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Vitamins for increased energy and libido?

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Can anyone recommend any natural remedies for either exhaustion and/or low libido? I have been diagnosed in the past with low hormone levels, which results in low (non-existnet) libido. The synthetic hormones I was prescribed were not pleasant and I actually grew facial hair. I am looking for a more natural alternative.

I also have very low energy levels and would appreciate anyone able to suggest a natural solution that might help with this. Thank you in advance....
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Have a look at Arginmax for women. It helped me

Michelle in NY
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My dh uses a natural supplement called Yohimbe when he's feeling lethargic. He says it's amazing -- caffeine and sugar give such an "uneven" lift, but Yohimbe supplies a natural, long-lasting high.

Note: Dh takes 1/4 of the recommended dosage -- people who take too much (more than recommended) feel like their heart is going to leap out of their chest.

Another note: The ladies in the Post-Partum Depression forum also have great advice on natural remedies!
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I would start by looking at plain old nutritional deficiencies- B vitamins (and a supplement with all the B's in proper balance) is crucial for energy. I would also take a good multi-vit. If you aren't getting enough omega 3 and 6 your hormones can get out of whack and you can feel lethargic and depressed. I take Cod Liver Oil (really it isn't that bad you can even get capsules) and Evening Primrose oil to help with that.

Once you've addressed any underlying deficiency you could try some ginseng or even DHEA (the precursor hormone for testosterone) or even a natural testosterone cream/patch. Often times if it isn't simply lack of sex drive but a general tiredness/ lethargy Progesterone is actually the hormone that is lacking. It's the "feel good" hormone- when we are deficient in progesterone we get PMS, bloating, etc.

Maybe you could get an OTC micronized progesterone cream (micronized is best since many of the others don't absorb well).
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I think Lovechild's advice is excellent. I think you have to look at your overall health, and what you're eating.

ARe you getting enough vit. C. There is a lot of sub-clinical deficiency around, and that can make you tired. Also, are you getting enough natural sunlight, which has a big effect on hormones, and is needed to make vit. D, which is very important to the hormonal system.

I also hope you stay away from cow's milk which in America is full of hormones and other factors which can wonk the female hormonal system.
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