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Once a UC always UC?

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If you've had a UC will/would/did you automatically make that choice for subsequent pregnancies?
Has anyone had a UC and then a midwife assisted birth?
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so far- I wouldn't have assistance with future births unless absolutely necessary. After having a UC, I don't think I could trust anyone other than my dh to be present and non-interventive. kwim?
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If I were to have another child, I would UC. I might consider hiring a trusted doula friend just to have another experience mama in the room both for moral support and becuse DP would probably be very busy with the two kids to be able to attend to me when needed (I wanted to labour on my own the last time though. When DP was around the contractions seemed more intense so I chased him away! :LOL )
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True For Me!

unless there was some issue I felt unfit to deal with myself (triplets, immediate heart surgery or transverse lie that can't be budged) I'd certainly UC. I wished we'd done it with the first that way!

we only had 2 UC babies so far and this will be our third and last...unless dh's vasectomy didn't take.
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I posted a thread about this a while back. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=271084 For me, whether or not to UC is not an automatic thing. It required a lot of prayer, research, meditation both times, and I think would again if I ever had another babe.
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Thank you so much for your thoughts and that link. I will be back with more of my thoughts later.
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I agree with most the pp, that unless there were something telling me that I need some assistance for whatever reason, UC would be my first choice. For me, it is the most desirable, preferred, safe, natural, human and spiritual way to give birth.
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I don't know if I'll ever be blessed with more children, but I don't know if I would UC again. I had CPS called on me after my last UC, and I was found "indicated for child abuse or neglect" because of it. Fortunately, my children were never removed from my care, as the CPS worker put it "He isn't going to go through childbirth again" therefore, as they saw it, I was no longer "a risk" to my children.

I don't think I would take the legal risk of UC again, at least not if I'm still living in the USA. I would never consider planning another "oops UC" again- I won't have another baby unless I can afford a midwife who's able to do all the post-birth "cover-my-tush" paperwork. Whether I call her when I go into labor, or after the birth, is something I'll decide when the time comes.
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Oh, Ruthla! How terrible and I am so sorry.

Thanks again for all your thoughts. I'm not facing this issue right now, but just wondering. I had a beautiful UC, but fearful thoughts kept me from enjoying it as much as I should have. The answer for next time might just be more and better preperation or it might be in the hiring of a professional. I am sure that if/when the time comes I'll be able to find the answer I need from my baby and my body, but I was just curious what others have done.

laurata, I completely share some of your thoughts about having a midwife there in the aftermath to clean up and this and that. If I could find someone who wouldn't charge so much for just doing that I'd not hesitate at all to hire them just for that task. My dh just isn't all that good at "mothering" and pampering, as much as he tries.
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what are you comfortable with?
our last baby was a planned uc and I would not do that again
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our last baby was a planned uc and I would not do that again
Can i ask why?

I'm sorry, but I can't figure out who and what your question is for.
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I am curious, too, why you wouldnt do it again........we are planning our first in a few weeks now and I am actually curious about people who did this and did not want a repeat.........
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I usually labor alone, and still would not want some one talking to me or telling me what to do in labor but I would have liked a competent woman to be able and assess heart tones-- at a point in labor I could not hear anymore and the baby's fontanels were all overlapping so could not feel a heartbeat--scary for me .
ultimately nothing bad happened the baby was fine I was fine, but more drama than needed to be, all of my children have that impression too -- I scarred the @$%% out of them -- the birth before that was a home birth and much smoother.
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You have way more experience than I do, but I don't do hr assessments when the head is coming thru the pelvis for that reason. You really can't feel it, and usually the baby is born within a minute or two, correct? I have done them when mom is pushing, to check for cord problems, but in the time when the babe is going under the pubis I haven't done them. I bet it did scare you, because the compression is so intense, you often can't get a hr, or so I have read. Maybe a case of too much knowledge? Or you may have seen some things that I haven't that would have required that....
On the main thread topic, I have known a couple ladies who had a mw after a UC, simply because the circumstances had changed. Maybe there were twins, or a breech, and they didn't want to go to the hospital, but thier comfort level needed someone there....but most ended up with a UC anyway, accidently! The baby/ies just came right on out, no problem...in the twins case, mom caught one, and was holding her when # 2 was born, and dad caught her and they sat down in the bathroom, and mw got there 5 min later. both babies were born within an hour from the time labor started!
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I had a hospital birth and a CNM for my first birth and plan for all future births to be UCs unless there's some sort of problem, or unless I have a good friend who is a midwife who I want to be present at the birth.
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I had a UC for my first and am doing a lot of soul searching and pondering about my future birth plans. I am honestly considering a MW assisted birth next time. In some ways, i think i would not want a mw, but in others, i think it would be nice to have a mw there. I thik that part of my horribly painful, longish labor was that i couldnt let go because i felt like i had to costantly be "midwifing" myself, and aware of what was going on, in case a problem came up, and that i might be able to relax more fully and just "go with it" if I knew my "only" job was to labor and deliver, without worrying about anything. but then again, I'm a totally anal type 1 personality, so letting go at all is just not something that comes easy for me. Plus, io am the type to totally "feed off of" other people's energy, and not having any other energy there i think really was a detriment to my labor. So, my answer is no...the next one is not automatically a UC, but maybe. i think that if I did not have a super-wonderful pro-UC homebirth midwife that i love, i would not even consider anything but UC, but since i do, it is an option i am considering. I'll update you guys in about 2 year, kay? lol
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first child was a terrible hospital deal, just had baby number 2 two weeks ago, UCed. Would do it again in a second...but i would do it TOTALLY alone. no siblings, no sister, no husband. Don't know if i'll get to do it that way, but that's what i learned!
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When I think about future births I may have the ideal set-up would be for me to have a relationship with a midwife running through the second half of my pregnancy so that I would feel able to call upon her if I felt overwhelmed with anything either during the pregnancy and labor, or after the birth. The big problem with that fantasy is that we'd have to pay her a big chunck of money that we don't (and most likely won't) have to spare. But that's just negativity speaking and maybe money won't be such a problem someday and the choice will be easy. Then the challange would be to find a "UC friendly" midwife. I've had one before, but living in the city I think it might be harder to find one.
Then I think about the safety of a pure UC, and how much better it is to have complete faith in yourself and baby, so that perhaps just the thought of that midwife safety net might mess with my inner voice enough to throw my intuition off.
Just rambling now but thanks so much for your thoughts. It is fun sorting through all these thoughts.
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Have UC'd once, most likely won't do it again.
Baby born with limp cord & blue and floppy, had steep decels but figured birth was imminent so we didn't transport...baby took some time to start but was fine.
I don't know what I would do *if* I was to have another child.
Probably HB with MW or birth center. Would also need to do some serious 'soul searching'...
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Having had a couples UC and a solo UC.. I prefer the couples.. :LOL

I would most definately UC again but I am done done done birthing

I have had things crop up during both births that were simple variations of normal and an attendant would have felt compelled to meddle.

Where I live midwives are free .. funded by public healthcare.. but theres only a handful who respect UC.. so uc friendly backup and easy access to paperwork is possible you just need to know how to locate it ;-)
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