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name help please

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Ok, we thought of another boy's name. It's been a real struggle!


I really love the name itself, however, my only reservation is our last name- Bailey. Does Isaac Bailey sound too weird? Like two radically different name origins together? Dh is adopted, so it isn't even his 'real' name, so it kind of bugs me that that would keep us from naming our child something we like! Please be totally honest, I really want your opinions.

Also, another idea we had was Noah- we both really like the name, however, it is pretty trendy right now and I wanted to avoid that (we unknowingly named our ds a top 10 name!) Also, it's our IL's dog's name!! Shouls that matter? (Although the dog won't be around forever- the kid will be around much longer )

Both names are steadily rising in popularity according to the SS site, Noah is around the 30's and Isaac is further down than that (somewhat less popular)

Thanks for your help!!
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i love the sound of Isaac Bailey. I think it sounds unique and really interesting, not weird at all. Sounds like the name of an artist or singer-songwriter to me.
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Not in your ddclub, but I think the two names sound great together - actually, I love how they sound together.

Thanks for letting me add my .02
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I love biblical names. I think Isaac Bailey is a nice name. Not weird at all. I LOVE the name Noah, but if it is too common then go with Isaac.
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