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Pagans and the UU church

Poll Results: Pagans, Have you attended the UU church?? check all that apply

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 8% (4)
    I've never attended, and have no desire too
  • 14% (7)
    I've never attended, but want to
  • 6% (3)
    I've never attended but plan to
  • 2% (1)
    I went, not for me
  • 4% (2)
    I go because my spouse/children like it only
  • 2% (1)
    I used to attend but we moved and none nearby
  • 10% (5)
    I attend now regularly
  • 14% (7)
    I attend now sometimes
  • 14% (7)
    We have a CUUPS chapter
  • 24% (12)
    We don't have a CUUPS chapter
49 Total Votes  
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I'm wondering how many of the pagans (ok anyone who isn't part of the big three) here have gone to the Unitarian Universalist
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Re: Pagans and the UU church

Originally posted by Arduinna
I'm wondering how many of the pagans (ok anyone who isn't part of the big three) here have gone to the Unitarian Universalist

I have gone a few times. I liked it, but I can't get w/going there on a regular basis. I'm really happy that I've found a place that I could go and not have my sensibilities assaulted if I did. I think one of the problems is that there aren't enough young folks like me there. And, no CUUPS. I soooo want to attend a CUUPS meeting.
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I love our UU Church (can you tell from my sig line????)

the only thing that bugs me is the the pastor is younger than me :LOL

Everyone there is very socially aware and there are a few gay couples with children that attend, it's very inclusionary (is that a word?) I love the sermons, there is usually a pagan slant to it, there are a few humanists that attend as well. I always feel good about life when I leave. Ds1 really likes the Sunday school, and ds2 will start in January.

We just got Circle Round and the boys are loving it.
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What is CUUPS?:
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When I've got wheels I plan to go across town to our nearest one to check it out, If I can get myself up that early.
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Sunmountain http://www.cuups.org/
covenant of unitarian universalist pagans.
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Arduinna, Iwas responding to your thread and pressed new thread by mistake, still sleepy I guess. sorry for the confusion.We attend our u.u. church and really like it. Sunmountain, I just got Circle Round and I love it.
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Not a pagan - but in our UU church I've noticed a lot of humanists and a few pagans. We're not that big. But our church celebrates the winter and summer solstice and has a couple services during the year dedicated to pagan rituals.
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No problem Libras mom :-)

thanks Rene for posting what you've found at your UU :-)
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T~love the new graphics

We don't have one where I live...so I don't know...
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Well, arduinna, you know I've been to a few. I think I've been to 4 services, stayed for the "after parties," and even went to a mtg for prospective new members. We aren't ready to join yet, if ever. (They suggest members give $1200/yr. That is just for operating expenses, no charitable outreach. They are paying off a new addition, which was much needed on the 18th century blg. I found out it cost $1,000,000. It has an elevator, which was the main expense. The sanctuary is upstairs and they rightly wanted to be handicapped accessible. They raised about 3/4 of the $ before they started to build.)

I like the going out to church thing as a little bonding exp (a free date!) with the dh. The kids are all still in bed when we go, they are night owls. When dd was going, she forced herself to get up early, and then would have to take a nap later. (just for anyone who doesn't know me, kids are 11, 14 and 17 next wk.)

the youth group is great. I kind of wish my kids were young enough for the RE too. It's just for K-6th grade. it seems like the comparative religions ed that Britishmum was talking about in the Happy Holidays thread.
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Love that "date" thing

I figure we will take dd the first time. She is 13 so too old for the RE but that is fine by me. I'll let you guys know how our first experience goes. I'm willing to go with an open mind. Wishing we had CUUPS though.
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Do you have more than one UU in your area? We have one in every town, as I said, we are where it all began. But, sadly, when I was researching, I found there were only 2 CUUPS in the whole state of MA, one in Salem (natch) and one in Cambridge, if I remember correctly.

Of course, one could probably start one. One of the pagans I met tho, i don't know if I'd want to meet with her on a regular basis. She was in her 60's, seemed to be blind in one eye, which seemed oracular, had on a long robe of some kind of tapestry material, several witchy type pendants and a large quartz crystal bracelet, pretty rings. But she started talking to us, and would not shut up. I just can't stand people who don't know a conversation is supposed to be 2 sided!

Then again, I met one real sweet young woman, and I liked her so much, I invited her to our Yule celebration, a she seems to be alone, no partner, no friends who practice. She went to Cambridge for Yule last year, but found that celebration to be too large and overly theatrical. Ours will be tiny.
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Our city is quite isolated because of terrain. So we only have one UU and no other within about 5 hours. But when I checked out some info on CUUPS I noticed a message group and they were talking about starting a chapter here. But the info was posted 6 months ago. I'll see what happens tomarrow.
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Our RE follows them through high school! I can't believe no one has picked up the ball on this one in your churches. It's so important for teens to be involved in something like this! Our church isn't large, but they are always doing stuff with the kids.
They also took out a mortgage for the addition they did recently, and don't push about the money thing. They do LOTS of fundraising, though, so that helps. It's also the cream of the crop as far as members of the community...not the mayor or anything, but lots of teachers and people from the Peace and Justice Center, etc...
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well, we do have a CUUPS chapter, I met one of the members on sunday. They are currently only meeting for the sabbats. And I missed the Yule one.

Talked to the RE director, but one trip isn't enough to make a decison on that. I will be talking with my pagan community regarding RE for DD.
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thanks for the link to the cuups website. I am going to check out my local chapter. I'll let you know what I think.

Happy searching
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oh cool, do let us know what you think :-)
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I'd like to go and "try" it but the nearest UU church is 3 hours away

OT Arduinna, I didn't know you were a Reiki Master ! My husband, ds (10yr) and I are going for the first course on Jan 11th ! I'm
really excited about it
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Goosefeather, that is awesome!! I trained my dd and dh. That is so great that you are doing it as a family.

Let us know how it goes.
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