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So sad

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The September DDC has lost two babies. I'm feeling frightened and sad.

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Makes me frightened and sad too. A group hug for those mommies and daddies.
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me too.. (from nov DDC..)
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My heart goes out to the families
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I can't even imagine...it scares me

I am trying not to read them...selfish in some ways but I just can't cope...this past week has been so emotional and difficult and then these things happen as well.

I am so sad for those mamas and families.
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I have many thoughts on the losses, none of which are appropriate here. I know Ally from our other children's DDC, and I cannot imagine her grief.

I really hope that we all come to peace with this before our own births... It's a scary way to end a pregnancy.

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Oh my goodness...just read through the 6 pages to Ally. This is so sad. Still have 6.5 weeks to go...think I'll stop reading any other date clubs except Oct.
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Gosh I know. I just looked into the Sept club, and was shocked and saddened to read about those two families. I couldn't even imagine what they most be going through. I do know that all of our thoughts and best wishes are going out to them. My goodness....

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*nod* i love reading the happy birth stories, but its so hard and heartbreaking reading the sad ones.. its hard to enjoy the last while of pregnancy when you worry that it might happen to you mommas.. to everyone affected by the losses, especially the families..
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I finally got around to looking at Cristina's (Debstmommy) picture album of her little stillborn angel and I cried and cried. I am so afraid of losing any one of my children but having a stillborn would be awful. It does make it hard to be positive in the last weeks of pregnancy. I'm 30 weeks on Sunday and I'm getting more worried, not less.
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I so know how you feel. It seems like there have been a lot of third trimester losses here at MDC lately. I mean, it's always sad to read of a loss, no matter if the person had only found out the day before that they were pregnant. . .but you get to this point in pregnancy and you feel like you have so little risk. . .then to read the heartbreaking stories, and then the stories of babies dying in NO - it gets to be too much.
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I know I can't stop thinking about these ladies. Especially when you read their happy posts that they think they are in labor and then the end result is SO tragic! It just is so unexpected after long healthy pregancies...
I can't stop thinking about them and what they would be feeling right now...Those poor poor mothers!
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Those poor mothers and their families. I can only imagine the kind of shock they are experiencing. They are very much in my thoughts....
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my midwife has two clients who have had stillborn babies this summer. Its all around me, I know how sad it makes everyone, but those of us who are pregnant I think feel it even more. Even without them in our due date club, I feel a kinship, you know?

*HUGS* to the mamas.
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My heart goes out to those families. I can't begin to imagine the grief, mourning and sadness that they have had to go through. The pictures are heartwrenching!!!
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