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Front facing carrier?

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The only carrier my dd likes is a Baby Bjorn but unfortunately, its been uncomfortable for me (straps dig in). Does anyone know a good carrier where babies face front? I've tried a sling and a mei tai with no luck. Can babies face front in the Ergo carrier? thanks!
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They can't face front in an Ergo, because Ergos and Sutemis are designed to allow baby to be in a seated position, rather than a hanging position, like with the Bjorn. The only thing I can think of is the Baby Trekker. www.babytrekker.com
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Just wondering if you've tried a stretchy-type wrap. When the Bjorn started getting uncomfortable for me (quite early on...I was annoyed because it was so expensive!) I switched to a Moby Wrap, which is incredibly comfy and versatile. I still use it occasionally with DD, who is now 17 mos/ 26 lbs. It was a good investment. BTW, I also have an Ergo, which I love, love, love.
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A wrap would work, either stretchy or non-stretchy. Or two stretchy slings or pouches crossed to simulate a wrap.
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