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hi ladies. i'm on my 2nd mirena and have had issues but not enough to take it out. i'm 4 years in on # 2 and will prob get #3 if my hubby doesn't snip. i haven't had a period in forever but def get a good amount of CM.
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i ended up pregnant with the IUD, if you search my posts it'll be easy to find the story. he's a year old and the greatest blessing ever in my life but I wouldn't recommend an IUD to anyone.
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I chose the copper IUD.

The fact that I was nursing my ds at the time played a huge part in my decision. I did not want to subject him to the hormones.
Plus I have the option of leaving my iud in for up to 10 years instead of five like with the mirena. If I decide to have another baby then I guess it won't really matter.

Although my periods are heavier the first day or two, and the cramping isn't as bad as before, I'd have to say that I'm satisfied with it.

BTW, I've had my IUD since October 2007.
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I think I'm having my mirena out next Monday.

My current 'side effects':

*Mild acne, that I've never experienced - even through my teen years.

*Stop of weight loss. I'm the same size I was when I was 3months PP, I'm now 8 months. :

*Feeling off, and easily overwhelmed. Very PMS'y.

*No sex drive.


The hormones don't cross to the blood stream my tush.
Pfft. I feel worse than I ever did on the pill.
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On Mirena.
Had mine put at 8 weeks PP.
Spotted for several weeks, then haven't had a period since.
No cramping, no horrid periods (mine are horrid when not on BC.) and it makes having spontaneous sex with my DH oh, so convenient.

We chose the Mirena because of the worry of having my cramps during my period x 1000 on Paragard and because we knew that we'd start TTC #2 within the next three or four years.
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well I'm glad I found this thread...anyone else want to add their experience? I'm specifically looking at Mirena... honestly I dont like ANY of my bc options. W/ my first daughter I tried the mini pill for a week and as soon as the spotting started I used that as my reason to stop. I did ortho tri cyclen for years before we had any kids and stopped because I started having side effects (NO sex drive) and hated the idea of synth. hormones in my body. My hubby and I did "pull n pray" until we decided to try for #2----- not sure I want to try that again though because after our second daughter I am SURE I do not want any children for a LONG LONG TIME. haha

So unfortunately...I feel like I'm stuck with doing something hormonal. (sigh) My doc highly recommends Mirena because he says it's the lowest dose of hormone BC available--but I still struggle with the idea of something being in there. Just doesn't sound natural, but then again..none of my options really are. Do you really not notice it?? And your hubby's don't either??? I guess it bothers me too that it seems so unnatural (and how can it be GOOD??) to not have periods for months/years????? I wonder if I'm f'ing with nature in a seriously bad way......hmmm
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