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Since I come here the most, I thought I'd announce this here-update

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I have written many personal experiences and have received much love and support here.

Unfortunately, someone has read something(s), discovered who I am IRL, passed info along to others and having distorted things by taking it out of context, the result has been hurtful.

I do not know if the person went looking through past posts in search of something damaging or if it was more innocent like just stumbling onto a post and ran with it. Without knowing, I feel like I need to step back for a moment.

I am safe and my children are safe. I like the anonymity factor here and am feeling quite exposed at the moment and don't feel comfortable posting while someone else is looking over my shoulder and using things I write with good intentions to be distorted and hurtful to others.

I just didn't want to drop off the radar without anyone knowing why.
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Oh my goodness LJ. That's absolutely horrible. If that is the right decision (and from what I know of you, your decision making abilities are very reasonable and sound) then I can truly say that you'll be sorely missed. You have given SO much to this community. You have helped me, and countless other women through extremely difficult times and you are cherished for that. I'm really sad.
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I'm confused.... how would someone find out your identity and what could anyone say that could be used against you in a hurtful way. What I say here is what I would say to anyone I have a conversation with. Isn't everyone like that?? :
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OK the more I think about this the more it unnerves me. LJ, I understand if you need to leave. I don't want to invalidate that. But please, if there's anything I or anyone else could do to somehow rectify this situation, I'd be more than happy to help. I have to say, that over the years, I've watched you counsel with wisdom, and lend support to others. I'd relish the opportunity to do the same for you in any way I could. You've inspired and taught me so much. If you leave, there will be a definite void.
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I'm so sorry you've been hurt....my thoughts are with you.
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Whoa! What the heck is going on?! I don't understand the identity thing either, but LJ, you are so reasonable! And you have helped so much!! Anything I can do?

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I am so, so sorry. I will greatly miss you, and your wonderful wisdom and kind words. You always know what to say and when. I just wanted to thank you. I'm sorry whatever happened has happened. I wihs you didn't have to go. But I understand, and I hope you can check in with us from time to time.
If you need to talk to anyone and jsut vent or whatever you know you can PM us, that way its private. I hope all is well with you.
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Oh L.J., I too am heartbroken by your announcement. Although I post sporadically, every time I've ever been at MDC in this forum I've read some amazing advice and support by you. You will be sorely missed.

I'm guessing that someone close to your ex (or himself) has gathered info from your posts here. I hope I'm wrong... but whatever it is, I'm sad that you've been hurt.

Thank you for sharing your unique perspective of the world with us.


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Oh, L.J, I am SOOOO incredibly sorry! It just will not be the same in this forum without you! I hope that things are not too bad for you.

You will be sorely missed and I, for one, will be so saddened with your absence.

Please, stay safe!

Much love!
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I'm sorry people have to stoop to that kind of level to hurt people. I feel everyone has a right to vent and say whatever they want, and if someone has a problem with it, they can personally come to that person, not use it against them. This is a message board, you cannot *see* what someone is going through, or really what they were feeling or gong through when something was written. To use words against someone like this is just plain stupid. I'm sorry you have to deal with such petty people IRL. :
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Now that makes me mad! I am soooo sorry that this has happened to you. Yoa are someone who is respected here and I treasure your words of wisdom. You were there when I needed you and I could only wish that you'd stay. Bu then again, if everything you've worked to build becomes endangered, I can understand your leaving. Take care and we'll miss you tremendously!!!
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You will be deeply, sorely missed. You have been a source of wisdom and comfort to more people than you could possibly know.

I pray that a time will come when you will feel safe here again. Until that time, we will all be here missing you and continuing to support each other.

Blessings on you and your household!
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I've had the same thing happen before Just remember karma is a wonderful thing and one day it will bite that thoughtless person in the ass

I hope things calm down for you soon and you feel safe to come back
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Oh no! You are the heart of this forum! I hope things will settle down and that you'll feel you can return soon.
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I have only just started posting to this forum, but already I have seen your kindness & knowledge. I hope all works out for you. You will be missed & I will keep you (and your family) in my prayers.
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you will definately be missed
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L. J., I've also treasured your words and encouragement, and the perspective you've given us all through challenging times. I wish the best for you and your children, and hope that the hurt dissipates.

And to whoever hurt you, remember KARMA...it all comes back in the end.
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I am so angry to hear this LJ. I respect your wishes totally. You will be missed. I am angry that someone would violate you in this way. It makes me wonder who is reading my posts...
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LJ, I am so sorry this has happened to you. You have been nothing but kind and caring on this forum, and I'm so sorry that someone has taken your words out of context.
I pray and hope that you and your family will remain safe. Please feel free to PM me anytime...I know that you don't really know me very well, I'd just like to help out anyway that I can.
You'll be missed here. I hope that things get better for you soon!
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PM Cynthia Mosher about changing your screen name- there might be a way for you to regain anonymity.
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