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STBX refused to return kids tonight

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It is spelled out clearly in HIS parenting plan that the judge approved. He gets them at 10 am on the holiday which means he has to return the at 6pm Sun night still. I miss my kids. He got them Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun and now is keeping them in violation of the parenting plan. What would you do. I have a police report but not my daughters. ARGH....
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No advice....just Man Mama that sucks.
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I wish I could give you some advice

Just support from here too, Mama. Ex's suck, don't they?

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Hugs and support.

Please keep us posted.
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I would relax for today. DOCUMENT. and if it becomes a habit of his to disregard the law, you will have it all written out and can take him to court. Often times when people show disregard for a judges orders, the judge will tighten the reins.

Good luck and BREATHE

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Note his violation of the order, for sure. I am sorry that he is being a jerk, mama. Hugs to you!!
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No advice to give, just wanted to offer you tons of support.
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I'm sorry he's doing this I don't really know what I would do. I guess it depends on the ages of the kids and how well you think they'll handle it. If my ex refused to return my ds I would be over there with the court order and a police officer to get my ds back. But he's less than 2, still nursing, never been away from me for more than 3 hours, etc.
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Wow. That is one of my fears. I hope this all ends quickly and peacefully. I think the documentation is the best. Best to you - I am thinking of you.
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Oh I'm so sorry! Many, Many hugs from me to you. Please keep us posted...
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Oh, mama. I hope this ends very swiftly. Children are not a tool to be used grudgingly... This is truly terrible!
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They are back now and school starts tomorrow. My baby was so full of hugs and kisses and I love you's I can tell she really missed me. I am annoyed, I asked the police about doing a welfare check and they thought if a guy can keep kids 24 hours then he will do fine for any lenght of time.

On another note I heard my oldest 14dd coacing the 6 yr old. What is mommy a B****, thats right what kind a big (word that means donkey) B****

I am really starting to wonder what is going on over in stbx's house and if he is encouraging this or just oblivious.
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I'm glad there back!

ps: a bitch is a female dog
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Originally Posted by Satori
I'm glad there back!

ps: a bitch is a female dog
I think she was going for 'big @ss b!tch'...
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You heard it right ARGHHHHHHHHHH
Heard more of it today from the same teen and I don't want the little ones exposed to such language. I think she sounds just like her dad :
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Glad they're back, though I'm sure you'd rather they'd left that kind of language with x. Sorry to hear you had to go through that. I'd be so mad. I haven't been in that situation yet, so don't have any advice. But I hope that doesn't happen again.
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