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Sleeping arrangements

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Hi mamas! I am currently 23 weeks along expecting twins in December. Our 2 year old still sleeps with us, which I love, but I don't know what we'll do when the twins come. King size mattresses are so expensive, and even though I would love one, it may not be possible. If it turns out we cannot buy a king size before the twins arrive, we will just have our queen size. Do you think a queen size bed is large enough to be safe and comfortable for co-sleeping with newborn twins? I would have to move our son out, though. If we did buy a king size, do you think that is large enough to be safe with the twins, dh and me, and our 2 year old son? I was thinking of the twins sleeping between me and the wall, then our 2 year old between me and dh. Does that sound like a safe arrangement or is that too many bodies in one bed? What did you all do with your newborns?
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Hi Nancy!

We have a kings size (dh's parents gave it to us, they bought it and hated it, but we love it) and Jackson still sleeps with us most of the night. He starts out in his bed, but that doesn't last long & we do still love having him with us. I put up the crib next to the bed with the side off for more room for the babies. I figure Jackson will sleep by the wall, then dh, then me, then babies. The babies will probably end up between us some also, maybe one on each side of me if they don't want to be next to eachother. I hope it will work out for us, we will see! I can't imagine doing it in a queen though, we could barely do a queen with us and Jackson.
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Hey Sarah!

So when you say you set up the crib next to the bed, will the boys sleep in the crib or in the bed with you? Is there a crack between the crib and your mattress? I had thought of doing that, but I am afraid we won't be able to get the crib close enough to the mattress. I guess we will just have to try it. You must have a very big room to fit a kingsize bed and crib!!
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We found that a queen was too small for four of us (though when they were newborns I would sometimes sleep with them in the queen and my husband would sleep elsewhere.) We added another full size bed next to our queen (all on the floor, and that works quite well for us even now (they are now almost two years old.) Our bedroom is literally wall-to-wall mattress, so no one can fall out!
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We have a queen bed and two older girls. Our girls were no longer in our bed full time but many nights would join us prior to the boys' birth. When the boys were born, I slept with them in our bed for the first few months and dh slept on the floor next to the bed. Then if one of our girls came in, she would join Daddy on the floor.
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We have a queen & when we were preparing for our twins (our first children) we decided, rather than spending hte money on a crib, to get a twin sized mattress (figuring we'd need one eventually for "big kid beds" anyway) & my dad built a frame for it to turn it into a "cosleeper". we dropped our queen mattress/box spring onto the floor so it wouldn't be so high off the ground (might not be necessary w/ a regular bedframe, we had a 4 poster that was quite high so I wasn't comfortable w/ babies/toddlers sleeping on such a high bed) & dad built a wood platform to make the twin mattress the same height as ours & then walls on the other 3 sides. Put foam padding (from the craft show) on the walls & then mom used some sheets to make a slipcover (but if you don't sew, could just fold the sheets over & tuck under mattress). A couple pictures are here: http://2sweetpeas.net/NewHouse.htm (scroll down). Dh ended up preferring to sleep in our recliner/sofa downstairs holding a baby (felt more secure than having a tiny baby next to him in bed & w/ each baby wanting to be against a body he needed to take one LOL) but when we WERE all in bed the cosleeper worked well. Depending on situation we either put one baby in cosleeper & the other between us in the bed or the two of them in the cosleeper sideways (so their feet were pointed at us in the regular bed, just because they like to roll & that gave them more room w/o running into each other.
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My 2year old sleeps in a toddler bed side carred to our big bed. The twins sleep with me and dh sleeps with dd1 cuz the babies and I are bed hogs
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I'm sure some people do it but I don't think that a queen would be big enough for all of you. We had a king that we were all sleeping in (me, dh and dd#1) and then added a queen beside it before my girls arrived. It was a HUGE bed To begin with the girls and I started out in the queen and dd#1 and dh slept on the king. As the girls got bigger and started sleeping all over the place, we switched so that the 3 of us had the king. It worked out really well for us. When they were newborns, I slept on my back with a pillow under each arm and a baby cradled in each arm
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My king size was not big enough to cosleep with twins (and my husband)
I did rotate them one at a time (one in bassinet, one in bed, rotate when one woke) But there was no way to fit all four of us in the bed.
Times when both babies slept in the bed, I slept across the foot of the bed.
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Well we are due w/ twins early Nov and our 2 yr old sleeps w/ us in our queen bed. We dont plan to move him out, but we are setting up the crib to side car the bed- I am thinking that our son will sleep between us and Ill sleep next to the crib w/ the babies as I dont really see how you can sleep/lay and nurse two babeis at once anyways. Anyways I suppose we will have to see how it works, if it doesn't work well we are going to buy another bed and put them together in our room.
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Originally Posted by kote80
I dont really see how you can sleep/lay and nurse two babeis at once anyways.
It's actually quite easy You just sleep on your back with a piloow under each arm and a baby cradled in each arm - they're right at breast level!
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Originally Posted by kote80
I dont really see how you can sleep/lay and nurse two babeis at once anyways.
Ha Ha, I thought this too, but desperation is the mother of invention!! I stack my babes!! I lay on my side and then put one babies head on the other's tummy. I can't sleep this way, but they usually only nurse every 3+ hours (if they aren't teething ).

We play musical beds in our house! Ds is almost 5 and likes to sleep with us. So dh often goes and cuddles in the twin with him (often falling asleep). I try to put the twins to bed in the crib, but when they wake up, I bring them into the king. Dh, if he is in the king, will leave and go to the guest bed. . a queen, or I will take one fussy baby to the queen and leave the sleeping baby in the crib, if the 5 yo and dh are in the King with me. Got that? : And when they were really small, we used a mini pack and play beside our bed instead of a co-sleeper. It was cheaper and easy to move between rooms for naps, etc.

Sometimes I slept in the BIG lazy boy with the babies when they were small and fussy. With a few pillows, they could nurse and I could sleep pretty comfortably.

Good luck!!
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