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Anybody else expecting AF (hopefully not) around Dec. 23rd?

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Hi all,

I'm going to test soon, AF is due Dec. 23.

I want to compare symptoms w/you (if any).

So far I have very sore bbs (veins), lower back ache, headache and am tired.

What about you?

I would love to look at your chart to compare.

Here is mine:


Good luck!
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hey, my AF is due dec 26 and i am waiting on some of those PG test that detect as little as 25 of hgc, if they ever get here.....
i am trying to find some charting stuff that doesnt cost alot (or any) money, i like your charting software..going to look at the home page now!
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I'm expecting af the 24th. But closest bding was 4 days before O so not expecting a +++. No symptoms at all. Only knew I O'd because of temp jump. And after 3 days above cover had a fall back temp this am. So who knows.

Your expecting to test soon??
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December 21 here. I had a temp drop today, which made FF think I hadn't ovulated after all so I discarded it. Yesterday I felt briefly nauseous (5 minutes?) when I laid down with my kids. Tonight I had some spotting (at 7dpo). Here is my chart. It's my first chart ever.
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My plan was to test on the 23rd. My last period started on November 24th, so that will give me about 30 days.

My symptoms are sparse. I've been lightheaded, but that's been going on for over a month, so I don't think it is related. I don't have the discharge I've had both times before, but I do seem a little hungrier than normal, and last night I craved a hamburger which I took as a good sign. When I was pregnant with my daughter, before I even knew I was pregnant, I went out to dinner with my husband and nephew and had black bean enchiladas (and a beer). My nephew left part of his hamburger behind, and I saw it sitting there and just HAD to have it. It was very strange. But I think I've been running an iron deficiency which would explain the tiredness, dizziness and possibly the meat craving.

OK, pinching breasts right now--hold on a sec. I squeezed them pretty hard and only noticed a slight bit of tenderness.

I've definitely been fatigued during the day, but at night I still stay up too late, so now I'm thinking I'm just sleep deprived.

I'm also thirsty--don't know if that means anything.
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can someone explain the temp rise/drop thing for me? its been awhile since i read the TCOYF book and i am too tired to track it down

i had a major temp drop this morning (from 97.8 to 96.7) and i am trying to figure out what that means...
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Can you post your chart? That would be helpful.

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i guess that might help eh?

i just started doing my temp a few days ago so it might not help any...
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OK, pinching breasts right now--hold on a sec. I squeezed them pretty hard and only noticed a slight bit of tenderness.
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I'm dropping out. I had another temp drop today. So I give up.
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You've had too much going on this cycle...it'll have to be for the next cycle..start the new year with a new baby???
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I'm actually expecting(unfortunately) AF around the 17th or 18th. I'm just not having many symptoms. Just a little breast tenderness and veiny, but that's about it. The PMS symptoms have tricked me the last couple of months and so I'm really not getting my hopes up this time.
This is our first time ttc so I don't really know what to expect, but I don't *feel* pregnant.
Although, the times that I thought I did feel something I wasn't pg so I guess who knows?
Alright, maybe my hopes are up a little bit, but that's part of the fun of it isn't it?- Keeping that little possibility alive as long as possible
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AF (hopefully not) Dec. 26th!

Hi there Domestic Goddess.

I'm due around the 26th. I am hoping for the best Christmas present I could hope for. Good luck! No symptoms yet!

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AF is due Dec. 25 for me. We were going to take a break from ttc and try again in March, but we just couldn't. Saw eggwhite cf and went for it.

and baby dust to all!!!!
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very tired today, lower back pain, that "heavy" feeling in my pelvic area, headache, last night i peed every 20 minutes and im cranky...so its either stress or (im hoping) the other!
waiting til next week to test...
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I was so hoping for a great christmas present, but then the flu nailed me. I didn't chart even. We bd about 4 days before usual o and then again about 2 days after usual o. since I wasn't charting I have no idea how close we actually got. But my hopes aren't too high. Thing is, the 3 Decembers I have been ttc, I get sick. Actually I always get sick in Dec. So, except for the holdays, I HATE DECEMBER.
Ahem, okay, I think I am done ranting now.
SO really there is a slight bit of hope that the flu delayed O and maybe we caught that egg. Hmm, I can hope eh? I am expecting AF dec. 27

Happy, magical baby dust to all of you!
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Hang in there!
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Expecting AF around the 24th - and I am *expecting* her, since I am having no pg signs to speak of.

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Kelly, I am expecting AF the 25th and I haven't really had any signs either. I was nauseous yesterday, but I am just peachy fine today. : Hang in there!

I was sooooooo excited yesterday with the nauseous stuff going on that I ordered a small Avacado colored Fuzbomb(wool diaper cover) and made two small CUTE fitted diapers. Now I just feel foolish.

What an emotional rollercoaster, huh?

edited because I can't spell. :
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I continue to have little pg symptoms - and continue to have negative tests!!! 9 dpo. I know I am far too impatient.

Aurora, Kelly and I are all due for AF around the same time. What a rollercoaster. I think my emotions are extra high because of Christmas and my Mum. Mum died last week and I am just starting to absorb it now. The service was just Monday and I think it is slowly sinking in.

Thanks for being here, Everyone.

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