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Ideas for a 3 year old boy's birthday party?

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Anyone have any ideas? Its in October so probably needs to be inside. I'm trying to find a gym to rent because we own a moonwalk/bouncer thing. We have about 10 kids to invite. Any ideas of some activities/theme we can do? Thanks.
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I also have a birthday to plan for a 3 year old boy in October
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We're having a 2nd birthday for DD in October. We're having a circus theme, but I'm still researching games, food, treats, goodie bags etc.. Good luck mamas!
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For my boy's 3rd bday last fall we covered a table in butcher paper and provided a ton of fun craft supplies (construction paper, glue, beads, feathers, pompom balls, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, macaroni, glitter, felt...). It was really fun and simple.
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My DD's 2nd Bday is in October and she wants a "Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiity Cat" bday party ... lol ... i have no idea how she came up with that so whatever ... lol ... a Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiity cat party it is .... I think i will do a hello kitty party with a bounce house ... they are always used well by kiddos ...
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I always try to keep them cheap, simple, and aimed at the individuals interests.

I loved taras idea!

How about bugs and worms for a theme? If sugar is ok, you can make some chocolate pudding, top it with chocolate cookie crumbs and push a few gummy worms partway in. These look great in little cups and with some imagination you can use other containers to look like flower pots or beach pails. Maybe little jack-o'lanterns? Then you could put little plastic spiders around the table, have thekids make those egg carton caterpilars(pipe cleaner antenna and legs, paint with watercolors) or some other bug craft. HOw about pin the segment on the centipede? You could find lots of silly party favors that would fit the theme.

Trucks? Pirates? (Pin the eye patch on...) Halloween? You could color pumpkins, 'bob' for apples (in a tiny bit of water), eat donuts off a string, the worm pudding still works.

The again, they're three! Bubbles, kites, giant balls, toys are all still magic.

Our local 'Y' rents out the pool for $50. You get the pool (and a lifeguard) for an hour and the party room for another hour. We did that a few times. Squirt guns made great favors, and I made a cool cake with a pool (blue jello) on top with teddy graham 'swimmers'. Juicy Fruit gum made great towels and surf boards.

Relax. Pick something and let your imagination run wild! Have fun!
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Safari/jungle theme? My ds wanted super heros...but that could get violent.
A happy safari theme you could have a 'hunt', you could get cheaper themed stuff cause its not liscenced...bring your stuffed animals from home for 'mood' or ask the kids to bring thiers... Get them safari hats with their names on them, a cool magnifying glass, measuring tape and note pad for their 'loot bag'
cause they'd would love a 'lion hunt'...and you could do bugs and worms for dessert.
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Happy Birthday

I have a 5 year olds birthday to plan in January. Wow, already 5. Anyways, We had the first 4 at Chuck E. Cheeses, to be honest last years was terrible, my son hates that maingy looking rat. He cried and hid under a table, it was sad. I dont like the Buger King ones, they are nasty, ummm, you could do it at a Local fun center, my little one can skate but there is a party room at most skating rinks, ummm at an arcade, pizza parlor. My b-day is in October, we will probably do his (5th) at the skating rink and his 6th at the pottery barn, we'll see, let me know where u decide.
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for ds' third bday we did a make-your-own sunday party and they just played, ate, opened presents, then made sunday's.

what about a dress-up party where everyone brings something to do in dc'sdress up box?
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For my dd's upcoming 4th Bday I'm going to do a carnival type party. I've noticed at different fairs over the summer she really enjoys the games, like the duck pond, fishing or wishing well, cake walk - that kind of stuff. So we are going to do games with little prizes, and have face painting, and I think I may even have a clown come and do animal balloons - we know a guy who does it.

Have fun!
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