...and the molesters...the sick creatures that they are need the love of God when approaching The Day.

My humble .02

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I am incredibly glad he has resigned and I do hope that he and all priests who commit such heinous acts are treated as criminals.

I am Catholic and this whole thing has saddened me. It is incredibly disheartening to see any person molested by any other person. I feel for all victims of sexual abuse.

But what saddens me as well is the wealth of mis-information that has surrounded the whole thing.

The media frenzy surrounding this might lead one to believe that this is a solely Catholic problem. That the Catholic priesthood is full of child molesters.

In truth, (and in truth as stated by NON-CATHOLICS as well)...

A Catholic priest is NO MORE likely than a leader of any denomination to commit such an act, and in many cases...is LESS likely to do so.

Any member of the clergy of ANY denomination is FAR LESS likely to commit such a crime than the general population.

I've grown up Catholic with priests in my family...wonderful men, the best there are. The VAST majority of priests are wonderful, caring, dedicated men who would not be a part of anything like what has happened in Boston. And they are all also hurt by this.

I will always remain a Catholic, although a liberal one for life. And I am fully confident that the Catholic laity and heirarchy will work together to deal with this in the best way possible.
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Originally posted by SomedayMom

In truth, (and in truth as stated by NON-CATHOLICS as well)...

A Catholic priest is NO MORE likely than a leader of any denomination to commit such an act, and in many cases...is LESS likely to do so.

Any member of the clergy of ANY denomination is FAR LESS likely to commit such a crime than the general population.
Do you have a source for this data ? I'd be interested.

I am glad he resigned and I hope criminal charges are filed against Law and all of those who allowed those crimes to be committed. There is no measure for the pain and suffering he put on those children and their families.

The worst part is there were people who knew and they just turned a blind eye. In some ways it is almost worse than commiting the acts themselves.
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That poor poor man, I'm just so so happy he's finally going to be able to put this behind him for a little while, retreat, meditate, take a vacation.

Hopefully he will very well rested so that when he gets his room assignment for his next vacation spot, he will be able to form a good relationship with his new roomie, Snake, the violent sex crazed criminal.

Why is this man walking around? Why is ANY PERSON who abuses children or condones the abuse of children walking around? Maybe the Bible has that whole eye for an eye thing right.
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Well, I'll have to dig up the sources but this is one...

Philip Jenkins, he's Episcopalian, and has done the best research on this that I can find.


I think I may have screwed up my second stat though...gotta admit...I found another that said the incidence was higher in clergy b/c the clergy is predominantly male, and males are more likely to commit these kinds of crimes. So in the clergy (not just Catholic) it may actually be higher b/c of the much higher percentage of men...
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