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Mama having 1 set of fraternal and 1 set ID

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I met a family at the park that had a boy/girl set of twins and then a MZ set of boys!! I thought the odds of that must be pretty slim!! How wonderful they get to experience both!!

It seems I find more and more moms that are having 2 sets of identical. I know 2 sets of fraternal are more likely but maybe there is something to being more predisposed to having MZ twins afterall.
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i had twins 2 1/2 years ago and now and pregnant. everyone asks how likely is it for me to have another set. i read that having twins for anyone is 2%. but if you have already had twins then its 1/16. this comes from a friend who has twins. i love my twins and i wouldnt die if i had another set but i was hoping for a singleton this time, you know a little brake!!!
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I think that I read if you have frat twins you are more likely to have another set of frat twins, but if you have ID twins you are no more likely than anyone else to have another set. I dont know much about it, anyone here not know if their twins are frat or ID? My boys are in seperate sacs (di di) and they are both males, so it could go either way, I wonder if we will be able to tell at birth?
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I had one set of each

There is a new study at John Hopkins that suggests that MZ twinning may also be genetic. I had stillborn ID boys (born at 21 weeks) and my next pregnancy was my fraternal boys. My father was a ID twin and his mother was a frat triplet and I have a set of ID sisters so it seems that both ID and Frat twins run in my family.
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Either ID twins are genetic or I really need to get my dh to buy more lottery tickets. His mom is one of 8 girls. The last 4 are 2 sets of ID twins. (there was also a set of boy twins, probably id, stillborn) Okay- his mom (ID twin) had twins (my dh and his twin) one of the OTHER set of ID twins (dh's aunt, but not his mom's twin, one of the other set) had ID twins.

DH's twin had fraternal twins..... just to end the cycle

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There are lots of interesting little twinning tidbits over at NOMOTC if you haven't ever read over there before.
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I love researching the phenomenon of multiples...I get into the WIERDEST conversations at parks and markets with twins parents regarding how/why/when twins occur.
Made me start to find out the statistics.
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WOW! MZ twins possible genetic!! Very interesting! I'd love to see any studies on this!
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