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HELP - "Bubble" on two-year-olds foreskin

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My two-year-old son has a bubble about the size of a large pimple on the underside of his foreskin. I read the "Red, Swollen or Inflamed" thread and am hoping that this is just another common symptom.

I don't know how else to describe it; I've never seen anything quite like it. Yesterday he complained that his penis felt sore, and the tip of the foreskin looked a little red. Today there is a fairly large, nearly translucent, possibly fluid filled bump that is very tender to the touch.

Is this normal?
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Could it maybe be just a bit of diaper rash? Or a reaction to a different fabric/detergent/soap/bubble bath that you have tried? Maybe a reaction to a different food?

Is it on the "overhang" or somewhere over the glans/shaft of the penis? If it is over the glans, it could be a bit of urine under the foreskin where it has begun to separate from the glans.

I would try to give him a soak in a nice, clean, clear tub if you could. If it is just an irritation, that should do the trick.

Good luck to you, I hope he feels better soon.

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I think the posting "Please advise worried about lump(s) under foreskin on 3yr old" (just a few postings below yours at the moment) addresses this topic - so you may want to read the replies to that post. It sounds like it is a "smegma pearl" - though we haven't had experience yet with these with 2 y.o. DS, so I'm no expert- but if that is what it is, they are completely normal!
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I don't know- I haven't seen smegma pearls yet either, but I have not seen them described as translucent, fluid-filled bubbles. Bumps, yes, bubbles, no. It almost sounds like a blister, caused by an allergy or diaper rash as callumsmom sugggested. Or he could have a bacterial infection, like staph, which is present on the skin all the time, and doesn't cause a problem until there is a scatch or cut (or rash) for it to enter. If you think it might be staph, I would take him to the doctor for that. In the meantime, can you let him go diaper-free as much as possible?
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Better today

Thanks for all of your responses. It definitely doesn't fit the description of a smegma pearl -- it's on the surface of the foreskin. I think it is a blister, because it was still there but seemed "deflated" today, just like a blister that had popped would looked. We are trying to have more diaper-free time today as well as a couple extra baths. Hopefully this will resolve it.
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From what you have described, it's definitely not a smegma pearl but I don't know exactly what it is. We've had several mothers here (maybe a half dozen) describe the same thing. Sometimes it's filled with a clear fluid and sometimes a milky fluid but it looks more like a pimple. In every case, it has disappeared in 2 or 3 days and the child is no worse for it. It will be tender while it runs it's course. If it gets larger or if it spreads, it may be time to see a doctor but I doubt that will happen. It hasn't before.

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