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Mucus Plug...

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I think I've started to lose mine. Today I noticed it when I went to the bathroom. Anyhow, I know it doesn't neccessarily mean anything but it's still exciting for some reason. I also read it could be days or weeks before labor starts after you start losing your plug :LOL I'm 36w1d now. Anyone else have this happen yet?
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I didn't lose my plug when I was pg with dd... my water just broke.

If you don't mind me asking... what does it look like? I'm having some increased discharge, but it's just white. (Sorry TMI! )
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Lol, it kind of looks like snotty stuff....I know, I know. I guess some people can lost a lot at once, a little bit here and there, etc. I don't think we can help the TMI at this point :LOL From what I've read it can be clear to yellowish and sometimes lightly pink-tinged.

Yeah, I'm trying to remember if I lost my plug and when with DS. I just can't remember. I think I may have lost it a few days maybe a week before he was born, but I'm not sure. But anyhow I'm using the fact that I've started to lose mine to get my husband to help me a little more. Even though it's not a guarantee of any specific time until I give birth, I do think combined with all the BH I've been having and the crampiness that labor is at least going to happen in a week or two. Its just my feeling. Only time will tell though!
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My midwife says going by the medical text books, you should begin labor in a few days. But then she says...Babies haven't read the text books! :LOL

How exciting!! However long it takes, it definately means that your body is working at getting ready!

I was able to get Adam more motivated, by reminding him that yesterday was the exact stage in my pregnancy when we had Eva. It made him realize how much we really aren't ready for number 2 yet and need to start!
Yesterday I washed all her diapers and put all her things in our bedroom.
Next, we tackle painting the diaper dresser! :P
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With my third I lost chunks over 2.5wks. Didn't have bloody show until I was in labor.

On the other hand...w/ my first two I had bloody show and delivered that night (both 2wks early).

W/o blood mine looked like yellowish/opaque THICK snot (kinda like ewcm but thicker).
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Could someone help me understand something? This is our fourth and I STILL don't understand....what is the difference between losing the mucous plug and having bloody show? It's not the same thing, is it? Does bloody show mean things are heating up more, so to speak, and capillaries are rupturing? I'm confused. With my first three I lost the mucous plug/had bloody show about 24 hours before labor started (and I hope the same thing happens this time, so I get a warning, because the hospital is 60 miles away!!!). So anyway, I never experienced loss of plug without it being blood-tinged.

Good grief, it sounds like we've all walked into some medical discussion board, doesn't it? I guess in a sense we have, LOL.

Also, I am more than 1 cm dilated, probably closer to 2 by now. Having some hard BH contractions, but not a ton. How can I dilate and NOT lose the plug? What holds it in if you're dilating? ?? How come it doesn't fall out? Wow it amazes me how much I don't know.
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Bloody show is indeed losing the mucous plug. source. I'm not clear on exactly what causes the bloody tinge to the mucous; I assume it's from ruptured capillaries, as you said. Where it gets confusing is you can lose your plug without having bloody show (but you can't have bloody show without losing your mucous plug--though you can just have a little bit of blood from broken capillaries without having actual "bloody show"). Why some women have bloody show and some just have "normal" mucous is anyone's guess; I imagine it to be a feature of your cervix more than anything else.

As to how you can dialate without losing your plug...For starters, it's quite possible to lose pieces of the plug, esp. if they're not blood-tinged, without noticing. Secondly, we're talking mucous here. It's stretchy. It's perfectly concievable, if you think about it, that the plug could stretch some.

Now, with my second daughter, I had a midwife tell me that labor tends to start within 48 hours of losing your plug...And I guess Linda heard her, 'cause I lost my plug Friday night & went into labor Sunday night. :LOL
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I have never had bloody show or lost any of the mucous plug until I was well into labour...6-7 cm dialated at least.

I know of women who have had bits of the mucous plug coming out over a period of weeks and others who lost it all at once.

Even in labour mine didn't all come out at once..it would be over a period of time before thebaby came.
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I haven't lost mine yet. Sometimes I wonder if I will! Alot of women I've talked to don't even know what I'm talking about when I mention mucos plugs. : I've read alot of women lose it early and it doesn't really mean alot because it regenerates.
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With DD i lost my mucous plug a week before my due date. I flipped out and called a very unhappy obgyn on a sunday morning right after it happened. Lol takes some getting use to finding globs of gunk in your panties. She reassured me that this was normal i was not dieing and that i would go into labor soon. 2 weeks later and still no signs of DD i found yet another mucous plug to my amazement. I didnt even bother calling my doc for fear of pissing her off. Well by the next day i had gone into labor and found out from the nurses and my doc that the mucous plug can in fact regrow!!!! Why dont they tell you this stuff?

Thankfully i know this for this pregnancy as i lost chunks of the mucous plug starting at 20 weeks and every few weeks it regenerates and then i lose a little more. Isnt it crazy how our bodies work? But i bet that you're around the corner since this isnt your first and you're so far along. HOW EXCITING!!!!!!
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Yeah...so basically all by itself the mucus plug coming out, just doesn't guarantee a thing. Oh well, I still feel like things are happening soon though. I have been nesting like crazy!
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This is going to sound so gross..but does could someone describe please describe in great detail what it looks, feels like, or even post a picture. I have been noticing a really chunky, very thick, very buggery pale looking thing every couple of weeks since my fourth month. No smell.
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Well I have been losing parts of it for a few weeks now and last night I had quite a bit come out. I'm at 32w and some days now.

p.s As for how it looks...well mine is clear (it can be tinged in brown and other shades of red--I guess someone else might have to describe that) and it is stretchy. It does remind me of a booger but thicker and clear. I know that pieces have come out bc it is slippery and it catches my attention when I wipe. (I don't think a picture would actually capture this on photo so I'm trying to describe it really well)

Sounds like things are staring to get moving for some of us...I hope I have 6-7 more weeks to go.

I wonder who'll go first!?!?!?!
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It looks like something your giney sneezed out. Lol. I tend to use that description as its the least medical and still allows for the many different ways i've heard it described.
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