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with my first I covered up in the beginning, but realized what a waste of time it was! My ds just lifted the blanket off anyhow :LOL

With my second I don't cover up - I do try to keep my 13 month old from lifting my shirt up in public while he nurses though. No need to be showing off too much
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I never do unless its cold and we need warmth
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I don't cover-up anymore ... when I first started I was the lady walkin around the store with a babe latched-on and a big blanket awkward and annoying so "I didn't offend anyone". So glad I don't care about that anymore!
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I did not get a chance to read the other thread and the responses to this thread, but I don't bother trying to cover up anymore. I have a hard enough time, trying to juggle my baby, un-clip my nursing bra and get him latched on, w/o having to try to deal with a blanket too. Plus, in ohio they finally passed the new law that protects moms who NIP, so if anyone gives me trouble, I'll just tell them it's the law and my right to NIP.
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I never cover up and never have, I wore t-shirts and a nursing bra and I never had anyone even realize I was nursing after my daughter and I got used to nursing, at least not that I know of. Putting a blanket on seems like it would just scream "I'm nursing a baby, come and tell me all your horror stories." I got enough of the horror story thing when I was pregnant and while we were getting adjusted to nursing.
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Never have covered, not once.
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I always try to be as discreet as possible, but I'd never consider covering up with a blanket!! My shirt (or the fabric in my nursing dress) covers plenty!
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Originally Posted by wannabe
To be honest, I find the whole idea of it weird. I've never seen it done, and never heard about it except on the internet.

It would never occur to me to do it myself.

My thought is how tricky it would be, and how ODD it would look - instead of a woman holding a baby there'd be a woman with a towel on her head. I wouldn't look twice at the first, but I'd stare at the second.
:LOL When I see someone nursing in public here, usually at the mall play area, chances are she's using a cover-up. Not over her head, though! They drape blankets over their shoulders and over the whole baby, which makes it hard to look at the baby or help with latch. It does really draw my attention. I want to tell them they don't have to do that!
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:LOL ah. I wondered why everyone said they couldn't see their child's face while feeding with a coverup - I thought maybe because it was dark underneath (I was kind of envisioning a burqua :LOL ).

A moby wrap makes a great belly hider. I ALWAYS make sure I've hitched my jeans over my muffin tops before I pull my shirt up to unhook my bra.
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Originally Posted by MamaInTheBoonies
nope. The two times I did cover up, I got kicked out. Go figure, huh. Both times at the Mystic Lake Buffet. Only once did security actually escort me out.
: Why would they kick you out? I've nursed at the buffet there a couple of times and haven't had problems. That stinks for you.

I don't cover up either. I think it just draws more attention, and my boys would never keep the blanket on anyway.
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Originally Posted by wannabe
I ALWAYS make sure I've hitched my jeans over my muffin tops before I pull my shirt up
: Me too! I about died when I first heard the name muffin tops! And you should see mine, after all the cake and ice cream I ate this past weekend. :
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Maybe it's my personality, maybe it's my boys but if I try and cover up their faces, they throw a fit. Personally, I feel it draws more attention to you when you have a large square of material covering half your upper body. With just a glance, people know exactly what you are doing! By not using a cover I know many people have passed us or even stopped and chatted with out ever knowing they were nursing.
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very seldom cover up, ds HATES the blanket on his face! sometimes do a little "wall" of blankie curving around the edge of his face, but although it does hide the boob a bit, it is not for the public's comfort, just so that disctraco-boy might finish his meal (everything and anyone will catch his attention right now!!)
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This is , but I totally : when I read Lula's Mom's link to the muffin tops thing. That is hilarious!

Back to the topic now. . . . .
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Thanks for the education

I never heard the term muffin top til now. Thanks for the info! LOL

No kids yet, but plan on BF, including NIP obviously, when babies are (finally) in my life. Interesting topic. Never even considered the cover-up/no cover-up issue before. Logistically (pulling up top, dealing with bra, latching on, etc.) does it make a difference if you are already a very busty gal?
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I don't
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I never used a blanket or cover-up. They appear both awkward and overly conspicuous to me. But! My sister was feeding her babe the other day with most of her breast out while standing talking to some guy and I had an overwhelming urge to help her cover up that I had to fight down! But... it was the exposed new mama belly fat that had me anxious to help her out since she was holding baby high, leaving it bared, LOL. I should have the good sense to realize that other people are just seeing the breast hanging out, thank god
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Who can manage anyways??

I have breasts that are a little on the large size and breastfeeding is a two handed job for me! There is no way I could even manage a cover up. The only time anyone ever objected was during an emergency feeding on the curb out side of Safeway.
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If I covered up my DS would just pull my shirt up or the blanket off.
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I do not cover up and I am NOT discreet. I also do not think it should be illegal for women to be topless, men are able to.

As for the AZ comments I would be very interested in seeing something more about the law regarding nipple showing and sex offender status. Please let me know, I checked with some AZ friends who know nothing of it but want to know about it.
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