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joseph is here!

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i just wanted to post a quick note to say that joseph made his arrival this am.
he was born at home in the water at 4 am
this makes both kids born on labor day! kaiya was born on englands labor day (or some country the midwife had told me that day but i have since forgot)

i had a great labor/birth and he was out in 2 pushes!
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Great news! Congratsulations! Sounds like a nice, peaceful birth! Welcome Joseph!
_ Kerri
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Congrats Lisa, and way to go! Happy Birth Day Joseph!
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Congratulations! And what a wonderful day to be born
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Congratulations Mama! I was going to tell you that you're a great pusher, but somehow, that just doesn't sound right?!

Enjoy that babymoon!

Welcome to the world Joseph!
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Congrats and welcome Joseph!
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Family (((((((blessings))))))!
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