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No active yogurt?

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I had my first doctor visit on Friday, and she told me not to eat active yogurt. I thought the dairy restrictions just applied to anything not pasteurized--is active yogurt made with unpasteurized milk? I don't really see the point of eating yogurt that's not active.

Can anybody clear this up for me?
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um,I have never heard that
By the way,are you north london burbs?I am British and I lived in Hampstead for 10 years and I knew quite a few American mommas
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I depended on active yogurt all through my 2004 pregnancy to keep away the yeasties with my very mainstream docs blessings. That just seems odd to say you can't..
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I agree...it's so good for you and full of protein! No reason not to eat it...
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I checked several active yogurts at the grocery store and they don't say if the milk is pasteurized or not. Very weird.

minimunklemama, I'm in the southwest burbs, Kingston to be exact.
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your dr. is

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Originally Posted by alegna
your dr. is

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last time i was pregnant, they *told* me (at the birth class) to eat yogurt, and make sure it's active.
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I think if it is pasteurized it should be fine. Active yogurt is much better for you in fact. What was your doc thinking?
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