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help me decipher my cm....please!

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My cm is so confusing--I hope this is the place to post to ask about it. And I should warn ahead of time, this may be TMI for some:

I am having copious amounts of cm, that feels slippery to me, and stretches, but it still seems somewhat rubbery in a way I can't describe. Well, it just doesn't seem wet even though it's slippery and stretchy. And in that book--taking control of your fertility--she mentions watching the crotch of your panties and what shape the moisture makes. Rounder means more watery which means more fertile. Mine seems more rectangular. Well, long ovals at least. But in months of monitoring my cm, it always seems like this. I don't seem to really get a true sticky or lotiony/creamy, at least not before I ovulate. I can't consistantly take my temp, so it's really important to understand my cm, so any help :
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Do you go digging for it? (Sorry, that sounds kind of nasty!) You might notice more variation that way. Another thing you can do is feel for the changes in your cervix. TCOYF explains what your feeling for. You can also try one of those saliva magnifiers- it doesn't require testing at certain times of the day like taking your temp does. I found this method to be really difficult- I never saw the ferning pattern I was supposed to see.

For me, the most foolproof (and expensive) method was to use OPT's.
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Thanks, Alicia. No, I don't go digging :LOL At least, I don't normally need to. It's just there when I wipe. Are you suggesting that I try to "dig"? I don't check my cervix. I did try several times, I just don't feel the subtle changes. Depth seems to change so much depending on my position, I just can't seem to judge. And softness? Ha! I just don't feel the diffs. *sigh* I've read TCOYF over and over, trying to master it. I wish it was something more commonly talked about, something we'd grow up hearing about, being able to learn from our moms, grandmas, aunts, etc. It's like the lost art of breastfeeding that we're having to relearn, yk?

It's not like we're DTD anyway, so that's probably a bigger hurdle to get over.
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I know the type of cm you'r etlaking about- I get that often in my lp - when progesterone dries it up adn the like. If you'r eseeking to get better ewcm and the like, try green tea (decaf) and loads of water. (I see a dramatic diff in cm 30misn after drinking it) I've read accounts of some women expieriecing good results with grapefruit juice too- I just can't stonache the stuff. HTH
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Alicia622 has a good point. I have never had the patience to take my temp and just rely on c.m. to determine fertility. Even though my cycles are extremely irregular (ranging 4 wks to 7 months apart), I always know EXACTLY what day my period will start and can pinpoint my ovulation within about 6 hrs based on my fluid. I do have to do an internal check to get an accurate read though. I find that my cervical position seems to change all the time without rhyme or reason, but the actual opening to the cervix is a little larger when I'm ovulating.
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