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Poll Results: Pagans, Have you attended the UU church?? check all that apply

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 8% (4)
    I've never attended, and have no desire too
  • 14% (7)
    I've never attended, but want to
  • 6% (3)
    I've never attended but plan to
  • 2% (1)
    I went, not for me
  • 4% (2)
    I go because my spouse/children like it only
  • 2% (1)
    I used to attend but we moved and none nearby
  • 10% (5)
    I attend now regularly
  • 14% (7)
    I attend now sometimes
  • 14% (7)
    We have a CUUPS chapter
  • 24% (12)
    We don't have a CUUPS chapter
49 Total Votes  
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Thanks Arduinna I'll let you know how it goes for sure ! I can't wait to talk about it.

The funny thing is I don't know a whole lot about it but it seems life is pulling me that way. I didn't think of including my ds until I visited http://www.waldorfhomeschoolers.com/
and I saw the book Reiki for Kids. I thought "What a great idea !"

So, i'm still OT so I'll leave it at that
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I think Ladylee started a thread for Reiki in health and healing.
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I once went to a UU service in South Beach Miami--it was a blast! Those people knew how to have fun.
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I hap-hazardly attend our uu fellowship. Mostly miss due to Sunday morning laziness or other outings. It's good, I enjoy it. We have a strong RE program but my daughter is too young yet and my son chooses a different path and church. There is not a CUUPS connected to the fellowship I go too. But there is one 20 minutes away and they celebrate all the sabbats.
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I didn't vote because I'm not pagan, but I am UU, and our church doesn't have a CUUPS chapter (and we don't want one). There is another UU church in town that is almost 100% pagan.

I wish this issue didn't split the church apart so much.
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Why don't you want a CUUPS? My UU members seem to be so tolerant, even celebratory, of all world belief systems. We don't have CUUPS, but we have pagans, Christians, and special celebrations that are Quaker, Native American and Hindu flavored as well. I am fairly new to it, I haven't met any Jews yet, tho, if there are any.

I'm sorry it has split your community.
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There used to be just one UU church in town. It had been around for a long time, many changes and a lot of hard work on the part of all of its members. Gradually, though, it became more and more pagan, and the pagans began to grow hostile towards the non-pagans, and finally the non-pagans gave up, left, and started a new church.

I joined the new church after the big split.
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Greetings universal mammas. We live very rural s. illinois with no UU in sight. so sad. it is difficult for us as spirituality is so very important to us and it is hard keeping it at the center of my life as a lone wolf...i long for a community of spiritually minded people.

we have a quaker church 1.5 hours away which is very nice we both love, baby does too the silence is priceless...but it is so hard to get there on a regular basis. priorities. suck it up and go...i still wish i could teleport.

we are also very interested in anthroposophy and waldorf ed. can anyone tell me the pros/cons of waldork school vs home school waldorf style???..again it will be a two hour drive to said institution if we go that route which is possible but a bit inconvenient...maybe the whole point is that its not going to be easy. maybe there is something about just accepting the challange and moving forward even though its not within walking distance.

feeling isolated...knowing i am not
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