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Are you gonna excircise during the pregnancy?

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I am still at risk, so until I am 12-13 weeks I am not planning on doing much. However, I do want to start walking as soon as everything is looking good. Is anyone with me? I am planning on getting some walking, either outside or on the treadmill... I would love to have a partner... so, let me know if you are in!
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I am definitely going to keep exercising. I just stopped the intense aerobic workout and took up walking instead. I also still do weights. with my first pregnancy I gained a whopping 85 lbs!!! It took me forever to lose it and I DO NOT plan on getting that heavy again!
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Absolutely plan to keep exercising! with dd i gained 50 lbs, and don't want to gain quite as much. i did exercise during her pregnancy, but i was using denise austin's pregancy workout, nad i found her rather annoying so i didn't use it much. i'm also a member of curves,a nd know other women who worked out there throughout their pregnancies, so as long as everything is ok i will continue there, and stop using teh machines that are too uncomfortable. also, i'll be walking everyday it's nice, not too cold or snowy out.

get those bodies in shape for our upcoming marathon!
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I am trying to keep myself moving. Recently, some of those days are just a walk outside with a stroller. I have a treadmill inside also. I am quite overweight, and I feel like I don't have much wiggle room for weight gain. I also think that it will help keep down the aches and pains.
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Yep, I worked out with both pregnancies, and didn't gain alot of weight with either of them, and with Rachel, I was on bedrest for 2 months. I haven't really been working out much so far, mainly just stroller walks with the kids, which has actually been a good workout!! :LOL We have a membership to Gold's gym, but haven't used it much at all this summer, but I know in the fall we'll take it back up again.
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Yes, I am going to try. I have gained 50 lbs w/all three pregnancies, so I expect that I will gain that much again. But I am on a mission to take better care of myself this time around, and exercise will be part of it. Probably yoga and walking, possibly nautilus if I can find a way to get to the gym.
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I am very frustrated about the whole exercise thing!! :

I was on bed rest for 4 weeks at the end of my last pregancy (3 months ago) and I put on quite a few pounds and I don't have a baby to show for it Since I teach and perform dance, I have decided not to do that this year (double ). I also just got into riding my bike to work... no more of that. I really need to control my wieght gain this time around, so I am going to be going to the gym (oscillating machines and bikes) and walking. Even though my docs say that dancing and exercise is fine, no one else around me really agrees right now (except dh )so it is all on the under...
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I am a runner and am going to run as long as I can. I will also do as much biking as I can before the snow flies (Do most of my errands and shopping via bike as part of my lifestyle) . I have been thinking of joining the Y so I can swim but that would be in winter when outdoor excercise becomes difficult. I am going back to my yoga class that I did last time too. We will see how far I get. I was on bedrest for 6 weeks with my first and it was amazing how deconditioned I got. It helps to stay active, even though some days you really don't feel like it.
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I'm going to keep up my workouts at Curves 3x/week... I worked out right up to the day before ds was born. It was a much easier pregnancy than my first (I quit working out at OB's recommendation ).

I'd like to fit in some extra walking now that the weather is a bit cooler but when it gets cold I'll be huddling inside! :LOL
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We have two young energetic dogs that provide me with my daily walk...I've been sitting and resting along the way though!

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Definitely! I worked out throughout the pregnancy with ds and am convinced it helped me feel better and made the delivery easier. On the morning after my water broke I took the dogs for a walk before dh took them to be boarded and we headed to the hospital
I'll continue to do a bit of everything; walking/running, taebo, machines at the gym.
Nydia, why did you quit dancing and biking to work? Doctor's orders? I too have a hard time convincing some people it's okay for me to exercise, esp. after the m/c (I suspect some of them think that's what caused it : )
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Well, the specific kind of dancing I do (Mexican Folk) is similar to flamenco and has a lot of hard STOMPING and shaky stuff. Since I had a placental abruption people just *think* that it had something to do with it and give me soooo much crap about dancing. My docs say that there is no connection (dancing cannot cause this) so I guess I am just cutting down on the having to defend my decisions. But when it comes down to it, I just would not be able to live with myself if I danced throughout this pregnancy and something *happened*... the guilt would kill me for sure. I am still able to teach music and co-teach dance classes, so I'm alright with it.

About the bike riding... I am still riding : Isn't this on the list of "no-no's" once you are "showing"??

Naghty Dingo: If it wasn't going to snow (doesn't here) how long into the pg would you ride?? I loooovvvee riding my bike, it relaxes me and it's great exercise.
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About the bike riding... I am still riding Isn't this on the list of "no-no's" once you are "showing"??
Never heard of that before. Where I'm from most everybody rides a bike, for transportation if not necessarily for exercise, and women practically ride into the delivery room at nine months :LOL
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Originally Posted by gabry
women practically ride into the delivery room at nine months :LOL
Great! Good to know! If I keep riding, I won't feel as bad about not dancing. :
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This pregnancy I will be swimming every day until it is cool outside, like in December I will start walking outside. Its way too hot up until then to get out and walk LOL.. but I will be excersizing
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I'm definitely trying to keep fit! I've been swimming 3x a week and go to an aquarobics class when I can.
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I am pretty sure toddler chasing is going to provide me with plenty of exercise for the next 8 - 9 weeks. I WOH part time and we are renovating the house we just bought so there is NO time for specific exercise - but also NO way I am going to be as sedentary as I was for my 1st trimester last time since I have an 18 mo. old.

I would like to start deliberately walking again after 13 - 14 weeks (when I expect to get more energy back & be moved into our house.) We had a dog who took me on 2 mile walks every day in my last pg and that was really good for me. I did gain 50 lbs, but it felt pretty healthy - I am skinny to begin with, and had no trouble losing it. So I won't be upset if I do it again this time.
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Well, before summer came and it turned hot, dh and I would walk 2-6 miles about 4 -5 times a week. Here in a few weeks when it cools off, we'll probably pick that back up. Although, I'll probably have to stop once I get to about 30 weeks or so. I had preterm labor with ds, and went back and forth between bedrest and limited activity (3 hours a day or so of standing, but not strenuous). I only gained about 35-40 pounds and lost most of it in the first month pp. The last 5-10 pounds I kept on until ds was about 10 months old. But, that's ok.
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Nydia, I guess I would ride until I get big enough to feel nervous about trauma to the baby or placenta should I crash. I do so much riding just to get around, I think I will go pretty far if it stays dry.

And Woohoo! I am gonna go to yoga Monday night. What a treat. It's the best.

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I absolutely want to keep excercising, although I've been pretty exhausted the last couple of days and just couldn't quite get there. DH and I walk everywhere and I do free weights. I get bursts of energy sometimes and am able to get a good workout in. Looking forward to getting more of that energy back before I turn into a giant moo cow. I was trying to lose some lbs before I found out I was PG so I gotta watch it.
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